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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Y&R Restless Rant Weekly Blog.

    Friday, July 11 2014

    Giving in. (CBS)
    Genoa City for the week of July 7 - 11:

    "Y&R" had its moments this week but once again flirted with boring on the whole. Thoughts:

    A very bad idea?
    When Billy sat up on that sofa with his shirt open and pulled Chelsea toward him, I was unexpectedly very drawn in. Undeniably passionate scenes. That said, this definitely signals Billy being taken in a new direction. If viewers can accept an altered version of Billy, this could work. As someone who has only ever been lukewarm on the Chelsea character, this makes me want to watch there's that as well. Another person who sat up and took notice was Victoria. Some are calling her a hypocrite for getting angry about Chelsea and Billy since she's been sleeping with Stitch and has filed for divorce. On the other hand, Billy has maintained that he only wants her, so perhaps she was right to call him out. What do you think? Vote in's Y&R Poll: Is Victoria a hypocrite?

    Irritating Ian.
    We are probably supposed to feel enthralled with Ian weaving his tangled web in Genoa City, however many are just feeling tired of the character, whose motivation and purpose has been too vague for too long. Does he even know what he hopes to accomplish by pushing Mariah into Sharon and Nick's house and lives, and by dragging Nikki through a lawsuit? You have to wonder... While it's all fine and good to have Nikki ogling the booze decanters again, Ian's lawsuit seems laughable - the fact that Ian never questioned Dylan's paternity or asked for a DNA test, believing he was sterile, would seem to make him as guilty as Nikki in perpetuating the 'mistake'. Also strange in this story is that neither Nikki nor Paul ever once considered the possibility that the child she conceived at the cult might have been Paul's when they both knew they'd slept together back then. Did I miss something that explains this away?

    Saving his old man.
    Everyone rallied at the hospital this week, and it was Victor, who has been so serene it's spooky lately, who pushed Paul into Dylan's room in a wheelchair for their first (conscious) encounter as father and son. I got choked up. Viewers have been talking about Paul's new reluctance to try and conceive a child with Christine. He claimed it didn't have anything to do with Dylan, but down deep maybe it does. Share your thoughts below.

    Hot for the bad boy. (CBS)
    While someone taking the plunge during a catfight is always fine by me, having Lily push Hilary in the pool in front of her kids in the place where she holds a professional position seemed like going out of the way to make Lily look bad so we'll sympathize with Hilary - again. As for Neil, he needs to sit down for five minutes and have a good think. As mentioned last week, Neil is acting clueless about Devon and Hilary. It's not realistic that someone who has been around the block, and who has been burned before, is not seeing the signs right in front of him.

    Hot for a bad boy.
    It was quite entertaining to hear Abby trying to explain to Jack what it's like to be hot for a bad boy. Hilarious. That said, there was way too much airtime given to this dippy Summer/Austin stuff this week. The bit with Sharon's creamy nude lipstick was a nice beat, and an important step forward. Also, Jack running around half-cocked threatening to have Summer arrested was amusing, though a bit odd since she's an adult. Every time Jack got ramped up Kelly did her Glinda the Good Witch routine on him to talk him down - all she needs is a wand to wave around his head. Yipe. She's so different from the edgy, drink-y Kelly we first knew. Notably, Kelly did rant at Jack once - when she mentioned her father being dead yet again. This is either a big red herring or the key to Stitch's secret.

    So done.
    Avery told her producer she is done with her cooking show. Sweet relief...

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by reng at Friday, July 11 2014 10:53 AM

    Glinda the Good Witch -- good one!

    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, July 11 2014 05:13 PM

    Victoria has ZERO RIGHT calling Billy a hypocrite for sleeping with Chelsea. He has maintained the entire time that if he had it his way, he would be with Victoria, he's even told Chelsea that this is the case. Victoria on the other hand has had no problem continuing to see Stitch and stating over and over she is done with Billy, yet has a fit if Billy and Chelsea are anywhere together. That's a hypocrite. Of course I think this has a lot to do with the fact that Chelsea is Johnny's bio mom and Billy and Chelsea being together means Johnny would be around both his biological parents. I just wish Victoria would admit this.

    I cannot agree more about the pool incident with Lily and Hilary. Lily shouldn't of done it in front of her kids nor should she have done it where she works but I cannot stand "poor Hilary" being treated as the victim.She primarily went after Lily and Cane in her vendetta against Neil, Lily has every right to hate her! Of course I can't help but notice that Hilary's biggest defenders are all men.

    Posted by butterflylady2014 at Friday, July 11 2014 07:17 PM

    Ian Ward is a character who makes you want to vomit. His sleaze just oozes out of all his cells. I keep waiting for Victor to "deal" with him, but I suspect that someone is waiting to do just that and it will be a year long mystery to unravel but my bet is if Ian ends up dead, it will be his wife or Mariah. None of the Newmans. Maybe Austin will do the Newman's a favor and shoot him like he did Paul and this time he will get it right! HA! Am loving the Dylan/Paul storyline. Summer is oh so young! Neilary makes me nauseous. PLEASE don't bring Avery's ex to town to complicate things for her and Dylan! Let them have some happiness please! Kane and Lillie are boring! But I did love it when she pushed Hilary in the pool!ha! And Yes, I am beginning to feel "flushed" about the new Billy! oohlala!

    Posted by sweetolrn at Friday, July 11 2014 07:48 PM

    Well, the new "Billy" has potential AND I am certainly glad that somebody with some sense decided to make him clean shaven. Not that I am against that metro man look BUT the first time I saw him on screen, his face looked ORANGE and couldn't decide why at first THEN it dawned on me that it was the color of his beard. OMG He may look good in real life like that BUT on screen, he looked clownish.

    Now onto more important issues...Lily has turned into a B*^&% and I am getting reeeeeeeal tired of the story line about Sharon and her secret. Can we pluuueeeeeze get on with it. And your legal counsel must be asleep because this lawsuit business with Ian has absolutely NO merit...None. So please head that story line another direction and while we are at it, let's not do the drunk storyline with Nikki. It is old, worn out and been done way too many times. Don't want to go thru all that drama again...and again...and again...and again!!

    Posted by ps bear at Friday, July 11 2014 09:34 PM

    I agree, Lily is acting extremely childish, especially at her place of employment. Not to mention in front of her kids. Was glad they tattled on her. Devon should FIRE! Her. Anyone else would. Chelsea miss fertility, what was Billy thinking! Things will get worse, Adam, come out come out! Vicki should be nicer, Johnny is not her bio kid. Billy, Chelsey, Connor, Johnny, & baby???? Cane is playing it so cool, trying to keep things under control, not just Lily, Devon ,Hilary & Neil too, observing. Where's Gloria & Jeffery? Always good for a laugh.

    Posted by Richenuff2 at Friday, July 11 2014 10:38 PM

    As a viewer of the Y&R since day one, back when Nikki and Paul were involved with Ian's commune, Paul gave Nikki an STD. Perhaps that's why the story line with Ian is a little strange.

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