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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, December 13 2013

    Fly! (CBS)
    Restless Rant for the week of December 9 - 13:

    The scenes in which veteran characters captivate viewers continue to be a saving grace for "Y&R," as many of the current storylines have issues or are just straight-up uninteresting. Aside from Delia's death, and Nikki's outburst in the Club, the stories have felt draggy, predictable, and way too 'safe'. Why hasn't Chloe jumped into bed with someone inappropriate due to her unimaginable grief, causing Kevin to go off the rails? Why didn't guilt drive Adam and Sharon to partake in an inadvisable romp in a fraught moment of weakness before he reconciled with Chelsea? Imagine the implications if one or both had blurted out a confession in the heat of the moment. How about Jack and Jill, both in pain for various reasons, getting fired up over some business disagreement and hitting the sheets...or the desk? The illicit, gasp-worthy, passionate stuff takes things to a whole other level. Whether a viewer loves it or hates it, they're at least intensely feeling something. Thoughts:

    One hour.
    Lauren and Michael's trip down memory lane via flashbacks in celebration of their anniversary was awesome, however their storyline continues to feel dragged-out. It's at the point where one wants to groan when Lauren starts hand-wringing and snapping at people, or when her cellphone rings. The latest development was Fenmore getting out of jail and raising some eyebrows with his twitchy paranoia and melodramatic lines about doing time, such as how he'd rather die than go back, or gravely telling Summer that she was better off not knowing what happened to him in there.

    With Lily's health in question again, it looks like Jack and Jill are unknowingly on a collision course with Cane and that biotech company. Lily, meanwhile, vented her stress in the most delightful way possible - by telling Hilary in no uncertain terms to fly her 'skinny ass' out of town. It made for an enjoyable scene even if it was an obvious set-up for Devon to defend Hilary.

    Stay away.
    Why did Victor bother to fawn over Nikki in an effort to convince her that she can trust him, only to go behind her back and sabotage any potential for her to have a relationship with Dylan? I wish Paul had overheard Victor warning Dylan away and tattled to least there would have been some fireworks to look forward to there. Aside from Nikki, who is always entertaining when at odds with Victor or in emotional turmoil mode, and Victoria's tension with Victor and Nick, the 'Dylan as Nikki's son' storyline isn't really revving any motors.

    You don't know her.
    Summer discovered Courtney was lying about Zach. Courtney's parents will be away for Christmas. Courtney bought drugs from Raven... Zzz.

    It would have been infinitely more interesting if Chloe actually had kidnapped Connor. It also would have made more sense than Chloe just drifting along being 'okay' and working a lot. We are privy to Billy's devastation over Delia, but should also be seeing Chloe exhibiting erratic behavior and emotions. Perhaps the idea is that she's keeping everything inside and will just explode at some point?

    Blunt Cassie. (CBS)
    Billy seemed more himself with Victoria and Johnny, yet simultaneously expressed his sense of 'faking it' and feeling disconnected at home. Hanging out with Kelly, and especially getting drinks together, is clearly going to lead to bad things...

    Bad Daddy Club.
    The banter between Hilary and Jill when they were stuck in the elevator was a highlight this week. Of course we're all sick to death of hearing Hilary talk about 'second chances'; it could be a drinking game at this point. However, it's always hugely entertaining to watch Jill get into it with someone on her bitchiest level. Love it.

    Are you breaking up with me?
    The contrived 'argument' between Abby and Tyler about their trip to L.A. was, well, inane. It was uncomfortable to sit through and did neither the characters nor the couple any favors. While this pairing has had strong romantic moments, and it was a good move to tone down Tyler's arrogance, his personality has become way too watered-down in this story. Tyler's sister Leslie has suffered a similar fate. She was once a real spitfire, and though we still see flashes of that, she has become more broody and contemplative as domestic drudgery with Neil looms.

    Shut up!
    This week, Sharon was still rockin' a bit of crazy thanks to her guilt, which thankfully has surfaced as hoped, thereby making her interactions much more interesting and tense. The return of 'conscience/vision Cassie' brought the twist that she is now confronting Sharon rather bluntly about her reasons for doing the DNA switch, and imploring her to come clean. Of course, it wouldn't be appropriately soapy for the truth to come out until Sharon and Nick are happily reunited or headed that direction, so I expect we'll have to wait. Anticipation!

    Real family.
    Likewise, now that Adam has reunited with Chelsea and is looking forward to the future as a family, it should be just about time for him to emerge as a suspect or the culprit in Delia's hit-and-run. All of his actions surrounding his guilt, such as posting online, visiting the memorial, and establishing a foundation, will probably lead to his exposure. There are numerous theories out there now as to who actually hit Delia. Some viewers believe it truly was Adam, others think it was Courtney's mysterious relative Zach, or in an ironic twist, Kelly from the support group. What do you believe at this point? Vote in's Y&R Poll: Who hit Delia?

