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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, August 30 2013

    Yike! (CBS)
    Restless Rant for the week of August 26 - 30:

    The drama involving Jill, Nikki, and Esther grieving for Katherine, and the tension between Adam and Victor, has been much appreciated. Remaining a concern is how often the show feels tedious; dragged down by humdrum, and sometimes repetitive dialogue about mundane topics. "Y&R" needs to focus on bringing back the big drama built upon "Y&R's" rich history (with the integrity of that history and the core characters intact), and enhance it with healthy doses of passion and wit.

    Billy's bookshelves.
    Absolutely there was cuteness (with Delia) and humor in the 'Billy builds bookshelves' storyline, but honestly, many are still waiting for this character to get a genuinely big, worthy story. The gambling problem was a recycle, and the weird blackmail thing was a flash in the pan.

    The eyes have it.
    Just as viewers have reached the point where they can't take another teeth-grindingly repetitive conversation between Chelsea and Chloe about 'the truth coming out', the truth is finally going to come out. What made these conversations particularly annoying is that none of it made a lot of sense to begin with - the bad advice, Chloe's venom toward Adam, or Chelsea's decision to keep his child from him because he 'chose' Newman. Chelsea also seems to think she's a real star for getting Melanie to drop the bogus charges against Adam, but some would say it's the least she could do given the fact that she is also telling a huge, damaging, life-altering whopper of a lie - to Adam and Dylan!

    Going to the chapel?
    For many viewers, the issue isn't whether Nick and wishy-washy Avery make it to the altar, it's whether the wedding will bring about a reveal of what's been going on with Sharon so we can start to move on from her being this peculiar, scheming manipulator, which has become kind of creepy.

    Star hacker.
    It's happy days now that Kevin has moved on from Chloe to a new storyline as the star computer hacker of the Genoa City Police Department, but it's time to dial it down a bit. It's wearing thin how Kevin gets away with everything and repeatedly makes the entire police force look like a bunch of bumbling idiots. The GCPD stories need more realism... and more Alex!

    Inexplicably, this storyline began to deteriorate into bad B movie territory, which squandered Carmine's potential as a longer term character, as well as the possibility for future storylines involving genuine emotional angst or conflict among the trio. In the best part of this storyline, it was a compelling showcase of the raw emotions of the characters, but it ended up like a parody of a stalker plot. Cringe-y.

    Game of corporate chicken. (CBS)
    Blogger mystery.
    After all this time, many still don't get this storyline with Neil. If Hilary's the blogger, and she's out to get Neil, why is she trying to break up Cane and Lily? Wouldn't she be aiming for a Leslie/Neil split? Also, why are Lily and Devon able to see that Hilary is behaving suspiciously but Cane cannot? Further, when Devon told Neil that he thinks Hilary is the person posting on the blog, why wasn't Neil's first question, "Could Hilary be Anne Turner?" Bringing Mason into the mix hasn't really done much to up the intrigue, although he may be Hilary's weak link since he seems to have a soft spot for some of the Winters family members.

    The mod squad.
    So, these trendy, good-looking characters are being paired off into cute couples, which is all fine and good, but not overly exciting. Why are they written as though there isn't anything exceptional about them? Abby and Tyler are the stronger personalities but even they seem toned down.

    All that I value.
    Loving Jill, Nikki, and Esther as they grieve for Katherine each in their own way. It seems to be more or less business as usual for everyone else. Clinging to the treasure hunt and letter intrigue is an effective means of not letting go (for all of us). Hoping against hope that the memorial will be all that it should be.

    Summertime blues.
    That was a touching scene between Summer and Nikki in Crimson Lights, but I'm not feeling the Newman vs Abbott battle over Summer hype. It makes zero sense for Victor to be debating that she's Jack's daughter, so that whole aspect of it just feels trumped-up.

