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    Y&R's Michael Muhney Fired.

    Monday, January 13 2014

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    Posted by Ash72 at Wednesday, December 18 2013 01:41 PM

    Stupidest mistake yet this year!! Ratings will drop hard now! Way to go Y&R!! #VeryDisappointed #AdamsTheBest #Sick #BestWishesMichael

    Posted by The X2C at Wednesday, December 18 2013 02:10 PM

    This is a big mistake for a number of reasons. For one, Michael is a big part of the show. For a character that has only been around (in the grown up sense) for less than 10 years and for him to portray that character in a manner that resonated with the fans says something. You don't let people like that walk away from the show. Whether a contract dispute or simply a clashing of opinions, you just don't allow that to happen. Secondly, the current storyline surrounding Delia's death is probably the storyline that created the most buzz this year - at least one of the top storylines. In essence, two of the primary actors in this storyline are leaving the canvas (Billy and Michael). Both are crucial to this storyline in that Billy Miller played the father of Delia and Michael Muhney played the person that is supposedly responsible for her demise. That is supposed to make sense? That is supposed to keep people tuned in to their sets?

    Y&R has endured a number of crucial losses this year with Billy and Michael being the most recent and preceded by Michelle Stafford and Jeanne Cooper. While Jeanne's departure was beyond anyone's control, the others could've been prevented. I am not buying the "too much on-screen time" for the Adam character. If anything, the enduring screen time says a couple of things. 1.) Fans care enough about the character that you show him in storylines frequently, and 2.) the fact that he is on TV more gets the actor more connected to the character - and thus the viewer. What sense does it make to replace him down the road for that reason?

    I have not been impressed with Jill Farren Phelps' tenure as Executive Producer. Many good actors/actresses have left under her watch and have either been recast or replaced with actors/actresses that can't connect with the viewers (i.e. Kyle's recast, Abby's recast, Noah's recast, the Tyler character, and Hillary just to name a few). But for Eric Braeden, I would discontinue watching the show until Ms. Phelps is replaced and some of the actors/actresses return. I understand that there are times when changes are necessitated, but this does not seem like one of them. This is a horrible decision on so many levels and I hope the powers that be will feel the effects of it for a while.

    Posted by pepperboy at Wednesday, December 18 2013 02:47 PM

    I have never said this and I thought l never would but after 30 years l am
    done with this show. Michael's last day will be mine
    He is the only character l really care about.

    Posted by Genzen65 at Wednesday, December 18 2013 03:10 PM

    No wonder I started watching General Hospital again after all these years.... Because Y&R keeps firing my faves. I miss Michelle and every time they talk about her being in a coma I want to scream in fear they will recast her instead of bringing her back....then Billy, now this? I'm trying to figure out how to justify taking time out of my day to continue watching. It's how these particular actors portray their characters that make me love the characters. I don't want to start over or get used to the new one. I believe I'm done.

    Posted by jaxgirl at Wednesday, December 18 2013 04:11 PM

    SMH I don't know where to begin... To "let go " of Michael Muhney is THE ABSOLUTE Worst move ever!!! As Adam, Muhney brought a certain flair to the show that WILL NOT BE REPLACEABLE with any other actor. The casting staff should GO. How awful...

    Posted by 40yearclosetwatcher at Wednesday, December 18 2013 06:07 PM

    We watch for the calibre of acting and the complexity of a character, and his/her character's importance to the web of society it represents. So axing Michael/Adam HAS to be a bad idea. Surely this character is the future of the show to take over when Victor leaves this earth. Hope this comment inspires every other closet watcher to publicly 'stamp their feet'.

    Posted by BarbCarey at Wednesday, December 18 2013 06:37 PM

    I was sad when Michelle Stafford left. I was hoping Michelle was telling the truth. That SHE, MICHELLE, was the one that wanted to go. Not Y&R. Then when I read about Billy Miller I was shocked. I think Billy Miller is a really good actor. He does a great job as Billy. Now I hear that Michael Muhney was FIRED. What a stupid idea from Y&R big shots. I started watching after ATWT was gone. Mainly bc Maura West was on Y&R. I love watching Maura. Then Y&R gave Maura crap writing and she was fired. The only reason I didn't follow her to General Hospital was bc of Michelle Stafford, Billy Miller and Michael Muhney. Michelle was so good. The same goes for Billy. Michael getting fired was the last straw. I loved Michael from the first time I saw him as Adam. I look forward every day to watching Michael's Adam. He is so good. Even when Adam is bad Michael is the actor that you love to hate. I love Adam when Michael is playing him bad or good. I always pull for Adam. No one is going to like the new Adam. If there is a new one. I don't think there will be. It seems that CBS & the Y&R people are trying to get rid of Y&R. Eric Braeden's Victor is getting so unlikable to me. Victor always gets by with everything he does so why would I want to watch Jack & Jill try. It is a waste of time. They are firing all the good actors. Pretty soon the only actors on Y&R will be all the young actor/actress that don't know what they are doing. I have been thinking about watching General Hospital bc of Maura West. Thank you mmc411. You gave GH high grades. I understand that Maura West is doing great over there. When Michael Muhney goes I will go too.

    Posted by roel02 at Wednesday, December 18 2013 07:14 PM

    WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON !?!?!??!?! Adam is NOT replaceable (Michael) does this show justice. I have watched Y&R since I was LITTLE, watching it with my Mother. I stopped watching all the others soaps long ago but always true to Y&R however, you people are INSANE to get rid of Michael. HE IS ADAM ! everyone else is so boring.
    With this person getting fired, I may say farewell now too!

    Posted by tacoyer at Wednesday, December 18 2013 08:01 PM

    Young and the restless is now hitting rock bottom. Every good actor such as Billy and Michael are being released. This show has lost it. Without Michael who is an amazing actor you might as well join the list of soaps that are no longer. I have watched for years and now that I see that you fired Michael I am done watching you.

    Posted by Dr. Maggie Powers at Wednesday, December 18 2013 08:09 PM

    I am quite disturbed by the firing of Michael Muhney. He brought a level of acting ability and complexity to the show that is virtually unmatched by any of the current actors on the show. He stepped in on short notice into a difficult part with compelling results. I realize the actor himself may perhaps not be a prize to work with, but show business is just that--a business--so you would expect them to get the best person for the job. Maybe we'll get what's his name--Grayson McCouch from JFP's previous ratings champion on Nick to play the part. I hoped Days sees this and decides that Michael would be great playing Jennifer's big brother Mike. I'd also like to see him warm up Nolan's swimming pool on Revenge, so we can have a gay triangle on a prime time show.

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