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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, February 14 2014

    Intense confrontation! (CBS)
    Restless Rant for the week of February 10 - 14:

    There's definitely a sense of "Y&R" getting 'back on track' what with some powerhouse acting, scenes, and stories. The much-anticipated gala, unfortunately, didn't really live up to the hype, at least not yet. Thoughts:

    Shout it from the rooftops.
    Jack let the cat out of the bag about Victor blackmailing Adam after Nicholas and Victoria happened upon him shouting across the hospital corridor about it. Knowing what Victor's capable of, they soon realized Jack's allegations were true. Victor was unable to spin his actions into a favorable light with Nick, Vikki, Billy or Nikki. The confrontations were all satisfyingly intense, with Nu/OldBilly giving 110% in his scenes with his father-in-law. He was perhaps a notch or two less menacing and ferocious than the former Billy might have been, but it was nonetheless riveting. Victoria, for her part, disowned her father - again. Love how everyone keeps pointing out that she's done this repeatedly and it never sticks. Nikki and Victor also had it out, with him hollering at her to 'mind her own business'. Ouch. Clearly the stress is affecting her health. Victor backed off being a baddie long enough to proffer some Valentine's goodies but Nikki still told him he just doesn't get it. Wait until she finds out about the Cassie lookalike... Do you think Nikki should kick Victor to the curb? Vote in's Y&R Poll: Should Nikki dump Victor?

    As mentioned, Sharon's been having run-ins with a more solid form of Cassie lately, and on Friday's episode we discovered that Victor was indeed gaslighting his ex-wife/ex-daughter-in-law with the help of a, sigh, doppelganger. It's anyone's guess how the girl was able to make sure that she was only ever seen by Sharon (okay Faith may have seen her but believes it was a raccoon), but that's soaps for ya'. Bottom line is it's bad timing for Victor to get caught in a scheme this distasteful considering the way his family currently feels about him. The question at this point is whether this will be enough to compel Sharon to confess to Nick about the DNA swap before the jig is up for Victor. As for how Sharon will react, well who could blame her if she burned down the new ranch too? Sidebar: Sharon still not properly mourning Adam - fail.

    Something to take care of.
    Speaking of doppelgangers, there's a growing sense with the Tyler/Abby/Mariah storyline that Mariah, whose face we still haven't seen, will turn out to look exactly like Lily, with the only thing differentiating the two being Mariah's tattoo. Viewers weren't up for Tyler becoming Abby's doormat, or for Abby becoming a one-note foot-stomping spoiled brat, and few are likely to be up for another round of 'two doppelgangers in Genoa City at one time' (re: Lauren/Sarah and Patty/Emily). Besides, if Mariah looked exactly like Lily, wouldn't Leslie and Tyler have made more of it before now? If it happens, it's probably a nod to those who wanted to see a Tyler/Lily affair. Do you think this could light a fire under this storyline? Discuss in the comment section!

    The gala. (CBS)
    Get your hand off me!
    The Avery/Ian exchange was fairly compelling. Ian had clearly done his homework and knew Avery's Achilles heel - her father. After, Ian phoned Summer. Cringe-y. Avery and Dylan each made visits to Chelsea's penthouse this week as well. Notably, Dylan didn't tell Avery he was going to see Chelsea, or that he'd been there, and there was only a necklace in that heart-shaped box, and not an engagement ring as Avery was so obviously hoping for. It's the little things...

    I can't do this.
    The Stitch/Kelly connection only gets more confusing with time. On one hand, he's treated her like she's some sort of viper, and then later he hinted that he's worried about her. Huh?

