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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, September 13 2013

    Built on a lie. (CBS)
    Restless Rant for the week of September 9 - 13:

    There was a lot of big drama this week on "Y&R" what with the reading of the will, the truth about Chelsea's baby coming out, Nick being left at the altar, and Victor discovering the identity of the mystery investor. Thoughts:

    Nikki's secret.
    While the idea of Nikki having another child out there is soapy, it was a bit of a stretch for her to have become pregnant and gone off to have this child without Paul knowing, when, as he reminded her, they were together the entire time back then. Also, she seems so tortured by this now, but has never worried about it before? Viewers just have to accept these things in the name of continuing drama, I suppose. Online whispers suggest that Dylan may turn out to be the child Nikki gave up. Thoughts? As of now, we've no idea if Nikki had a son or a daughter, or how long it will take Paul to find this person. This story is intriguing right now because it involves Nikki, and we know there will be reaction from Victor coming down the road.

    Hilary kisses Cane.
    If Lily thinks Hilary is Anne Turner, wouldn't she go straight to Neil? It still doesn't make a lot of sense that Hilary would target Cane and Lily's marriage as a means of revenge on Neil. It also hasn't been explained how she came to blame Neil for her mother's death. This storyline has been a mess from the get-go and it's still not working for many viewers.

    Built on a lie.
    The reactions of Adam and Dylan upon learning the truth about Chelsea's baby's paternity were intense and made for some of the best scenes on "Y&R" in many moons - nice change. The aspect of this storyline with Billy and Victoria talking Chelsea up doesn't sit well with some viewers, however, who don't find it realistic. Chelsea and Chloe's migraine-inducing conversations need to just stop. There were about five scenes of those two debating what Chelsea should do on Friday's episode - awful. Anyway, it seems Adam is disregarding Jack's advice about not taking a hard line, which will no doubt lead to big trouble.

    The will reading. (CBS)
    Katherine's will.
    The imaginary scenes surrounding Katherine's will reading were fun, and Katherine leaving the fate of the company undeclared, and Jill with a mystery to solve was great - left us looking forward to what's next. Many of the bequeaths in Katherine's will were right on, but some were bizarre to say the least. It was definitely offensive for Kevin to have received something special from Katherine while Billy, whom she considered her grandson, wasn't even included. The big shock, however, was that Katherine would have Brock, Mac, Phillip III, Phillip IV, and Nina split a quarter of her fortune and then leave Devon the lion's share. Mind-boggling! Just don't get it... Are viewers supposed to be excited and intrigued by ol' wet blanket Devon becoming a billionaire? Ack. It crossed my mind to wonder if this was a set-up for someone to contest the will.

    Fish hook.
    Although it was a bit of a stretch for Victor to figure out that Jack was behind Fish Hook Capital just by drawing a fish hook that resembled a 'J', it was thrilling to see him make the connection and so intense when Jack arrived at the penthouse to find Victor there. Loved it! Oh, the implications...

    Too late?
    Yeeps, that was some pretty inconvenient timing on Dylan's part, showing up at Avery's as she's about to depart for her wedding. Or was it? Avery wanting to help Dylan was understandable - she was in a tight spot. I felt for Dylan's situation, and was pleasantly surprised that he acknowledged how clueless he's been, but his moaning about his 'past sins' is getting old fast. Egad. Anyway, the gathering at the park and pre-wedding drama was decent viewing. Didn't enjoy the dippy Abby bits, but Sharon crossing Nikki's path was a highlight, as was Victor and Victoria whispering about business - so like them - and Summer hugging Nick. In the end, Noah finally discovered that Sharon's off her meds - what a relief. As for Nick's predicament; realizing that Avery was likely with Dylan and having to send his guests home, that was kind of sad. What do you think Nick should do now? Vote:

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by bikette at Friday, September 13 2013 11:34 AM

    While Nick concentrating on his bar and his kids( 2 of which are now grown) seems like a good answer, we all know Nick can't be single for longer than 5 minutes. LOL

    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Friday, September 13 2013 11:44 AM

    Agree about the Nikki thing, she has never even alluded to this ever before, and Paul has never said, "Remember that time you ran off for six months?"

