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    The Young and the Restless - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    The Young and the Restless Video Clip: Nick and Lauren!

    Tuesday, February 10 2009 readers! Take a look at this Y&R sneak peek! Remember how Detective Gil paid Nick a visit to tell him that the kids had whiskey at the lake? Well, here's how the fallout happens when Nick and Lauren have a run-in!

    Would you let the kids continue to see one another? Leave your comments below! » Read More

    The Young and the Restless Video Clip: Jill Breaks the News!

    Tuesday, February 10 2009 readers! Here's a sneak peek of today's US episode of Y&R , where Jill breaks the news to her sons that one of them is going to be CEO of Jabot - and the other, well, is not!

    What would you have done in Jill's position? Leave your comments below! » Read More

    The Young and the Restless Weekly Blog!

    Friday, February 06 2009

    Restless Rant
    Week of February 2 - 6:

    It was quite a dramatic week on The Young and the Restless , what with Noah and Eden's ill-fated escapade, Nick and Sharon being trapped together, and of course, Brad's untimely demise. Why is it then, that I feel strangely disappointed in what Y&R has delivered? Perhaps it is the lack of balance in the storytelling. Missing altogether were about half of the characters on the show,... » Read More

    Y&R's Daniel Goddard Out with the Boys!

    Thursday, February 05 2009

    The Young and the Restless's Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby) was spotted last year on vacation in Mexico with his family, and also out with son Ford at the Tinkerbell movie premiere!

    This time out, Daniel brought Ford, as well as very new member of the family, baby Sebastien, for the opening night of Thomas & Friends Live! On Stage: “A Circus Comes To Town” in Los Angeles! loves to recognize a great actor... » Read More

    The Simpson's Marcia Wallace Joins Young and Restless!

    Wednesday, February 04 2009 readers, are you into "The Simpsons" as well as Y&R? Then you'll know the voice of the latest actress to join the number one Daytime soap!

    Marcia Wallace, who does the voice of Bart’s teacher Mrs. Krabappel, is set to join Y&R as Annie Wilkes. Although there are no storyline details as of yet, it's likely that Annie will prove to be a threat to Katherine Chancellor! Like she doesn't have enough to deal with!
    ... » Read More In Depth With Y&R's Sharon Case! Part IV

    Tuesday, February 03 2009

    Welcome to Part IV of the Sharon Case in depth interview! Links to the first three portions can be found at the end of the article! Can you tell us about what it's like working with your leading men on Y&R ?

    Sharon: I liked working with all of them, but I've worked with Joshua the most over the years, so I feel a little more grooved in with working with him. I guess I've always felt like I'm so... » Read More In Depth With Y&R's Sharon Case! Part III

    Tuesday, February 03 2009

    Welcome to Part III of the in depth interview with Sharon Case! Links to the remaining portions can be found at the end of this article! Here's a big question - are you hoping that Sharon will get back together with Nick?

    Sharon: Oh, yes! One day, yes. Absolutely! I think that's what this is all about, you know; Sharon moving on with Jack, and Phyllis, and I think it's all about them finding... » Read More In Depth With Y&R's Sharon Case! Part II

    Tuesday, February 03 2009 was thrilled to get the opportunity to speak with Y&R's Sharon Case at length. Our very enjoyable chat resulted in enough Q&A's for a four part series! readers, thank you for contributing. Don't miss Part I on our sister site, Soap Opera Fan Blog ! As Sharon, you've had a lot of really intense scenes [on Y&R] lately.

    Sharon: I know! I have! [laughs] » Read More

    The Young and the Restless Video Clip: Stranded!

    Monday, February 02 2009

    We all know Nick is stranded with Sharon in the Abbott cabin on Y&R, but how will the parties involved make it through this long night? brings you this sneak peek video clip of what to expect!

    What do you think the fallout will be from this situation? Feel free to post your thoughts below! As always, please read and respect guidelines. » Read More

    Young and the Restless' Joshua Morrow on Entertainment Tonight!

    Monday, February 02 2009 would like to pass on to readers, that Joshua Morrow, Y&R's Nick Newman, will be appearing on Entertainment Tonight on February 6!

    Josh will be accepting a check for $1000, which he will donate to his fave charity - the V Foundation for cancer research!

    The foundation was started in the year 1993 in honor of Jim Valvano, North Carolina State's former head basketball coach, who once led them to a national... » Read More

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