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    The Young and the Restless - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    Y&R's Michael Muhney Fired.

    Monday, January 13 2014

    Let go.

    Updated January 13:

    Kristoff St. John (Neil Winters) has spoken out again in the wake of the Muhney firing, this time addressing the backlash against "Y&R" and its actors on social media. In St. John's lengthy post he states, "It is absurd and hurtful the way the rumor mill has spun out of control, with uninformed people forming opinions, completely in the dark. Unfortunately, you, the fans, are innocent bystanders. However, many are feeding off of the hysteria of those that are out for blood. Sadly, it is a mob mentality."

    Read the post in its entirety by visiting St. John’s Facebook page.

    Updated January 11:

    More "Y&R" actors have spoken out with regard to the Muhney firing. Jerry Douglas, who plays the ghost of John Abbott, gave an interview in which he spoke about his own interaction with Muhney, the situation with Muhney and Braeden, and the allegations of inappropriate behavior toward King. He stated, "To do a thing like that to a woman is despicable and unacceptable. It’s sad." Read the full interview at Rumor Fix.

    Additionally, Kristoff St. John, who plays Genoa City's Neil Winters, took to Twitter to appeal to Muhney to set the record straight. He tweeted:

    Updated January 10:

    Veteran "Y&R" actor Eric Braeden (Victor) spoke out in an interview about Muhney's firing, dispelling speculation that he had anything to do with it. Braeden admitted that he and Muhney had quarreled because Muhney was vocal about wanting to push Braeden and his character out of Genoa City. Read the full interview at Radar Online.

    Updated January 8:

    On the heels of the TMZ article numerous "Y&R" actors have retweeted messages of support for Hunter Haley King. Joshua Morrow (Nick) and Eileen Davidson (Ashley) posted their own messages of support on Twitter:

    Updated January 7:

    Muhney was back on Twitter January 7 and added a post referencing the quote he shared on January 6. He tweeted:

    Updated January 7:

    Michael Muhney broke his silence on Twitter on January 6 for the first time since tweeting that he'd been let go from "Y&R." He took to the social media outlet to post a quote:

    Updated January 6:

    TMZ is reporting that a group of "Y&R" fans on Facebook have raised funds to hire a plane to fly over the CBS studios in Los Angeles with a banner that reads, "No Adam Newbie, Just Michael Muhney."

    Updated January 6:

    Former "Y&R" executive producer and headwriter, Maria Arena Bell, has made a statement with regard to the TMZ report on the firing of Michael Muhney. She stated, "I am a fan of Michael Muhney the actor - not the person. Frankly he should have been let go months before because of his behind the scenes actions. It’s still a loss for the fans." Read her statement in its entirety at Highlight Hollywood.

    Updated January 4:

    TMZ is reporting that according to 'multiple sources' Michael Muhney was let go from "Y&R" after a co-star, Hunter King (Summer Newman), complained to higher-ups that he had allegedly groped her breasts on two occasions. The alleged actions were characterized as 'unwanted and unsolicited'.

    Stay tuned to for further updates as they become available.

    Updated December 23:

    Michael Muhney's wrapped up his time on the "Y&R" set on Thursday December 19. His former co-star, Sharon Case (Sharon) posted a video goodbye tribute to him through Twitter. Follow the link in the tweet to watch:

    Updated December 18:

    In an interview to HuffPost TV Canada following Michael Muhney's announcement that he would be leaving "Y&R," he said, "It was explained to me that CBS and Sony want to give Adam a break for 3-6 months and then they'll bring him back with a different actor. Maybe he does need a break. Adam has been on screen a lot. He's not being killed off."

    Original article December 17:

    Actor Michael Muhney announced today, December 17, that he has been let go from his "The Young and the Restless" role of Adam Newman. Muhney, who has played the son of Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) since 2009, took to Twitter to announce his unexpected departure from Genoa City with a series of tweets:

    Stay tuned to for updates.

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    Header photo: FayesVision/

    - Candace Young

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    Posted by titans at Tuesday, December 17 2013 01:41 PM

    What in the world......we are going to be stuck with characters like Hillary, Courtney, Avery, Fen, and so many others that bring nothing to this show.

    Finding another person to play the role of Adam Newman is going to be can't just switch people around (as we have seen plenty of times already).....

    Adam is a staple in this show.....and if the powers to be think they will find someone else to play this role better, then they are much dumber than we thought they would be.

    First Katherine (obvioulsy, this couldn't be avoided), then Phyllis and now remove 3 staples from a soap in the same year, no wonder this show has gone downhill even more.

    Posted by gina31 at Tuesday, December 17 2013 02:22 PM

    The show is going to be so boring now, NO ADAM, NO PHYLLIS, BILLY WILL BE REPLACED... WHAT NEXT.................. Kevin and Chloe are now so boring...
    What's the point of watching the show now?

    Posted by Icecoldpepsi777 at Tuesday, December 17 2013 02:33 PM

    I have watched this show for 25 yrs, I was 12 the first time I watched this show, I am finished! I actually loved the REAL actor Michael is. You ppl are losing many, many ppl! We are tired of you firing the most talented and were stuck watching less talented ppl and stupid story lines? Y&R. Better wake up, you better run after Michael and hope he signs a contract with you idiots! I'm sick of this, too many changes and the new lady there is a moron. Excuse me. Nothing could make me tape you on my DVR again! Ever! I'm sick of you ruining great character actors. You find the best ppl them dump them! Michael will come out ahead! He will be on the silver screen, not a pitiful soap opera, unfortunately my best show is now my enemy!

    Posted by The NewsBreaker at Tuesday, December 17 2013 03:22 PM

    Y&R decided to join the other cancelled Soaps by letting Michael Muhney go. He belongs in features and series. Did they forget that he was nominated for an Emmy and was the heartbeat of the show. His young blood was their savior.

    Larry Garrison
    The NewsBreaker

    Posted by youareloved at Tuesday, December 17 2013 03:59 PM

    Please don't let this be true. What in the world is going on.

    Posted by youareloved at Tuesday, December 17 2013 04:24 PM

    Good Luck Michael Muhney.

    Posted by Sudsy13 at Tuesday, December 17 2013 05:26 PM

    I have watched Y&R for 30 plus years and January 30, 2014 will be the last day that I ever watch again. Letting Michael Muhney go is the worst move this show has made. You need to go and get him back! This show is heading to the bottom and will lose a ton of fans with this loss!

    Posted by LADYTIFFANY at Tuesday, December 17 2013 06:29 PM

    Letting Michael go is a big mistake. I can't believe this I've been watching this show for 16 years and I even started my husband watching 6 years ago and now y'all going to let one of the best actors go on the show. Y'all have the nerve to keep Avery, Hilary, and Courtney. I use to love this show. Well I guess you will lose another faithful watcher.

    Signed a very pissed off former fan...

    Posted by LADYTIFFANY at Tuesday, December 17 2013 06:32 PM

    Oh and I almost forgot. Good luck Michael hope to see you on another show in the very near future.

    Posted by whyohwhy at Tuesday, December 17 2013 06:52 PM

    Why would Y&R let go one of the best actors they have ever had on this show? The politics involved are glaring. I have been a loyal viewer since the 1970s when the show began. So many wonderful actors have left this show "on their own" accord. I doubt it. Bring back Michael Muhney!!!!!Wake up Y&R before it's too late.

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