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The Young and the Restless spoilers

Tuesday, June 30 2015

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Week of June 29:

Monday June 29:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Jack ends up in a coma.

The battle between Jack and Victor reaches a shocking climax.

Adam tells Victor, "I clean up your mess here, no one has to know you're involved." Victor asks, "And you get what?" Adam replies, "Newman-Abbott. You give it to me. The whole thing." Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Adam and Victor.

Avery cries to Phyllis. "I want him to feel the shame that I am feeling right now. I want him dead!"

Dylan tells Joe, "Just admit what you did, you sick son-of-a-bitch!"

Tuesday June 30:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Nikki tells Paul that Victor was at the park with Jack.

Nikki confides in Neil.

Neil tells Nikki, "You are going to tell Paul exactly what you know."

As Noah and Dylan look at footage on a computer with Kevin, Kevin says, "Here's where we see Jack, right?" Dylan muses, "So less than four minutes later, Jack's walking by again?"

Marco tells Marisa to pull the trigger because he is never going to turn himself in.

Marco's past catches up with him.

Sharon makes a confession to Dylan.

Wednesday July 1:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Victoria admits she lied to the police.

Chelsea comforts Adam.

Billy demands the truth from Victoria.

Noah plays hero.

Thursday July 2:

Kevin uncovers a shocking clue about the killer's identity.

Nick clashes with Victor.

Friday July 3:

Ashley sets off fireworks with Stitch.

The walls close in on Adam.

Lily calls a truce with Hilary and Devon.

Summer spoilers from Soap Opera Digest:

Neil/Hilary/Devon: Neil's desire for revenge grows as a trip to the altar nears for Hilary and Devon.

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- Candace Young