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by BadWriting at Friday, December 13 2013 11:12 AM

    I'm so tired of the predictable story lines, been watching for over 30 years. How many car wrecks can we have, lost memories, coma's,and for rich people why do we only have people staying and eating at the same hotel. OMG rich people that cannot buy coffee but one place.
    PLEASE lets stop with the unrealistic story lines. The show can be so much better if story lines did not drag out forever. Life is so much bigger. The show reminds me of stupid comedy that's not funny and the comedian wonders why people do not laugh. I guess we keep watching hoping for change and the fans complaints keep it going.

    Posted by vicsze at Friday, December 13 2013 02:33 PM

    Sharon only has eyes for Nick & Adam is in love with Chelsea again, so for Adam & Sharon "hook up" would seem ridiculous & completely out of step.

    Posted by Candace at Friday, December 13 2013 02:49 PM

    vicsze, respectfully's possible to be attracted to more than one person and they've always been each others' Achilles heel. Plus, both are struggling with secrets and guilt which can make you do things you wouldn't otherwise.

    Posted by bukopandan at Friday, December 13 2013 03:13 PM

    Re Sharon and Adam: I do want to see Sharon finally get well or her own story will seem like it's dragging to me, so at first glance, to me, hooking up with Adam sounds like a bad idea. But if they hooked up (pre-Chelsea lovemaking, that is) and talked and she finally came clean or some things were said between them them (without Adam finding out) that she then reflected on, and so sex with the bad guy had actually helped, I'd be all for it! And I'd love it, too, if they both unknowingly helped each other realize they had to do the right thing and we saw them separately and in parallel scenes go do so.

    I hope the show plans on keeping Hilary around and really making her a core character or that they will just stop bothering making me more intrigued by her! I'm really liking her other interactions with characters. And my wish is that she'll be a hero in something that involves Mason.

    I'm do tired of Victor being so limited as a human being yet believing he is at the highest level of evolving. Almost everything he does these days makes me sick. I'd love to see all his mistreatment of people and inability to accept his family members' choices lead to an Xmas alone.

    Posted by wintersongbird at Friday, December 13 2013 04:38 PM

    Who hit Delia? Here is my way out wild guess: Carmine Basco. What? How is that possible when he is dead. Well, this week we learned that the Medical Examiner was a sub and there was reference to the whole exam file being a joke. Add that news to those annoying crank calls Lauren is getting and you have a classic case of not really being dead.... so we have the (ho-hum) dreaded return of carmine to look forward to and Adam to continue to carry the guilt. As much as I don't want carmine to come back, I really dont want Adam to be the one who hit DeeDee.

    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, December 13 2013 06:02 PM

    I am convinced it was Kelly who hit Delia. For one there was a Kelly on the list of license plate numbers that Victor wanted which I think is more than a coincidence. I also can just see it turning out that Kelly hit Delia, felt guilty considering what happened to her son and so she is now making sure she helps Billy cope to appease her own guilt.

    Posted by Soap Fan at Saturday, December 14 2013 07:02 AM

    Im sick of everyone meeting up at this park when they live in mansions penthouses, and condos so stupid. I can't they still haven't arrested Adam yet. How long are they going to countine to drag this hitand,run storyline. I can care less about Summer and the paternity test. I hope Sharon never gets caught.

    Posted by Jewels23 at Saturday, December 14 2013 04:27 PM

    If they put Adam & Sharon back together again because of they're lies I WILL BE FINISHED WITH THIS SHOW. I've watched this for over 10 years and when they kept putting this two together I wanted to puck! Also, why would Missy SharHO spread her legs to her own baby napper and break up a marriage for her own pleasure? Wait.... I think I have already established that in my question. No "Failshadam" keep It passionate w/ Chadam.

    As for Adam and the hit and run, well I believe that he didn't do it! Like please, he had one chip out of his turn signal NOTHING MORE, so this leaves me with, it's kelly. I think that she making this whole this story of "I had a little boy Sam and he was killed by a driver as well" UGHH I'm getting sick of this whole stupid hit and run storyline, please writers for the sake of keeping your viewers, chose someone else to go jail not Adam.

    Posted by Nanc1 at Sunday, January 05 2014 08:46 AM

    Still fuming over the firing of Adam. If Y & R loses this fanstastic actor, they will also lose many viewers!!!!!! OK, let him have a 3-6 month rest, but bring Michael back as Adam. That makes LOTS of sense producers. Your fans keep you afloat and they keep you Number 1 all these years. If it were not for us, you would NOT be Number 1. Bring Michael back!!!!!!!!

    Posted by dansraiders at Monday, January 27 2014 05:51 PM

    This show is getting boring by the day. I used to come home feeling excited to see the what happens next, but now its the same old same old. Wish Sharon would get the axe and bring Phyllis back.

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