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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, January 03 2014

    Building to a blow-up. (CBS)
    Restless Rant for the week of December 30 - January 3:

    Happy New Year to all! Although "Y&R" continues to be quite boring at times, some of the building stories centering on well-established characters definitely show promise. Thoughts:

    Helping Billy.
    Jack and Jill working together to help Billy was one of the high points of the week. They interact so naturally, and still have that old spark. More!

    The big bang.
    We all saw the Billy/Kelly sex coming but somehow it was still rather shocking. While an illicit romp is exactly what some had been hoping for to spice up this soap, this particular dalliance was more horrible and sad than deliciously naughty. Most came out of it loathing Kelly, particularly after we learned she also had some sort of inappropriate dealings with Stitch. The positive is that the story has made us sit up and take notice and feel something. We're awake and wondering what's next! As of Friday we had Billy working his guilty conscience and Victoria thanking Kelly for helping her husband and inviting her to their home for dinner. Ack!

    The godfather.
    By week's end, Victor's investigation had led him to conclude that Adam was the driver who hit Delia. In passing, Victor mentioned a female on the list who had purchased a new SUV the day after the accident - could that have been Kelly? One theory is that everything, including the evidence and Adam's own behavior, will point to him having been the guilty party. However, down the road, perhaps just as Victor has somehow managed to get Jack back on pills and wrest control of Connor away from him, it will be revealed that Kelly was actually the hit-and-run driver, and Adam will then return in dramatic fashion. The build-up to Adam being fingered has been fairly intense what with Adam asking Jack to be Connor's godfather, and Victor and Adam facing off. Also, Chloe being Connor's godmother, and forming an unhealthy attachment to the child, will presumably come into play, not to mention how Jack would deal with the conflict of representing Adam's interests with Connor while believing he ran over Delia. What do you think Victor's next move will be now that he believes Adam killed Delia? Vote in's Y&R Poll: What will Victor do?

    A very Abbott new year.
    Loved Ashley and Traci showing up to drag Jack out for New Year's, even if he did have to party with his 'old friend who should be forgotten'. It's always cool to see Ashley and Victor cross paths, and tying it in with Neil's engagement party was interesting. Everyone seemed thrilled except for Leslie, who made a point of saying it would be a long engagement. Yike. Nick and Sharon both deciding to belatedly appear was predictable, but their kiss turned out to be pretty steamy. Did anyone else think Hilary and Devon were going to lock lips? The reactions to that would have been fun. On the whole, it definitely paled in comparison to the celebrations of yesteryear at the Colonnade Room (which we enjoyed in Wednesday's classic episode), but it had its moments.

    Flirty Ashley. (CBS)
    The Nick and Sharon storyline is another one that is building toward a blow-up quite nicely. They have not only brought a bit of comedy to their scenes, but their kisses are charged by their history, their chemistry, their denial, the forbidden factor of everyone's disapproval, and of course the explosive secret that Sharon is keeping from Nick - very soapy.

    Clearly Courtney is working undercover in some capacity with Alex, maybe to bust a drug ring? What's unclear is why she seems to be so angry about it, as though she has no choice. Given Noah's history with Alex and his sister, I can see him going all hothead like his father Nick might do and messing up their investigation. While the reveal of Alex as the mysterious Zach made this story a tad more intriguing, watching Noah and Courtney is still pretty dull.

    Forget me not.
    Just when viewers thought things couldn't get worse for the Baldwins, a bearded hallucination showed up in Lauren's bed, and a mysterious box turned up on their doorstep containing an ominously frosted layer cake. This sparked a paranoid debate about whether Carmine (dead) or Womack (incarcerated) was the sender. Notably, no one even batted an eye over the suggestion that it was Carmine, whom they believe to be dead. Worse, it appears Summer is being sucked into the vortex as she has suddenly and inexplicably become consumed with concern over what Fenmore thinks of her. Make it stop.

