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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, December 20 2013

    The kiss. (CBS)
    Restless Rant for the week of December 16 - 20:

    It's been difficult to focus on the "Y&R" storylines this week what with the the behind-the-scenes drama rather stealing the spotlight. The news that Michael Muhney was let go from his role of Adam Newman proved to be the proverbial straw that broke the change-weary camel's back for "Y&R" fans, who took to social media, comment sections, message boards, and phone lines to express their feelings.

    Having taken time to watch this erupt, to read countless comments and posts, and to reflect, one thing became clear - certainly fans were distraught and shocked to be losing another super-talented actor from the cast, but it went beyond that. There's been a cumulative sense of exasperation with the lackluster storylines, the parade of new faces, and the departure of several top-notch actors soon after the body-blow the show suffered when it lost Jeanne Cooper/Katherine Chancellor. At the heart of the outrage there seems to be an underlying theme that some fans feel disrespected, as though what is important to them is not being recognized; or perhaps not understood. As I wrote this, many viewers were still seeking some accountability. While this is understandable, the fact is viewers may never know the whole story when an actor departs or changes are made, and making assumptions, accusations, and/or spreading rumors doesn't help.

    With that said, the passionate, loyal fans who are willing to invite the same characters into their homes five days a week all year deserve to have their preferences considered, to trust that their investment in the characters and actors will not be disregarded or downplayed, and to expect that every effort will be made to protect the integrity of their show. The trouble is, the amount of change that's been imposed on "Y&R" seems to feel like an insult to many of those loyal fans. That, paired with complaints about boring stories and uninspired writing, has caused many to come to regard the show as a shadow of its former self. The good news is that viewers are still enjoying performances from numerous amazing actors playing favorite characters, and that if any show in Daytime can weather changes and still come out strong, it's "Y&R."

    Presumptuous much? (CBS)
    Here's hoping there will soon be more to 'rave' about in Genoa City than to 'rant' about. In that spirit, here are a few 'raves' from this week:

    The kiss.
    The kiss between Sharon and Nick. Love 'em or hate 'em as a couple, they have history and chemistry, but more importantly, the kiss immediately amped-up anticipation for their inevitable reunion, which could very well be the precursor to Sharon's secret finally coming out. Soapy goodness. What did you think? Vote in's Y&R Poll: Nick and Sharon's kiss.

    The music box.
    Jill and Esther interacting over the music box. Dying to know why Katherine left it to Jill!

    Fighting off the press.
    Hilary and Devon...there just might be something there.

    Victor's presumption.
    Victor having Nikki's will re-drafted to delete Dylan. What an ass. Watching Nikki just seething afterward was a thrill. Bring on mama bear!

    It's perfect.
    Billy bringing home the spindly tree to Victoria and putting that Delia ornament on it. Tears.

    Read's Primetime Dish for details on Kelly Clarkson's upcoming guest spot on Nashville and much more.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Restless55 at Friday, December 20 2013 10:45 AM

    In regards to Michael Muhney being fired I think the story was pretty clear. He was fired, he's not leaving because he wants to so the rumors are true. Fans have a right to be outraged by his firing. He is a popular character and a great actor. This along with losing Michele Stafford and Billy Miller was the final straw for me. I don't like the new Kyle, I'm sick of Dylan and Avery sniveling all the time. Jill Phelps may have been told to cut costs but you get what you pay for and it is showing in the storylines. Last of all, I used to hope Nick and Sharon would get back together but not anymore. Her character is no longer likeable.

    Posted by alise35 at Friday, December 20 2013 10:50 AM

    RESTLESS55: I completely agree with your entire statement. Nuff said.

    Posted by Lesley Anita at Friday, December 20 2013 11:15 AM

    I am very unhappy and disappointed that they have fired Michael Muhney. Please rehire him the whole Y and R needs this story line. There will be so many people upset about this and about all of the people who are leaving Y&R I can't see this soap going on much longer. Very Very sad.

    Posted by Fen-Max fan at Friday, December 20 2013 11:27 AM

    I agree with the comments about Sharon-I fast forward her scenes. How much longer can we endure what she did to Nick, Summer and Jack.
    I am a huge fan of Max Erlich who plays Fenmore. He is an outstanding actor and I am so concerned that he is being written out. I am interested if anyone else has the same concerns.