    Agree about Anne/Hilary, the story is a mess and has been from the start. And the fact that she has to make not only Neil but his entire family suffer the loss of reputation, family and fortune is quite a stretch.

    So agree about Katherine's will (although I loved the dream sequences). I think the money was given to Devon to promote the Anne/Hilary story, she is going to try to steal his billions. But yeah, to leave everyone else out, people she has loved for decades to give it all to a 20 something year old kid she barely knows (DNA or no DNA) is a little odd.

    Loved, loved, loved Dylan and Adam's scenes with Chelsea. And yes, Chelsea, instead of listening to Chloe (who tried to pull the same stunt a few years ago), you should have listened to your gut and told him the truth. Two weeks ago Adam would have been thrilled to take you back, but now you have more trouble than you bargained for. Dylan is going to get past this -- really, Chloe?

    I hope the truth about Summer comes out soon so everyone can stop suffering.

    Loving little Faith, but Nick should realize his happiness is going to be short lived with Avery. How does he think he is going to have a happy home life with a kid who outwardly detests his wife. It's not going to better when wifey moves in, honey.

    Love Billy Miller!

    And speaking of which, Avery is clearly not over Dylan, a fact made clear by her constant calling to see how he is and her inability to tell him she has to cut the conversation short because she's about to walk down the aisle.

    Hope someone figures out what is going on with Sharon soon before she blows up! And hey, how come Sharon refused to speak up for Adam about the rape charges? He not only kept her secret of burning down the Newman ranch, but paid some guy to light other fires around town to throw everyone off the scent. She owes him and should be afraid he might tell on her one of these days.

    Not sure how I feel about the whole Victor/Jack thing, we've been down this same road dozens of times before.

    Posted by Chicky2 at Friday, September 13 2013 11:55 AM

    Great Rant as always!

    It would be hard for Dylan to be Nikki's if writers don't think we are all stupid. Dylan is nick's age, or thereabouts where Nikki's kid would have to be what, 5 - 10 years older? It was long before her and Victor married. So, viewers won't buy into that I don't think.

    Couldn't agree more, having to deal with Devon as a billionaire, yuck, no great and strange for sure.

    I feel bad for Nick but obviously Avery is not done with Dylan and better they realize now and not later.

    Sorry but Faith is an absolute brat who will eventually be just like her mother.

    Please stop the insanity of Casey and Sharon. OMG, really, even for soap land this is nuts.

    Posted by luvtofly at Friday, September 13 2013 12:12 PM

    I hope this means Dillon is leaving the show and going back to GH!!! where he belongs. this plot of turning him into a weepy wimp doesn't work.

    Posted by luvtofly at Friday, September 13 2013 12:44 PM

    Hate the Hillary plot, come on lets get real there's nothing about it that's intriguing, we all know the writer's are going to try to create an affair between Anna & Mason in order to get to Devon. It's time for Victoria to get over her vindictive behavior toward Adam, he's not the one who scammed Victor out of million's or had Victor arrested by the FCC. ALL three are equal even if Nick thinks he's better. I hope Victor finds out how long Victoria known about Adam's baby, then kick her out of the company again.

    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, September 13 2013 03:44 PM

    Would love for Nick to stay single but he's very similar to Sharon in that he just doesn't do single. I just hope he doesn't get back with Sharon ( who is beyond help imo) or Avery.
    I actually thought the imaginery scenes at Kay's will reading were too goofy for my taste and I ended fast forwarding quite a bit through them but I do agree that Devon getting the bulk of Katherine's estate was odd. Also, why did Katherine leave money for college for Delia but not for Mackenzie's kid?