    Mystery investor.
    Well, things finally switched gears and got more intense between Adam and Victor, who had been circling each other like caged animals for a time on the issues of trust and the mystery investor. An exasperated Adam shouted and walked out, and an aggravated Victor wasted no time putting Adam under surveillance. It's on! Of course the showstopper was the reveal that Jack is Adam's investor. My reaction was...torn. It's fantastic in that it will make Victor positively implode and the ramifications for Victor and Adam's relationship are enormous, but it also felt a hair predictable and it was a bit of a bummer that the investor wasn't someone utterly unexpected that would have blown our minds. What was your reaction? Vote:

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by NorthernFan at Friday, August 30 2013 11:33 AM

    Good rant as usual Candace. It looks like some storylines are gearing up to be worth watching - Chelsea's lie revealed, Neil's blogger revealed and Katherine's letters to Jill and Nikki. I still haven't figured out what Jack and Adam are up to but I so enjoy watching Adam take on Victor.

    Posted by Coonfoot at Friday, August 30 2013 01:55 PM

    I like the mystery of the letters to Jill and Nikki and hope it turns into a good story for all concerned. It's nothing new that Jack would be the secret investor, but he must have learned a thing or two about keep your mouth shut and don't tell him what you are doing. Jack has a habit of doing that. I do want Jack to win and I'm glad he hasn't been gloating about how many shares he owns of NE. If I remember right, Jack still owned the majority shares of NE anyway. I don't remember seeing any scenes that showed Jack giving up any of his ownership or shares. Jabot has been doing well, so that's probably where he got the money to help Adam take the company private again. Good Rant!

    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, August 30 2013 04:10 PM

    It was a bit predictable that Jack would be the investor but I agree that it has fantastic potential to make Victor lose it.

    I also totally agree that the blogger doesn't make any sense. What confuses me is why would Hilary aka Anne wait this long to get revenge (her mother dying in 2007)? Add that on top of her having some mystery beef with Lily and it just equals a clunker of a storyline that needs to end like yesterday.

    Posted by donholley77 at Friday, August 30 2013 05:21 PM

    Everything u said, is spot on! But I was sur

    Posted by Realitysaneness at Saturday, August 31 2013 06:37 PM

    Did anyone even consider calling Brock?
    Where is Murphy? Where is Phillip? You are going to have Victor going after Chancellor?! Jack is the investor, what about all those times Adam was talking to him about he situation with Victor and getting back the company that do not coincide with this revelation! How much longer are you going to have this amateurish punk Adam going up against the great Victor Newman a though he is an equal! You have Victor just now putting someone on Adam's tail, this is so beneath and unworthy of Victor! You need to spend the weekend watching the old shows to find out who you are not dealing with properly and with the appropriate respect! It is time past for Victor to have his company back in his own hands without a co-partner, this has gone on too long and would never have happened! That argument between Victor and Adam was lame, repetitive, badly written and stupid!

    I cannot believe you actually had Chelsea have that stupid conversation with Melanie and had Melanie drop the case with no payment, no anything! That was the most unbelievable, idiotic, stupid thing you have written yet! It made no sense and was totally unbelievable, this attorney who was worried about her career and well being is going to drop it and any thought of a future for that stupid conversation with Chelsea which was not deep or earth moving at all! Solid proof you are not writers, but immature, unprofessional, inexperienced goofs that are daily killing this wonderful soap!

    I am sick of Sharon and her ghostly confabs, it is waaaaay overdue for this stupid idiot to get her due, she can go only so long without reaping for her wrongs~ have you actually forgotten all she has done, give it a rest and give the stupid woman her due! Give Avery some believable lines! Give Nick a brain, and while you are at it, give Dylan one too and let the men think! When the doc told them it was hereditary, that let the cat out of the bag! Isn't it common knowledge Adam was blind for awhile and had problems before that with his eyes, come on, get real! catch up on the history of the soap and give us all a break!