    Posted by GoddessFlightcom at Friday, December 20 2013 11:31 AM

    Yes, Michael Muhney is great. Yes, Adam N. is important. As for whether Y&R did him wrong. That is their business, not ours. However, I was really tired of feeling like I was watching the Adam Newman show. Glad he'll be out of town for a while. But, I agree, Y&R has really been declining, in general, overall. I've been watching since the 1970s. Kay's will reading was the most lame anti-climactic joke. It should have THE scene of the year! Jill's adventure with the music box has barely been broadcast, and who cares now? Devon getting all the money? No one has ever even cared about that character. Still don't. The Abbots and Winters families have been dismantled to nothing. No more family on Y&R. Victor hasn't had a redeeming quality in over year. Delia's death was a desperate writer's tactic for ratings. Chloe barely got any scenes. Sharon's character has been obliterated. I always hated the Sharon character. But, man, it was clear a writer was out to get Sharon Case. It annoys the viewer when writers indulge their personal issues on viewer's time. Nick has been lost with no personality for months. Fen is annoying. Phyllis's last scenes were so non-existant it was a slap in fan's faces. Yes, I could go on.

    Posted by Ja queen at Friday, December 20 2013 12:33 PM

    Is there any good soap on Tv now? First Phyllis,then killing Deedee,now they are going to replace billy,kyle is going(dont mind),now they fire Adam,this writer is really sick and dont know what she is doing.
    Now she is putting Sharon and nick back togather,are you kidding me?
    What about letting pay for what she did to Phyliss and for burning down Victors house. What about making the storylines more excited and not so boring? I am telling you,need a new writer,a fifth grader would do bettet.

    Posted by taxicab at Friday, December 20 2013 12:50 PM

    I am outraged that Michae Muhney has been fired. We, the fans deserve to have our preferences considered, not disregarded. The fact that "Y&R" came keep meaningless, boring characters on the show but get rid of such a strong character as Adam is the final straw for me. Good bye "Y&R". I am done with the show.

    Posted by banner boy at Friday, December 20 2013 02:04 PM

    I think that Adam Newman is one of the greatest characters to come to Y and R. Michael Muhney's strong character portrayal makes Adam so compelling. He truly is the legacy of Victor Newman, not Nick or Victoria. I have affinity for all the Y and R roles but losing Adam and this actor may have sent Y and R off the canvas.

    Posted by titans at Friday, December 20 2013 03:25 PM

    I agree....with alot of what everyone is saying....they will not find another actor to pay Adam Newman and the fan base get behind the character.

    My favorite couple was always Nick and Sharon...but they have ruined her.....but one thing that is good in that is they have ruined all the characters but I don't get why people are so hard on Sharon.....tell me why she is worse than anyone else on this show? Why should she pay when Phyllis never paid for all she did? Don't get me wrong, Phyllis was a great character...I loved to hate her...and MS is Phyllis so no one can take her place either....but I don't understand why anyone can say one character is worse than others......Phyllis liked about Daniel's father for a long time......Nick lied about the paternity test too, but no one is mad at him...everyone is blaming Sharon....but at least she has an excuse.....

    To be honest though, the character of Sharon is probably better written than most people give them credit for....I have a family memeber that is bipolar and in fairness to the disease (and it is a disease people).....some of the storylines makes sense.....someone should have burned down that ranch along time ago...

    If we could get our Y&R back..or at least have someone write a storyline that has others helping people instead of condemning everything they do......I don't really blame Sharon in alot of ways...look what being a part of the Newman family has done to her....Nikki has stuck her nose up at her from day one and never treated her well.....Victor did until she pulled one over on he hates her too......Nick always blamed Sharon instead of understanding the underlying cause of things.

    Now at least being diagnosed, if the writers could just fix her now so that she comes out on top that would be great......

    What I don't get is why can the same people who forgive Adam and Pyllis for all they have done, then why is it so hard to forgive Sharon?

    Don't get me wrong, I think all 3 characters are vital to the show, the problem is when new writers come in every other year, we lose all common ground on who a character really is, because each new writing team tries to rewrite all the characters.

    If writing teams would spend the time to get to know the characters history's, then they would know better how to write for the show....but we never get that.

    And yes, I could go on and on and on too...but just plain tired of caring about this show anymore......

    I would rather they just kill Adam than bring in a new actor.......MM is don't even try to sell us something different, no one is buying it.

    Posted by NIKKIKGC at Friday, December 20 2013 04:25 PM

    I've never threaten to stop watching I'm just done..Michael Muhney is the best actor on that show...I blame the mustache for the twitter war 6 months ago!

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