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The Young and the Restless spoilers

Monday, July 06 2015

Read Soaps.com's Deconstructing Y&R weekly blog to find out what Jack did that made Candace wish for Marco to appear.

Y&R Poll: Is Sharon faking her pregnancy? Vote!

Week of July 6:

Watch the Y&R Weekly Video: Adam’s identity revealed.

Monday July 6:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Nick returns to Newman to watch over Adam.

Victor asks Nick to step up for the family.

Sharon encounters Joe in the park. "Stay back, I mean it. One more step and you're getting a face full of mace!"

Neil tells Adam he's not waiting around for a life-preserver to save his ass. "I quit."

Lily asks Avery, "Paul knows I cheated on Cane? Why would you tell him that?"

Tuesday July 7:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Cane will forgive Lily when hell freezes over.

Lily confesses everything to Cane.

Nikki suffers a setback.

Kyle and Summer turn up the heat.

Wednesday July 8:

Chelsea questions Adam's motives.

Nick and Victoria team up to help the Newmans.

Sharon shares important information with Paul and Christine.

Thursday July 9:

Phyllis receives a shocking message.

Stitch opens up to Ashley.

Marisa tells Noah about Marco.

Friday July 10:

Dylan seeks justice for Avery.

Devon and Hilary reach out to Lily.

Cane and Lauren confront Michael.

Week of July 13:

Monday July 13:

The truth about Adam comes out!

Summer spoilers from Soap Opera Digest:

Neil/Hilary/Devon: Neil's desire for revenge grows as a trip to the altar nears for Hilary and Devon.

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