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    Friday, June 19 2009
    Restless Rant
    Week of June 15 - 19:

    On the whole, I enjoyed The Young and the Restless this week, but there is really some strange stuff going on in Genoa City! It's almost like someone has made a conscious decision to push the envelope, or to take the show to the outer limits of what the established audience will accept - perhaps to try and entice a more varied group of viewers? The Young and the Restless has always been a class act, set apart from the others, never approaching the freakishly low depths to which some soaps have been known to sink - just saying. Currently some of the new material is working in a big way, while some plot points are definitely raising the hackles of the discerning Y&R viewers. Let's take a look:

    Addam's Family: The whole idea of having Ashley and Victor go on with this 'hysterical pregnancy' is quite a turn-off to some. To think that Adam, Hope's son, could be so hateful as to have caused the miscarriage in the first place is bad enough, but to stand by as they choose baby names is abhorrent! Adam used to be safely in the realm of self-indulgent, misunderstood, and/or immature - now he's become sheer evil on two legs, packing a loaded syringe, and plotting Newman Ranch domination from a Braille-enabled laptop! As I mentioned last week, I feel a disappointing disconnection from the characters, which is affecting my perception of the story - it's like they all left GC for the Twilight Zone! On the plus side, as the situation escalates, I find that I am able to enjoy the unraveling of Adam's scheme, and I love the addition of Nikki into the whole mess!

    The characters of Billy and Chloe have enough 'wow' power to make any love triangle or quadrangle truly explosive, but in the current storyline, the character of Mac is having the effect of a wet blanket. Her glum demeanor and not-quite-believable school girlish crushing on Billy is dragging down the scenes. If having Raul walk in on her and Billy was supposed to spice up her image - it fell flat. It just made her look insipid and insincere, just as she does when she teases Billy - letting him get close, then saying they can 'never go back' - yeesh! I don't know what isn't working exactly with the character, but there is an energy missing in Mac that is necessary to make her a viable part of the equation. I want to feel pulled in two directions with a love triangle - even if I have a favorite pairing - I want to feel the heat between the characters, and it's just not happening here! What is slightly interesting is how Billy seems to be changing little by little as he goes through all of this - even though it's barely discernible at this point. I hope they develop that theme.

    Nick/Sharon/Phyllis/Jack/Mary Jane:
    Flop! Within a week, Nick is ditching house-hunting plans with Sharon to 'be there' for Phyllis. Ack! I don't know how much more of this I can take. I have to say I'm thrilled that Mary Jane has been incorporated into this quadrangle - here's hoping she goes 'bunny boiler' on every one of them, just for something different! Unfortunately, it looks like she has her eye on poor Summer! Once again, Y&R may be taking the darkness a step too far - as a mom, I say let the adults deal with the psychos - leave the kids out of it! Mary Jane is positively creepy, though. I absolutely love this character, and can't wait for the identity reveal - her imaginary scenes with Paul this week were amazing!

    Back to the Salon: Jill going back to being a manicurist? Worth a chuckle, but not as entertaining as I expected it to be - just too far-fetched, I think…

    Daniel and the Art Scheme:
    Yawn. More scrapes with the law. What will Michael pull out of his hat this time? The one thing I did enjoy in this storyline the past week was Kevin's line to Amber about Jana and Daniel, the do-gooders, finally being the ones in trouble. So funny!
    Lily/Olivia: Well, I can see that Lily is going to have difficulty conceiving, which will probably mean that she'll be consumed with guilt about not being able to give Cane the child he deserves, and she'll insist that he move on with his life without her, so that he can find someone who can give him the one thing he so desperately wants - (wait for it) - a family of his own…sigh…I hope this isn't where they're going with this!

    Nina/Jill/Katherine/Cane: Loving this storyline the most right now! So many powerhouse actors, so many possible twists, so many implications for so many! Scrumptious! I can't get enough of Nina and Jill going at one another - it's so satisfying watching Jill tangle with someone who isn't intimidated by her at all! I can't wait to see what is going to happen next in this storyline! To hear what Lauralee Bell (Cricket/Christine) had to say to about this storyline, click here!

    Devon: Really? Thinking about kissing a woman he has known as his aunt for his entire life? The ick factor on this idea is off the charts! It won't sell, don't go there - enough said.

    The Young and the Restless seems edgier than ever, and I'm not sure that's the correct formula for this soap. I'd hate to see it get too 'out there'. What makes Y&R unique is that there is a different set of expectations from its audience, thanks to Bill Bell, and it needs to live up to that. On that cautionary note, there are some fabulous stories being told on the show right now, as well as some duds. Here's hoping the writers find the clarity to see what is not right, and alter it!

    What do you think about the storylines right now? Do you agree that the show has become edgier and is pushing the envelope more? Drop your thoughts below!

    -Candace Young

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    Posted by Brendamouse at Friday, June 19 2009 12:30 PM

    I think you read my mind.

    Posted by nonnie7 at Friday, June 19 2009 12:33 PM

    As it has been every week, it's a great rant, Candace. I loved your calling it the "Addams family". How appropriate for them!!

    It was funny to see Jill working as a manicurist but at least she's trying much unlike Gloria who spends her time trying to figure out ways to avail herself of other people's money. I was just positive that Jill was having a dream (or a nightmare?)and then would wake up and not be doing nails.