    The gala.
    While it was nice to see everyone decked out at a big event, the gala was rather humdrum much of the time and a little odd at others, especially in light of the build up. There were some highlights, such as the chemistry-laden exchange between Kelly and Jack (sorry Hilary), Chloe hollering about Adam as Jack escorted Chelsea in, Jack's emotional call to Phyllis, and Colin's foreshadow-y comment to Cane that they'll soon believe he's changed (could he have orchestrated this heist to set the scene for redeeming himself?). Some viewers took issue with Lily and Cane sneaking off to, ahem, celebrate their anniversary in a suite just as the gala was getting underway, citing disbelief that Lily would be willing to compromise her hair and make-up at such a time, among other reasons. Others weren't fazed by the interlude at all, and enjoyed the soapy 'love in the afternoon' session. As for Devon's hook-up with Esmerelda the Golddigging Witch, well that seemed out-of-character and weird on a number of levels, but presumably served its purpose - to make Hilary see what she was missing...yeah. Let's not even get started on how stupid it was for Tyler to take off to see Mariah and leave Abby alone for the whole gala - does the man have a death wish? Luckily he returned in time to get taken hostage with her, otherwise it would have been relationship suicide. Neil and Leslie spent the gala volleying back and forth about their relationship - over it. Billy and Victoria made it to the gala, as did Nick and Sharon - all were glad not to see Victor. The big shocker, presumably, was the theft of the solitary auction item. Our resident crafty criminal, Womack, warned Fen not to say he'd seen him there, and then commenced to wend his way through the crowd so that everyone got a good look at him. He even spoke to Lily while standing beside the doll case. Of course it was a breeze to steal the doll, since no one appeared to be guarding it, in fact, he was able to enter the code and spirit the doll from under the glass case without so much as raising an eyebrow. As he lurched out with the doll bulging under his coat, one had to wonder if he wanted to get caught. He was, of course, but was able to throw off two men and pull out his gun. This dramatic development caused everyone in the entire place to become rooted to the spot. And so we wait...

    Cuckoo Chloe.
    Chloe probably stole those passports to keep Chelsea from leaving with Connor, but after the gala pushed her completely over the edge, they became her ticket to a new life and a fresh start with 'her son'. Yike. Who will ultimately become the hero of this situation? Will it be Kevin the wonder boyfriend, Victor (Chelsea will then be forever in his debt), Jack (Chelsea's gratitude kiss causes sparks between the two) or perhaps even Super Dylan (so he can feel better about kidnapping Connor previously). Hmm.

    Get the details on Army Wives: The Final Salute and much more in's Primetime Dish.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by luvroflife at Friday, February 14 2014 11:42 AM

    Agree that Y&R does appear to be getting back on track. This week has been entertaining; good to see GC residents gathering as well as a little romance - something for everyone. I enjoyed Cane & Lily. I get that some thought it ill timed, but considering the significance of that day for them, understood. (sometimes its OK to be a bit selfish.) Glad that Y&R can reflect 'all' personalities/situations. Every character does not need to spend every waking moment looking for the next conquest/hooking up. There is enough dysfunction in IRL!
    While boring to some, good to see some working at love, commitment. (ie., Lane, Villy, Davery)

    Posted by easygoing at Friday, February 14 2014 12:23 PM

    Please quit making Victor such a bada--!!!!! He is ruthless/somewhat evil/but this is destroying him!!!!! I hate that now all his kids and Niki are against him!!!!!!
    What is with Devon???what a loser...Like Kelly and Jack..
    Like Cane and Lily looked great after there role around...Not liking Colin as much as I thought I would..Enough already lets see Marah..Neil get a new Avery and Dylan togather..hope the friendship is over now with Cheslie and Chloe

    Posted by apple1950 at Friday, February 14 2014 12:53 PM

    Sex at the gala. Disrespectful to the evening's event. Do not like Colin. Will WOMACK ever disappear? Exact look alike for Cassie. Heard this might happen last fall. Are they building a case for the complete destruction of Victor? Hope so and he retires. Have had enough of this character over the years. Billy sure did mend well by the gala. Did not like most of the dresses and hairstyles for the event. Poor Kevin. He has become a lap dog. Do believe Stitch and Kelly are siblings. They have a deep rooted care/distrust in their past. Wonder how Victoria will find out about Billy's affair? Tyler/Mira/Abby storyline is a bore. Ditch it. Don't care about Neil and Leslie. HILARY has an agenda. Devon is acting out of character. This boring character has sex at the gala? His establishment and he is the biggest contributor and he makes out with a complete stranger. A playboy he is not.

    Posted by banner boy at Friday, February 14 2014 01:35 PM

    I am a devout Victor fan. No matter how long I have watched, his latest schemes never cease to amaze me..the brilliance of the character as well as how he is always resolved from the fallout.
    Given that Sharon's entire focus is Nick and her consuming guilt, I can understand that she is disengaged from any feelings about Adam.

