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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    The Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.

    Friday, November 15 2013

    Run-in with Victor. (CBS)
    Restless Rant for the week of November 11 - 15:

    This week was relatively low-key, so many viewers are anticipating some amped-up drama on "Y&R" for November Sweeps. Thoughts:

    My heroes.
    Despite the terrific Veteran's Day tribute that was (oddly) held at The Underground, the 'Nikki is Dylan's secret mother' storyline is falling a little bit short of the mark and it's possibly because so much of it just doesn't ring true. Nikki keeping such a big secret from Victor is certainly a legit reason for tension, but they've largely centered the conflict in the story around Victor and Nick's extreme dislike of Dylan, which doesn't really fly. Neither of them has any real reason to hate the guy. He didn't actively interfere with Nick and Avery's relationship before their doomed wedding - it was Avery's choice to stay with Dylan and be late. So, it's just not possible to really engage with what these characters are supposedly feeling toward him. That's not to say that there's no anticipation about the truth coming out - it's bound to be a disaster.

    Bracelet in the blanket.
    Avery has legit reason to dislike Sharon as she did actively interfere in her relationship with Nick, so Avery being snippy works here. For the record, with Avery and Dylan now having kissed, and since Sharon shares such noticeable chemistry with Dylan, there's a storyline ripe with conflict just waiting to naturally happen. Who would you like to see Sharon paired up with? Vote in's "Y&R" poll:

    Shooting range.
    It was a little surprising how quickly Billy went from gun-toting rage to crying for help and attending a support group. Perhaps it was finally hugging and connecting with Johnny that was the catalyst? Either way, the support group scenes were moving. It was ironic that Billy had finally seemed to move past the vigilante mind-set and it was Adam's online comment that reignited it.

    Despite his suffering, it was a decent week for Adam as he finally told Chelsea to just stop yammering, and later got in some good digs while helping Sharon out with Victor.

    Those eyes.
    It was a tad confusing when Chloe showed off a picture of Connor and his eyes to Kevin, who then went on about how she should tell Chelsea it's too difficult for her to be around Connor. Was I missing something? In any case, Chloe and Kevin's scenes are lurking in dull territory again.

    Birthday star. (CBS)
    There are scenes within the Lauren/Michael/Fen storyline that have been worth watching, such as Jill and Lauren commiserating, Michael and Christine clashing, Paul and Lauren butting heads, and Summer visiting Fen and getting the goods on Courtney, but the bigger picture is that it's just dragging on with the crazy. The hang-up calls Lauren keeps getting signify that this likely won't be ending without more psycho nuttiness.

    Best customer.
    It felt like progress for Summer to confront Courtney about buying drugs and for Noah to ask about her family. The whole drug thing is faintly intriguing since she obviously doesn't appear to be under the influence - so is she buying drugs to resell to support herself? Is she buying them for an addicted parent? Any ideas?

    The mole.
    Considering how cozy Kyle and Jack have been for quite a long time now, it's kind of silly to think that Kyle could go in and pull the wool over Victor's eyes. Even if he completely convinced Victor that he and Jack had had a falling out, Victor would still watch Kyle extra closely since the potential for him having an ulterior motive is just too high. It's too bad holier-than-thou Devon didn't agree to do it - it might have made him slightly more interesting. Kyle also met Hilary this week, so that could become a pairing...

    Lily and Cane's sauna scene was a bit of fun, but there's definitely a need to get on with whatever is going to be next for these characters. They're repeatedly put in scenes where they just talk about what they'll do.

    Missed calls.
    Abby had better hope Mariah doesn't decide to show up in Genoa City - judging by the relentless phoning she may be a little scary. Anyway, Abby and Tyler had their birthday love-in at, where else, Chancellor Park. Even if it was odd to have an outdoor surprise when it was so cold, Tyler was totally sexy and romantic - no complaints there. Across town, Leslie had less success as she burnt the meatloaf, but she and Neil got the biggest laugh of the week when she told him that Tyler had called her up for the peach cobbler recipe. Neil's expression was perfect with the line, "Back this truck up...Tyler's baking?" So funny.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by bikette at Friday, November 15 2013 11:31 AM

    This has become the most boring and depressing soap ever.

    Posted by Sinny at Friday, November 15 2013 02:57 PM

    Sharin has got to pay and soon.. watching her cozing up to Nick after what she has done is just disgusting. She is so selfish and such a coward.

    Posted by maja at Friday, November 15 2013 03:28 PM

    I just can't watch the Delia storyline. I just find the whole storyline pointless.It's depressing and I don't care how good the acting is, I don't want to sit thru this depressing storyline.

    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, November 15 2013 04:36 PM

    Sharon has bounced around from man to man ( or rather Newman to Newman) and has yet to pay for starting the fire at the ranch or anything else she's done, she needs to be alone. I will say though that I have heard a rumor about Sharon and Dylan ( won't share it here due to spoilers.

    Posted by bikette at Friday, November 15 2013 06:19 PM

    "My heroes.
    Despite the terrific Veteran's Day tribute that was (oddly) held at The Underground,"

    I disagree. I was looking forward to this show and was disappointed. It seemed like the only reason they had it was to prop up Nikki and the baby Dylan s/l. Kay always had wonderful patriotic parties by her pool and usually brought a tear to my eye and made me feel proud to be an American. This really fell short. And BTW wouldn't Kay's park been a much better place to hold it than Nick's dive bar just so we could see the reaction between him and Dylan?

