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    Friday, October 18 2013

    My little girl... (CBS)
    Restless Rant for the week of October 14 - 18:

    There's really only one story to talk about from this week's "The Young and the Restless," and that, of course, is Delia's death. Thoughts:

    Standing 'O'.
    As Delia received a standing ovation from the audience watching her play the Wicked Witch in her school play, "The Wizard of Oz," so did the actors involved in this heart-wrenching storyline receive the highest of accolades from the "Y&R" viewing audience. Every one of the affected characters conveyed remarkably genuine emotions, but it was Billy and Chloe, naturally, who were expected to take viewers through the feelings of utter shock, desperation, and sickening, mortifying grief - and they did not disappoint. The audience saw Emmy-worthy performances as they took viewers through their shock and raw despair, to the crude emotions that accompanied the ensuing anger and blame, and also into the paralyzing struggle to comprehend their new reality. Regardless of the debate and protest surrounding the storyline itself, there can be no question that the actors made watching these episodes an epic experience.

    The rules need to be broken.
    The opposite side of the coin to Billy and Chloe in this storyline is Adam, who is not only dealing with the prospect of his infant son going blind, but the sickening realization that he may indeed have been the hit-and-run driver. If it was him, he clearly didn't know he'd hit her, not that anyone in Genoa City would believe him for a second. Most are finding it difficult to believe he could have struck Delia and not felt anything, though the piece out of his headlight and the fabric from her costume sure make it seem that he did. Perhaps it will eventually come out that he wasn't the one who killed her, but in the meantime it will be a gut-wrenching journey - it already has been as we feel ill on Adam's behalf as we see him contemplating the horrific idea that he's responsible. If the guilt's bad now, imagine if Connor gets her corneas. Intense.

    Flashback. (CBS)
    A horrible night.
    Unfortunately, there were also aspects of the 'Delia's death' storyline that weren't so stellar. Writing another death - especially of such a beloved little character - so soon after the "Y&R" audience had suffered the loss of Katherine and the blow of Phyllis leaving the canvas, felt like being kicked while one is down and caused an unprecedented furor. Also, for viewers already feeling that core characters and show history have been disregarded in the unrelenting drive to push newer characters to the forefront, having Chelsea called to the hospital to 'help' Kevin with Chloe rather than her mother (the first person you'd call in such a situation!) was galling. Worse, we had to sit through Dylan's reaction to Delia's death when essential characters such as Esther and Jill hadn't even been told yet. Esther was eventually told (offscreen no less) and Jill received a voicemail from Jack. Jack himself found out accidentally, and Traci's in town but wasn't called to the hospital or rallied to Billy's side. NuAbby got involved, but didn't bring much emotion, and her involvement ended up being more about cementing her connection to Tyler. It also seemed like a case of yet another plot occurring in a strange bubble. In the real world all of Billy's, Chloe's, and Victoria's family members would have been called before anyone had even left the hospital - if only so they didn't find out from the news or the internet! Victoria only told her parents because they had Johnny, and Nick is still oblivious, so we were oddly subjected to Avery's love triangle issues in the middle of this much more important drama. Victor's reaction with regard to Billy went too far - he's always been opinionated, even rude, but has also always known when to hold back. Lately he's being written as having no filter at all, and little capacity for compassion, which makes him seem less clever and more boorish - it's off somehow. Ultimately, if we had to lose Delia it should have at least been mandatory to see a devastated gathering of core characters - Billy, Chloe, Victoria, and Kevin's families and anyone who loved Delia - supporting each other, as opposed to scenes with Stitch and Dylan in Crimson Lights, Tyler and Abby in the park, and Esther going back to bed. Fail. What is your take on the Delia storyline? Vote:

    Sharon's back on her meds - yay - but still conjuring up a rather devious version of dead daughter Cassie to debate with. Sharon is too immersed in her own issues - it would be great if someone thought to recruit her to help Chloe through her tragic loss. It might do Sharon as much good as it would Chloe.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Friday, October 18 2013 11:04 AM

    I could not watch at all this week – too painful. I am sure the acting was outstanding, but too much death lately. And what is it with every kid who is born (or even not born) on this show? Such trauma. Cassie is killed. Noah spent the first few weeks of his life in the ICU. Chelsea and Adam’s first child is miscarried. Faith is kidnapped and given to another mother only to be given back. Connor is going blind. Lucy has a psycho mother. And now Delia is dead. Too much.