    Picket fence.
    In the beginning, Abby and Tyler's interactions felt genuine and were deliciously sexually-charged but somewhere along the line their romance became them playing out a B movie script. The manufactured conflict, the beach scenes, winning the parents over with heartfelt speeches... Initially Tyler was too arrogant, but watching him effectively lose his mojo in this storyline has verged on painful at times. It's enough to make one root for the looming Mariah. As for Ashley getting involved, it was unreal that she asked Tyler what his intentions were toward her daughter as though it were the 1940s, however, it was great that she was there to flirt with Stitch - such chemistry! Bring Ash back full-time.

    Read's Primetime Dish for details on Sharon Leal's guest role on Grimm and much more.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by dairymaid at Friday, January 03 2014 10:54 AM

    THanks for the rant, Candace. I also think that Kelly is the real H&R driver and of course, Adam will be the one who will be blamed before the big reveal. I also want to know what the connection is between Alex and Courtney and if they are undercover. I also think that somehow Womack may be involved, too. So many storylines that are being dragged out but I am hoping for a end to at least one of them!

    Posted by Green Lighthouse at Friday, January 03 2014 11:04 AM

    Did anyone else notice the name right above Adam's on Victor's list? Kelly White. Could that be Billy's Kelly?

    Posted by cay65 at Friday, January 03 2014 12:00 PM

    I used to be a Nick & Sharon fan but no more, please do not let them get together they make me sick, they should only be friends for the kids. I either turn the station when they're on together or leave the room can't stand them anymore as a couple. Hope it comes out about what Kelly did to Stitch & his wife so Billy sees what she is a homewreaker. Make her responsible for Delha's death, she's not needed on this show. Like Stitch, Dylan, Adam, Chelse.

    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, January 03 2014 05:14 PM

    I personally think Victor will end up protecting Adam by sending him out of town so he doesn't go to prison. Victor loathes Adam but its still his kid and by taking care of Adam himself ( versus letting the legal system handle it), he can control the situation and we all know Victor loves nothing more than having all the control.
    I become more and more convinced everyday that who killed Delia is Kelly. There is just no way it's Adam.

    Posted by Jarcom at Sunday, January 05 2014 11:51 AM

    Watching the rerun on new years day just made me remember how good the show use to is so sad what this show has become...way too many characters we don't care about....every time you turn sound there is some new character pulling us away from the core characters we care about....interesting to see that even way back then Victor and Jack were into all this business conflict...the writers have beaten this dead horse into the ground....such a bore this eternal conflict....and that brings up another point....why is EVERY THING about conflict?...can't we have a little happiness on tis show that lasts...a healthy balance of both...that would be better story telling....also the show has started to look cut rate compared to what it use to be...the "ranch" looks like a tract home, Chancelor park is over used and becoming bore.....they have eliminated so many set pieces obviously in an effort to save money...why not eliminate some of these new characters that keep coming and coming and spend that on what once made this shows production values so great....first to go...Abbey and Tyler.....absolutely less than zero chemistry between it the actors or the writers.......Stitch and Ashley, now that's chemistry, the screen crackles when the two of them are together.......someone needs to do a house cleaning of characters, and some actors, on this show and whip it back into shape before it is too far gone to save....I fear they are very close to that point......

    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Monday, January 06 2014 12:10 PM

    I am so confused at what the writers are doing to the characters. A couple of weeks ago, Dylan found out his parents were not biologically his, but has said all along that Terry McAvoy is my father. Now, suddenly, he wants to meet some guy who raped his teenaged birth mother to find out WHAT? There would be other ways to get this creep to LA than having Dylan go searching for him.

    Avery makes me laugh. The same way she plunged into the Daisy fiasco and got her put of jail without asking any questions, she is doing the same to Dylan. She gives him info on the sperm donor guy hoping he will do what with it? Feel really bad about himself? Toss it? But then she gets all upset when he goes to find more information. Does she think that only she is capable of knowing exactly what he needs to know?

    Sharon and Nick were always my favorite couple, but they no longer work. Too much hurt on both sides. Done.

    Victor clearly only wants custody of Connor and will do whatever he can to get it. He doesn't care if Adam goes to prison or not, he only wants the kid. But Connor has a mother and I don't think WA law allows a grandfather to take a child from a mother who is treating him perfectly well.

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