    Guess I never gave the s/l with Lily much thought yet because I find myself always so frustrated with her childishness but if the s/l does work out as you think might be a possibility, wouldn't it be funny if Cane and Chloe ended up back together again. Oh, gosh!! Thanks again.

    Posted by jfkscw2 at Friday, June 19 2009 12:34 PM

    Candace, you're always very kind, always, even with your critiques of a certain role but wanting to get to the source and naming the actor when the role just doesn't grab you. Well, I'll help you with that, and I'm sure I speak for a lot of people. Clementine Ford's "Mac" just isn't grabbing anybody and it's Clementine herself. She may well be a lovely young lady but her acting skills are something less than to be desired. It's the wrong actor, period. And, for those of us who can remember Rachel Kimsey playing that role, Clementine's casting is about as bad as it can get. I hope I'm not considered cruel in my criticizing.

    Posted by juann at Friday, June 19 2009 12:40 PM

    Hi Candace. Another great rant as always this week.
    Danie and his art scheme storyline is just not cutting it with me. As usual, Michael to the rescue with these 4 trying to get them out of hot water once again.
    Nikki getting involved with the Addam's family gaslighting storyline is probably the only reason why I continue to watch this. At least she is smart enough to figure out that Adam is not trustworthy at all and I am glad that she is going to be there for Estella. At least someone is using their brains that god gave them!
    I am saddened by the fact that Lily is going to have some serious medical problems down the road. I wanted to see some marital bliss between Cane and Lily before all hell breaks loose. On the optimistic side, I think Christel Khalil will play this role amazingly and who knows maybe a daytime emmy for her next year. This will be one of her biggest challenges yet and I think she will do great at playing this role.
    I almost threw up my dinner when I saw Devon having fantasies about Tyra! What are these writers up to now? Dear god in heaven please do not have Tyra and Devon hook up! I would like to see Devon in a good storyline trying to find out who is real father is. Bryton McClure is a good actor and I think this could be a great storyline if the writers would give this a chance.
    Sharon/Nick/Jack/Phyllis/Mary Jane-The only upside to this is Mary Jane. I bet you a dollar that Sharon and Nick probably won't last this time and Sharon will go running back to Jack- AGAIN! Her flip-flopping around is just as bad as Nick flip-flopping! Geesh! If TPTB decide to use Summer in this mess and she gets hurt, I will be truly disappointed. I agree let the adults handle the psycho and leave children alone. We have enough of that drama in real life everyday.
    Nina/Katherine/Jill/Cane- this is the best storyline on the show right now and I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat wondering what is coming next! Tricia Cast is doing a outstanding job with her role and I am so glad she is back!
    Have a nice weekend and thanks for the great rant!

    Posted by Demus at Friday, June 19 2009 12:50 PM

    The writing SUCKS!!!

    I agree with the show becoming edgier but please be intelligent enough to follow thru with "believable" s/l's. This crap that they are force feeding us is ridiculous! I'm sure they can do better than this! I HOPE they can do better than what we have seen and what the spoilers have revealed....just disgusted!

    Posted by Soapnexis at Friday, June 19 2009 12:54 PM

    If you want an answer to why Y and R is pushing the limits and ruining it's stories... two words Hogan Sheffer. He ruins every show he goes to

    Posted by ebola at Friday, June 19 2009 01:04 PM

    The DNA testing on this show has gotten completely out of hand. How many times now have they dug up Phillip3? Then every baby that is born has a line of men that we have to wait on the DNA for and then it is always wrong the first couple of times. COME ON NOW!!!Give me a break. ENOUGH!!How many times is Sharon going to move back in with Jack. This is not entertaining. IT IS STUPID>

    Posted by girlpoetus at Friday, June 19 2009 02:34 PM

    I am soooo sick and tired of the Nick/Sharon/Phylis/Jack Storyline. Enough already. I am sick of the Adam family storyline. I think these stories suck because the audience is smarter than the storylines themselves. Maybe back in the 60's these stories would be intriguing, but we know way too much about DNA testing, and we know that being a single mother is not the worst thing in the world, you dont need a man to complete you and the writers need to catch up with the times and please dont insult our intelligence. I used to love Sharon's character but they have ruined her with this stupid storyline. I could care less what happens to Nick and Sharon now because I dont like the characters anymore. I used to like Phylis, now I dont like her character anymore either. You are ruining the characters and once you do that, you ruin your audience.

    Posted by HeatherFan at Friday, June 19 2009 03:44 PM

    Candace, I agree with all of your comments, except the Daniel Art scheme. Along with all of the others, I hate it. It was just a few weeks ago, we had to sit through Kevin and his chipmunk, now we have the same team in trouble again, with Daniel and his art. Boring! Daniel gets arrested, Heather will want him to stay behind bars, Michael will get him off. Yawn! I'm totally disgusted with Adam's storyline, and it's most likely to get even more horrible. So is that it, the writers are looking to entice new viewers? They've turned this longtime, 30+ year viewer totally off. This show is no longer worth, turning my TV on for. Bye for now!

    Posted by ladybee24 at Friday, June 19 2009 04:10 PM

    Condolences to the writers- they are certainly in my prayers! Good grief!!

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