    Posted by apple1950 at Friday, November 15 2013 11:42 PM

    Why is Hilary involved in the possible mole planting with Victor? She is new to the company and has a cloud of mistrust already hanging over her. They are talking about this right in front of her like she is an integral part of the team or family. Kyle's half baked idea of going to
    Victor will flop. I can't get into Tyler. He was a sleeze stalking LILY and now he is with Abby. Just don't like this pairing. Lauren, change your cell number, you twit! So over the Lauren/Michael/Fen/Carmine storyline. For me, it was a mistake from the onset. It has ruined the integrity of some characters and is a waste of air time. How the heck could Jamie afford to go to a private school with Summer and Fen? If Courtney's family is questionable, how did she afford to attend? I agree that Victor's extreme dislike for Dylan is too contrived. Thinking Victor will blackmail Adam into being a part of Connor's life with the license plate connection to Delia's accident. Dylan may prove to be Sharon's long lost brother. Hate this storyline. Nikki having a son who also turns out to be Sharon's brother. Geeze.

    Posted by Insomniac at Saturday, November 16 2013 12:36 PM

    This weeks Y&R was just too much of the same thing over & over. I am so tired of hearing Chelsea harping at Adam about the hit & run. Strange too that Chloe is taking Delia"s death so much better than Billy.Nothing ever really happens. Of course Victor already suspects Kyle so Kyle has ruined Jack's plan for a mole.I would like to see just one thing resolved. There are too many things just left hanging.

    Posted by mswoman at Saturday, November 16 2013 02:38 PM

    I hope that Nick and Sharon get married, then please let him find out about what really happened when Phyllis fell, and about the bogus DNA test. Well, the stupid writers are going to mess up another marriage - Billy and Victoria. Maybe Cain and Lily will be next. I'm sick of seeing them act like two dogs in heat.

    Posted by mswoman at Saturday, November 16 2013 02:55 PM

    What a wonderful way to honor our veterans: hosting a benefit in a...BAR. Good grief! It should have been held at the Colonnade Room, or somewhere else with class. You'd think with the Newman bucks, they could have come up with a place other than Nick's bar, but I guess even the rich want freebies. I have to disagree with you, bikette, there are already way, way too many scenes in that park.

    Posted by Realitysaneness at Sunday, November 17 2013 11:05 AM

    What in Haides is this crap about Dylan turning out to be Sharon's brother as well as Nikki's son. You writers are answering the question of how stupid can you be before we get around to asking the question. How on EARTH would that be possible. You are truly the most bungling idiots in town, how did you get your jobs and title of writers, you are truly the most bungling idiots that ever deserved and EARNED a firing there ever was! You are gaining a new award the most befuddled dumbies on the air. We will never win another award on this show, you guys have GOT to be related to someone connected with this soap and they should be totally ashamed of themselves for letting this go on! This is the worse mess on TV, it will never win another award and doesn't deserve one! WHAT CRAP! It is time for Sharon to bite the dust! It is time for Hilary to go away! Get rid of Tyler, he and Abby are dull, you guys think that because someone fals in bed together or takes off their shirt you have a hit, this show is not a superficial garbage mill, it is or WAS an award winning realistic show, it is garbage now! You don't even recognize that Victor is the hero in this show, he is the good guy! You think because he is ruthless and takes nothing from anyone he is the villain, you repugnant idiots! It is his company and Kay left Chancellor to him, not to Jill who she would not give it to in life or Jack who was bungling his own company, THEY are jealous and envious of him, they and Adam and trying to take that which is Victor's, they are trying to be him! Get over yourselves and your egotistical, immature brains and go back and look at the years shows, grow up and grow a couple. You guys just overly SUCK! This Nikki even having a son is so stupid, you gave this unknown son to the wrong character idiots, haven't these comments told you that and now you want to compound your blunder - NO WAY, KIL IT! And while you are at it kill yourselves too and get some real writers with imagination and writing ability in there who care enough about this soap to learn the background!

    This Michael, Lauren, Fen crap is just dumb and makes no sense, it is stupid. WAKE PHYLLIS UP! Summer and Courtney and this drug thing was the most immature, unprofessionally written garbage there ever could have been. If you bring Carmine back to life I think we will all die of nausea! Dump Christine, she never should have come back, you should have left Nina with Paul. Are you secretly trying to ruin this show because that is what it appears you are doing! Leslie has a lot of nerve talking to Nikki about Dylan and secrets, who is she, it is out of her place to do so and she sucks, send her, Tyler and Hilary off with Mason to some other soap! Lily and Cane have nothing in regards to lines except sex, they deserve better and more they are two majors not Leslie, Tyler and Mason and Hilary, come on! No scenes except the coffee shop and Chancellor park, did you fools throw the old ones out, where are their million dollar offices idiots! All these confidential conversations taking place in public, come on! Kyle's role with Victor was as stupid as it comes, it was so stupid Victor appeared to be laughing at the lines within the show, come on, give Victor more respect than that! WHY are you fighting giving him his due instead of this less than mediocre crap you are writing, you do not get him yet, ask any REAL fan of which you obviously are not! No one, NO ONE is going to believe this crap with Michael and Fen in the jail, get real, you are insulting this great soap!

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