    Posted by apple1950 at Saturday, September 14 2013 02:00 AM

    Enough of the Abbot/Newman feud. Abby and Tyler are not a match. Hoped Nick and Avery were going to make it to the alter. Paul questioned Nikki because they were together. She replied that she went to Chicago and the baby was premature and he just said, "Oh." So lame. Hate the rape/abuse storyline. Just what Dylan needs to send him over the edge. Grow up Nikki. You always need to be supported by those around you. Victor, you are a nasty man with few, if any, morals. Adam needs to calm down and share custody of Conner with Chelse

    Posted by Realitysaneness at Saturday, September 14 2013 11:53 AM

    Nikki having a long lost baby makes no sense at all, it has NEVER come up, like Paul said he was with her all the time, she has never had a thought about it, come on, can you not come up with any original ideas, forget this. Now she is just devastated, and believe me Victor knows EVERYTHING about Nikki, come on!

    Victor telling Victoria all this info about what is going on is not in his character and then to have her spill it to Billy, just does not fit! This young kid who is the investigator for Victor is out of line as well, he uses seasoned, experienced, capable people, just does not fit! And I thought Victor had already found out Jack was the investor, now he finds out again! That scene with him talking to Jack about Summer was lame. Victor is not an idiot or petty, he is ruthless, you need to look up that meaning! And are you really going to have Noah coming into this in Newmans, come on!

    I KNOW you are not seeking to let Sharon off for all this because of not taking her meds, the nut needs to go to jail for a LONG time! She needs to have only supervised visitation with Faith, if any! And it is time for all this to come out and put Cassy back in her grave! Why didn't Noah and Summer have a full conversation about Sharon, the ticket, the lipstick and put all this together! Let's bring this to an end!

    Good rant Candace and yes your comments about the will and how it was dispensed with all the other grandkids left out and the bulk going to Devon was not the savvy Katherine in her family wisdom, you writers left out those you are not familiar with. This crap with Hilary/Anne needs to die and now bringing Devon's inheritance in with it is nauseating to think about. It makes no sense for Lily not to have quickly phoned Neil to tell him about Hilary being Anne and all that is going on, as if the phone doesn't work, come on, let this die by the roadside, it has run its course.

    This Tyler Abby thing sucks and is sour, slow and lame. Chloe and her suggestions to Chelsea are too! Some of Chelsea's lines in light of her lies are just stupid! It is obvious this is Adams baby so why would she even think of trying to go on with the lie, glad that is out! Her last conversation with Adam was about the stupidest thing I have heard on here! I also don't get Tyler's sister turning him down about the case, she is an attorney, it is obvious he has been wronged!

    Avery telling Dylan she had some time after she was already late made no sense. Put her and Dylan together and give Nick a marriage break, he needs it, he is going to have to straighten Faith out1 after Sharon goes to jail or off to the looney bin for a few YEARS! Victoria needs to shut up and go to a corner and stop whining, why would Victor want that nagging brat anywhere near the business. If it wasn't for her none of this situation with the company would have EVER come about, is he going to mention that to her and help her to wake up and smell the coffee, come on! Give Victor back his ruthlessness!

    Fighting Katherine's will, come on, you ARE really deficient in your writing ability aren't you! What a way to kill a great soap!

    And come on, are you REALLY going to keep that Carmine crap in the mix, good grief! I feel a bout with nausea coming on

    Posted by Mich919 at Saturday, September 14 2013 04:17 PM

    I have been watching every other day because the storylines have been awful. Sharon's character has been ruined - she slept with Billy, Nick, and Jack and didn't know who Faith's father was - and then she got with Victor, which did it for me. I do not understand why they would take a long time character and make her a hot mess. Is Sharon Case leaving the show? This is the only thing that would explain the character assasination.

    As for the Neil storyline with Rose's daughter going after his family, it is stupid and ridiculous. I have tried to ignore this storyline, but it keeps going on and on and they keep involving more characters and it is just horrible!! Please stop it already.

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