    Posted by JadeLola at Friday, February 14 2014 01:59 PM

    No surprise the Victor went to notes what Sharon is hid now.Cane and Lily enjoyed too.Chloe crazy leave Chelsea son still the her baby she lose it.

    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, February 14 2014 04:04 PM

    I do agree that Y&R is getting somewhat back on track. This is probably one of the best Friday cliffhangers we've had since I don't even know when.
    Nothing in my opinion can light a fire under the Tyler/Abby/Mariah story,it's dead in the water.

    Nikki and Victor...smh. Why Nikki continues to get back with Victor knowing he has no interest in changing or becoming a better person is beyond me. I have no sympathy for her. Same thing with Victoria, she blasts her dad,says she's done with him and then in like a day she's over it.

    Posted by deceived at Friday, February 14 2014 04:43 PM

    I love that Cassie is back, no matter how they do it... but was taken aback as her and Victor made fun of Sharon in her mental illness... bad taste.. tacky...I guess Sharon will confess to Cassie about the DNA test... Victor will expose her, they will do the test, it will come out as Jack's child, and Sharon was just dreaming... Victor will have egg all over his face... (my theory) LOL

    Posted by gracie45 at Friday, February 14 2014 10:31 PM

    I'm pleased to see that it is getting a bit better. Not liking Tyler and nuAbby, she is so phoney although she did seem to have a genuine reaction today to Tyler taking off and spending the gala with his ex. Speaking of which, I really hope Marah isn't a Lily doppleganger, enough already. They've done dopplegangers to death. I find Cain and Lily a tad boring but I'm glad that there is at least one couple who stays happily together.

    I think I was the only one who felt sorry for Chloe at the gala. Seriously, the woman just lost her only child a couple months ago and she's expected to go to a benefit in the kid's name and act normal? I think she did remarkably well to even get there let alone have to be polite to everyone who came up to her and yammered on about Dee. I can even sympathize with her tipping over the edge and taking off with Connor, I just hope she doesn't wind up in Y&R orange jumpsuitland over it.

    I'd go after Jack too if he was in my orbit... just sayin'. Victor on the other hand needs to be taken down a peg or 2. A Cassie doppleganger??? The gala is a bit hokey, probably due more to budget restraints. Vicky looked stunning in her dress, everyone else is rather ho hum. I hope Colin and Jill bring some humor to the show, and I would love to see Gloria and Gary Ewing back they could take over Billy's restaurant and he could go back to Restless Style where he belongs.

    Speaking of which, I'm not sure about David Tom's Billy, if he can settle his delivery down that might help. I'll be undecided until I see if he can deliver the twinkle in his eye and humor that Billy Miller brought to the part, and will be oh so glad when this depressing Delia stuff is finally over with so that can happen.

    Posted by ajsp35801 at Saturday, February 15 2014 07:50 PM

    All I see is people complaining day in and day out about how boring Devon is. But then when he does begin to do exciting and unpredictable things, people complain about how out of character it is and how they don't like the change. I am beginning to think that at the end of the day people don't want him to change, read don't want him to be a lead on the show. They want him stuck doing nothing and being unnoticeable. He just can't win.

    As for him being a playboy. I don't think that was what the writers were going for. They just wanted to show that he was hurt over Hilary and lonely enough to do something stupid. I doubt he sleeps his way through town.

    Victor being responsible for look alike Cassie gas lighting Sharon. Very sad turn.

    Posted by loiuse at Sunday, February 16 2014 04:54 PM

    Abby is a control freak,she goes off when she can't pocket Tyler, Sharon's time to be exposed, then the soap will be back on track, Jack is always mouthing off, he just want to hurt Victor, but how hurt will he be when he finds out Summer is not his? I really want Devon to get together with Hilary not Esmaralda she is looking for a sugar daddy to leach off of 1st she didn't want to speak to Devon after she found out he owned the club she turn a 360. Summer needs therapy when Victor finds out Ian is in town someone is going to pay dearly, why Nikki hasn't told him or Nick, but Nick so Sharon whipped he is so nieve & so into Sharon until it's so pathetic everybody else secrets are coming out why is the writer holding Sharon hostage from letting her secret come out,it's been too long & getting old.

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