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    Friday, August 16 2013

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    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, August 16 2013 04:46 PM

    I'm torn about Billy and Victoria reconciling. On one hand, they can be amazing together and bring good things to the other. On the other hand...I'm sick and tired of Billy having to bend over backwards to please Victoria, yes Billy has pulled some stupid stuff but Victoria is no prize either and it's about time Billy give as good as he gets next time Victoria decided he needs a scolding.
    as far as the show as a whole...I do agree the show is not up to the standards longtime viewers became accustomed too back in the Bill Bell days but to say it's gone "downhill" was already downhill and going further downhill when Maria Arena Bell was head-writer. Josh Griffith just hasn't done much to improve it.

    Posted by Realitysaneness at Friday, August 16 2013 04:49 PM

    This crap with Neil being attacked by the blogger because Roe died is uch garbage, how would anyone know WHO was with the drunk when she croaked and why would it be anyone' fault obviously the autopsy showed how drunkd she was and alcohol does not reveal who was with the corpse when it was consumed. This is so unrealistic and stupid and they would not have waited this long to attack and Hilary with her intelligence would have more brains than this. The storyline is as ridiculous as you writers. And with all the investigation they have upposedly done they would have figured out the identity of the daughter and have a picture of her, but in no way would this be able to lead back to Neil, no one even knew his name or who he wa or where he was from, dump this and get on with your other garbage.

    Sharon would not get away with her antics with Nick and he isn't this stupid. He would not go to Faith and would tell her he would see her the next day, it would in no way go thi way with Avery returning, you uck big time.

    By now Billy would have to be a tired of Victoria and his beggin as I am, and all of a sudden she is just dropping the ridiculous threat to Chelsea about telling Adam, you finally saw what a sick storyline that was didn't you! And Chelsea would have choked on the words to her mother in line with what she is doing to that obviously imbecile Dylan. Stevie Wonder could see what is going on with the paternity of this baby! And writers, you write so bad you forgot to write in the baby crying when born, and mommy Chelsea having no worry about it even though claiming it was premature. It never uttered a mumbling word, or had any bloody soiling on the white towel they put it in when born. You write so bad you just want to get it over with and forget any realism to it right?!

    You are just determined for their to be some unsavory relationship between brother and sister, Kyle and Summer, with the crap with his date, you guys are disgusting!

    Abby is such a bad actress you are making her lines regarding Tyler just as bad to emphasize it, she is no longer in line with her character, you should kill her off.

    So glad to see Fen go, if he comes back let him have obtained a makeover beginning with a hairdresser.

    Kill Carmine off and forget it! Let Tyler and his arrogance go that way too and take his dull sister with him!

    Victor has no match and certainly not Adam and he would have a different approach about Summer, this is not a stupid man, only you writers are stupid about writing his parts, this was dumb between him and Jack! Send Tracy back home, she had left remember or did you forget that, all of a sudden there she is at lunch! She doesn't live there remember, you guys don't have a clue as to what is going on in this soap!

    Lily has the audacity to be jealous after what she is doing with Tyler, she knows what is really going on if no one else has witnessed it, get it together!

    Phyllis is just going to waste away in the hospital, out of sight, out of mind with no improvement - I cannot begin to tell you how this sucks.

    What is the point of watching this soap any longer, really, what Is the point??

    Posted by Insomniac at Friday, August 16 2013 05:36 PM

    I am loving watching Sharon try to get Nick back, & almost clueless Nick falling for every trick! He is too easiluy drawn into the manipulations of others. It looks like tptb have decided not to try & replace Katherine. It was tried once before & didn't work. They can never replace Stafford either. They were one of a kind.It's a great loss of both.Nothing can compare to Adam's facial expression of distaste with the curled lip. Thank tptb it seems that Victoria * Billy have reconciled. Billy deserves a medal!

    Posted by Villyfan at Friday, August 16 2013 05:40 PM

    Yes, Billy is trying but so is Victoria bending backwards for him. Why is that never acknowledged?

    Yes, Billy is not perfect and messes up but they are never held against him. But if imperfect Victoria messes up all hell is loose and its always held over her head. Seems like different standards to me.

    Posted by Villyfan at Friday, August 16 2013 05:42 PM

    What I love about Villy is they BOTH bring the good in their marriage and they love each other despite their flaws.

    Posted by Insomniac at Friday, August 16 2013 05:49 PM

    Abby & Tyler can walk off into the sunset & I wouldn't care. The Neil, Anne, Lilly & Cane s/l is becoming a little more interesting since it's all coming together.It seems that Dylan is beginning to have some niggleing feelings about the babay being his, but of course doesn't want to listen to his inner voice.Some scenes didn't make sense as you said Cardice but I guess we just have to deal with it.:)

    Posted by pepperboy at Saturday, August 17 2013 04:15 AM

    l think Summer is more upset about Kyle being her brother than anything else...... Avery needs to demand Nick to get off that damn ranch with his ex across the yard. Why live in a barn anyway? l have never seen him ride a horse....... Victoria knew she would take Billy back as always she is so nauseating, l wish she was still in a coma...... Can't wait to see Katherine's farewell play out l hope it gives her rightful justice.

    Posted by Samantha Love at Saturday, August 17 2013 05:52 AM

    I have to agree with most of the comments, Y/R is boring all the story are dragged out too long. It doesn't make sense that summer find out nick is not her father, built a relationship with jack then to find out later in future that nick is really her dad, y did sharon had to mess up the DNA results & y is cassie ghost helping her with her schemes. I'm fed up with restless. It's time we see real commitments real love real stories, a little drama is acceptable but real genuine stories.

    Posted by Truth4u at Saturday, August 17 2013 09:14 AM

    When does Sharon get justice and the truth comes out! Too many people have been hurt by her, now its time for her to suffer and and visions! Bozo Billy will fall off the wagon again, Victoria needs a new interest.

    Posted by jacksmyguy at Saturday, August 17 2013 10:23 AM

    Your analysis was spot on, IMO. Regarding Dylan, I too gotta believe that he can't be as dumb as he has appeared so far but maybe he has grown to care about Chelsea so much, being on the rebound from Avery, that he is in denial about her lying to him. Regarding Chelsea, I thought the same thing you did after her tirade toward Anita; I guess Chelsea has a different rating system for con artists than the rest of society because apparently she thinks when she pulls a con it is justified.

    Regarding jobs at Jabot, I agree but would also like to see the Abbotts in the hallways and offices; after all, it is their company...not the Winters family.

    Your right about this Abby being totally out of character, and don't forget about her giggling, something that our former spunky Abby would not have acted like.

    As for Victor, he is acting like a completely out of control tyrant right now and, IMO, some of the things he has been saying and doing are so over the top, even for him, that they are hard to believe. It just seems to be one more example of writers not knowing the characters or history of this show as well as they should.

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