    I am so tired of Summer and her lines and her storyline, how many times is this crazy kid going to leave! Get Phyllis her memory back after waking her up and allow her to spill the beans and not to Jack and have him hiding it from everyone, this storyline has run its course, end it!

    Bily is pathetic, so is Chloe, Victoria is sickening and she just dropped the threat to Chloe and Chelsea, you saw how dumb it was too didn't you! Billy and Victoria have had enough trouble already, time to give them a break and us too.

    It has got to be obvious to all of them that Hilary is the blogger to this sick storyline, and what the connection between Hilary and Morgan could be makes no sense, he is Jack's therapist's relative remember, or do you? What happened to him he died too? Was the investigator you had Victor talking too older than the young grandchildren? He always uses seasoned, highly taented people, but you don't know anything about that do you?

    I have lost all hope for Katherine's memorial to be anything other than the topping of your untalented abilities, and she deserved SO much better than this! You should be ashamed of yourselves! Every time I watch the soap now it is a REAL effort to keep watching, at least until the memorial, it is so hard! How could you do this! Is Katherine going to be buried on the grounds with Phillip, or do you know about that? This is so sad, so are you!

    Posted by Realitysaneness at Saturday, August 31 2013 06:39 PM

    Great rant Candace, you covered it well. This is really bad!

    Posted by Realitysaneness at Saturday, August 31 2013 06:42 PM

    Oh, by the way, the last time Jack was talking about money wasn't he trying to get Abby to change her mind and let him use hers...but now he is the investor....good grief!

    Posted by admod08 at Monday, September 02 2013 02:35 PM

    I don't understand the whole Jack part of this all- he already owned the majority of and controlled Newman- what good was loaning Adam the money and just becoming the "investor" do? Also where did he suddenly get the cash? He is rich, but never that rich. He was always have to take a loan from Abby to meet financial obligations- that included buying back Jabot, and to buying the Newman stock that he needed- but suddenly we are to believe that this man who owes money to his family and took out so many loans to buy the companies he wanted in the first place suddenly has the cash on hand to pull this scheme off?!?! Plus the plan with Chancelor Industries- does he want his hands on that thinking that he will get Victor to buy it and become hated and then he can just swoop in and snatch it later like a hero? Also when Chancelor went public it was evenly split into 1/4 then Tucker grabbed control- by the time everyone transferred back to Katherine, and Tucker gave back the final percentages, she owned the 51% and he held the 49%, so this "hostile take over" is a left field matter- especially since Brock most likely is the full owner now. Come on now- has JFP not paid attention to the past? The current stories move faster than they did under MAB- who took time to tell a story and build it up- unlike now where we bounce all over so fast that it is over in just a blink leaving us wonder what happened, why it happened, and where it is going next. We like character driven stories- but we also like a little action, but so much is so fast and trying to give us characters we don't care about and give them all the time, while the ones we love and have loved for so long languish lost in the background! They recast Abby with someone who doesn't fit the role, suddenly it is the Dylan show, and while we should be allowed to visit the history of the show while we mourn Katherine I get angry during the show because they are moving things fast and want to put Dylan on screen and make us "care" about him during all of this instead of giving us more time with Katherine's loved ones- Jill, Esther, Murphy, Nikki, Victor, Nina, Christine, Danny, Gina, Chance, Philip III, Mac, Brock- all of them should be there consoling one another, not out running all over town while Jill is alone, and Billy hanging out with Dylan talking about a stupid bookcase instead, Chloe is out with Chelsea talking about Dylan- who we really don't care about! Eventually we might but for now he's a cute character that we don't have any investment in!

    Posted by gotcha at Monday, September 02 2013 06:14 PM

    Candice I agree with your rant. JFP is portraying the characters as though they have no brain and cannot think or analyze. It is an insult to their character and to us as fans of Y & R.

    Posted by Abemom at Wednesday, September 04 2013 05:48 AM

    Hey I am SICK of Jill ranting and being hateful during the death of Katherine!!!! SICK SICK SICK!!!!!

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