    The potential guilt/drama for Adam is enormous, but for now, it’s too much death.

    Posted by bikette at Friday, October 18 2013 11:15 AM

    Great Rant and ITA with you on bringing the newbies during this. What was the point? Instead of the crazy Shick scenes I would have rather Nick found out on Sharon's laptop and watch them grieve together as it would stir up past emotions of when Cassie died.

    Posted by Abemom at Friday, October 18 2013 12:00 PM

    I think ZACK hit Delia. Sorry they thought it was needed to write her out, I feel the writers are desperate. Soaps are about evil people getting theirs being good for a while then return to their evil ways. What would make me watch is Victors getting his.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Friday, October 18 2013 12:34 PM

    Look at the two longest "blue lines"...that tells it all from viewers.

    Personally, this has not compared to the superb storyline and acting during the Paul/Rickey fatal storyline.

    Hoping for a quick funeral/memorial service, and clear Adam from ACCIDENTALLY hitting Delia (if indeed he did).

    Posted by loiuse at Friday, October 18 2013 12:50 PM

    Sharon is in no state to help no one she can't even help herself meds or no meds the wrong has been done & she still hasn't told Nick what she did & why, she needs to be punished too,Sharon has to live up to what she did & stop blaming everyone in her delusional mind. Adam & Chelsea want say anything about Adam being the driver who accidently hit Delia, I wish Sharon stop using Cassie death to win Nick back there she goes again using the dead & that spoil brat an excuse to lean on,she got to get her punishment too.

    Posted by jacksmyguy at Friday, October 18 2013 01:11 PM

    You were spot on regarding the entire week Candace. The acting overall was excellent and did not disappoint with the exception of Victor who never changes his one note tune and the newbies who didn't serve much purpose by being involved at all. The writing of this storyline could have been more realistic by having Jill, Esther, Tracie, etc. notified the minute Delia arrived at the hospital. All of this child's extended family should have and would have been there...just sloppy writing IMO. My heart is truly hurting for Adam now because he is trapped in an impossible mess that we all know was not intentional, but with his history nobody will believe that.

    Posted by Insomniac at Friday, October 18 2013 04:41 PM

    Candice,ITA with you about this week. The acting was superb but the story was heart-wrenching. Billy showed his acting ability in playing an emotional scene instead of a joker. I was also impressed with Vickys emotional scenes, I think she was fantastic .Adam has a tough decision to make, but I think he will be arrested whether he comes forward or not. The piece of cloth could have been picked up by his car at the scene without his car hitting Delia. It seems like there would have been more damage to his car if he had, but he will probably be blamed until hopefully it turns out that someone else is to blame. He & Billy can't seem to get a break.

    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, October 18 2013 04:43 PM

    I get why people are upset about not only a young child dying but someone dying so close Katherine's passing but I think an argument can be made that in real life, death does not wait a certain length of time before striking again. I'm just not as annoyed by the timing of the story as I am how certain things have played out. Like Esther or any of Billy's family not being immediately called to the hospital, or that the doctor who attempted to save Delia only talked to Billy for two seconds and then left, never returning to talk to Chloe when she arrived. It also bothers me that everyone just left the hospital without any plans regarding Delia's body being discussed. I will say though the acting has been PERFECT by everyone (Give Billy Miller an emmy now!) and that I think is what is ultimately going to save this story.

    Posted by Candace at Friday, October 18 2013 05:31 PM

    Thanks for reading - and for the input and discussion. -- Candace

    Posted by Mich919 at Friday, October 18 2013 05:40 PM

    The acting was good - Victoria really knocked it out of the park. However, I did not understand extended family not being notified immediately. This show has become to dark and depressing for my taste, but I keep watching hoping that it will improve. I have never really liked Victor and his character has beccome more annoying. Adam not turning himself in is going to make him look guilty.

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