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The Young And The Restless Spoilers.

Monday, October 27 2014

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Week of October 27:

Monday October 27:

Watch today's Y&R Recap: Right Some Wrongs.

Phyllis questions Sharon.

Nikki and Victor argue. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Victor and Nikki.

Nikki overhears Ben and Maureen.

Cane learns more about Joe's business proposition.

Tuesday October 28:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

Chelsea says goodbye to Adam.

Stitch reveals a family secret.

Lauren tells Jill, "If what Madame Isadora said is true, we're in trouble."

Kevin hears Michael on the phone saying, "I'm glad you didn't call my house. I don't want my wife knowing about this."

Ben tells Maureen, "I have already lost Jenna and Max, I will not lose Victoria and this baby too." He hears Nikki in the next room. "What was that?"

Ex-"General Hospital's" Kelly Sullivan joins Y&R in the new recurring role of Sage.

Wednesday October 29:

Lily wonders what Hilary is hiding.

Kelly gives Jack an ultimatum.

Thursday October 30:

Dylan receives surprising news.

Ashley puts her new fragrance to the test.

Jill questions Colin's agenda.

Friday October 31:

Phyllis puts her plan in motion.

Lauren questions Michael's fidelity.

Week of November 3:

Justin Hartley joins Y&R as Adam Newman and will first appear on November 5.

Adam's return spoilers from TV Guide:

Adam returns after Chelsea finds the spycam in the nursery and disables it.

He's not fully recovered yet and is in a weakened state, but is concerned after hearing Billy talk about moving into the penthouse.

Week of November 10:

"The Bold and the Beautiful" actress, Jennifer Gareis returns as Grace Turner on November 13.

Actress Sally Kellerman ("Back to School," "MASH") begins her multi-episode arc as Constance Bingham on November 14.

Week of November 24:

Julianne Morris Polaha returns to Y&R as Amy Wilson on November 25.

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