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The Young And The Restless Spoilers.

Monday, September 15 2014

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Week of September 15:

Watch the Y&R Fall Spoiler Video.

Monday September 15:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Winner of the DNA Lottery.

Victor and Nikki learn of Nick's engagement.

Abby squares off with Mariah.

Paul questions Dylan.

Lauren confronts Michael. Watch a Y&R spoiler video of Michael and Lauren.

Tuesday September 16:

Read today's Y&R Recap: Touch Of Doom.

Mariah says to Victor, "For someone who prides himself on being two moves ahead, you didn't see that one coming." Victor chuckles.

Stitch tells Dylan he knows when he's lying. Sometimes he even knows it before he realizes it himself.

Paul asks Avery, "I assume these are Dylan's shoes?"

Lauren asks Michael to admit they have problems in their marriage.

Avery stands behind Dylan.

Mariah makes an unexpected ally.

Wednesday September 17:

Devon and Hilary give in to their desires.

Chelsea puts the cards on the table with Billy.

Sharon has a troubling nightmare.

Thursday September 18:

Neil has surprising news for Hilary.

Victoria's jealously gets the best of her.

Kelly asks Sharon about her past with Phyllis.

Friday September 19:

Mariah learns Sharon's secret.

Victor tries to get information on Ashley's secret project.

Week of September 22:

Original "Y&R" cast member, Tom Hallick returns as a truck driver who helps Phyllis get back to Genoa City on Friday September 26.


Scott Elrod joins Y&R as Joe Clark, Avery's ex-husband, on Wednesday October 1.

Ex-"General Hospital's" Kelly Sullivan joins Y&R in the new recurring role of Sage, and will first appear on October 28.


Justin Hartley joins Y&R as Adam Newman and will first appear during November Sweeps.

Fall previews from Soap Opera Digest:

Phyllis has a lot of missed time to make up for and a lot to do.

Phyllis' return isn't welcome for Kelly.

Paul and Nikki get closer.

Someone watches Chelsea and Billy's relationship closely.

Events beyond Summer's control will impact on her new married life.

Joe stirs things up with Avery and Dylan.

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