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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, July 19 2013

    Snarky goodness. (CBS)
    Restless Rant
    Week of July 15 – 19:

    "Y&R" has brought some compelling drama and acting to the screen again this week, but some things are off. In what universe does Victoria hug Phyllis, Phyllis urge Avery to make Nick happy, and Sharon change DNA results? As always, it was amazing to see Gloria, Jeff, and Nikki. Here’s hoping for more of them – most viewers would prefer to see their airtime increased than to watch newbies. Thoughts:

    How-to book.
    The drama surrounding Summer’s paternity has been amazing to watch in some cases, and less impressive in other instances. When Noah learned Summer wasn’t his sister, his anger and upset was evident, but he shook his finger in Nick’s face for a few minutes and then basically went back to wiping the bar. Why wasn’t he left reeling? Why didn’t he reach out to Summer? Wouldn’t he also have been concerned about the effect the news might have on Sharon? Kyle's interactions still come over flat - he doesn't feel 'all in' like the others involved. Meanwhile, the low-key demeanor Phyllis has been sporting is so not her it’s almost chilling. She’s always felt more passionately about Nick than Jack, so why hasn’t she had any sort of personal crisis moment, even privately, over no longer sharing a child with him? Why hasn’t she had a candid phone conversation with Daniel? Much more believable would be Phyllis acting edgy and irritable over all of this happening outside of her control, and inappropriately lashing out, but instead she’s making nice; she even told Avery to make Nick happy! Obviously they’re preparing for the Phyllis character to leave the canvas, but it’s just not realistic. Conversely, she seemed like the old snarky Phyllis when she sparred with Adam at Crimson Lights – awesome scene.

    The twist with Sharon having changed the DNA results gets a mixed review. On the plus side, there’s no denying Sharon is entertaining when she’s off-kilter, and it means at some point (hopefully sooner rather than later) we will get to see another emotional reveal. The issue, of course, is buying into Sharon switching DNA results. First of all, how did she manage it? Secondly, it’s not who Sharon is, so we have to assume she’s 'off her meds' or that her bi-polar condition is somehow going to be blamed; and yet she’s not acting out in other ways…

    Keep your mouth shut.
    Thank goodness we had Jeff sniffing around for a payout and Victoria calling in a favor to liven things up on Planet McAvoy. Honestly, Chelsea offering to make Dylan a home-cooked meal on the hotplate was about the limit. Let’s hope Dylan’s finally getting a clue and we can get on with this…

    Opportunist? (CBS)
    Lips got carried away.
    Chloe kissing Billy and then apologizing and explaining, not to mention being chastised by Victoria, is demeaning – makes her look like she’s some sort of Billy groupie. Let her act on the chemistry she had with Chavez and have some fun for a change. As for Victoria, I still want to see her realize Victor's up to his eyeballs in Billy's gambling relapse. How can you be as shrewd and experienced as Victoria and not at least consider it? It's interesting that Victor went to Billy's restaurant and told him, "You've hurt my daughter one too many times." Gah! Victor's hurt her so much more but doesn't see it.

    That is epic.
    Victor and Adam are obviously on a collision course where Newman Enterprises is concerned, which is kind of thrilling. It’s just too bad they wrote Adam into the ground with regard to his personal life. Melanie and Billy teaming up to take on Adam has a certain intrigue, but it’s hard to believe they could do much more than ding his armor.

    I thought we were over this.
    Things were tense for Cane and Lily this week, what with revisiting the issues about Tyler. Does anyone else get the feeling Hilary is just waiting for her opportunity to swoop in? As for Abby and Tyler, they have strong chemistry, but she’s playing high school-ish games, which is annoying.

    One more night.
    Best storyline going right now – Lauren/Michael/Carmine. We’re invested in Michael and Lauren and really care about how this turns out, and Carmine has proved to be an unexpectedly persistent thorn in the side. It’s a little disappointing that they turned Carmine creepy. He could have overcome being lovesick, misunderstood, and manipulative. In any case, with death threats being uttered left and right, the writing seems to be on the wall for the character. Will Fen, Lauren, or Michael finally snap? What do you think will happen with Carmine? Vote:

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by elizadolittle at Friday, July 19 2013 11:59 AM

    As always, it was amazing to see Gloria, Jeff, and Nikki. Here’s hoping for more of them – most viewers would prefer to see their airtime increased than to watch newbies. Thoughts:

    I completely agree with you. I would love to see their airtime increased.

    Posted by Tinkerbellz22 at Friday, July 19 2013 01:01 PM

    I actually liked Chloe's kiss with Billy. Billy was every inch the defeated man and Chloe hated to see him like that, especially when he didn't deserve it. And after an emotional pep-talk she kissed him. I think both were surprised by it, even more surprised by their reaction to it. Even better was Victoria showing her insecurity that Billy and Chloe have reconnected, even though Chloe was actually trying to help them. So IMO it is Victoria that is the insecure one in this growing TRI. Maybe she should have thought about that when she was talking about Billy and Chloe's chemistry and then abandoning him when he needed support the most.

    Posted by deceived at Friday, July 19 2013 03:23 PM

    I loved Lily's jealousy... she plays the vixen so well...
    Mad about what is happening with Sharon...
    Don't care about anything with Victor and Adam...
    Summer showed her acting skills... great!
    Hated the music when Kyle and Summer met at the door... incest... GROSS...

    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, July 19 2013 04:50 PM

    Yeah the writing is totally on the wall for a murder mystery involving Carmine. Even Gloria has offered to have him whacked and it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility to have Kevin do something either. Either way, I just hope this whodunit is more entertaining than Diane's was.

    As far as Sharon, Sharon Case made a comment in Soap Digest that Sharon switching the paternity results doesn't mean that she's mentally off kilter again so maybe they won't go with that angle? I just don't see how Sharon could possibly move on as a character after this. She's already seen as a pariah after marrying Victor and taking over Newman, she wasn't much liked before that after getting with her child's kidnapper. Nick will blow his top when he finds out ( and possibly pursue full custody of Faith), Victor will come after guns ablazing... I just think they are writing this character even further into the corner than she already was.

    Posted by Realitysaneness at Friday, July 19 2013 08:52 PM

    Victoria hugging Phyllis was so unreal, it made no sense; Victoria threatening Chelsea made no sense at all, isn't she afraid her fear of Chelsea trying to take Johnny back will raise it's ugly head again, and a sharp Chelsea would not arrive at that thought in her desperate desire to save her lie, come on, wake up! And is Dylan that brain dead that after the litte slips he has heard from Jeff and Chelsea's Mom and the rest that he does not even have an inkling this is not his baby, especially with how far along she is, come on, he is supposed to have some brains! And Adam has GOT to know his instinct was right by now!

    Sharon having changed the DNA is so badly written, but hey you did it and now to reconcile yourself with us viewers and get some REAL excitement in the soap, you should have written a good cat fight with Phyllis kicking Sharon's butt right there in front of Cassie's grave when she heard her say she changed the DNA. That would have been realistic, in line with Phyllis character, entertaining, and finally giving Sharon what she has had coming for such a long time for so MANY reasons, but nooooooo, you guys are coming up with this crap for next week of a tussle and Phyllis falling down the stairs, etc., this is just WRONG! OK, Phyllis is leaving the soap, you can't come up with another actress to replace her, you are ust going to write her character out of the soap, you guys really suck! You had the perfect opportunity to redeem some of the harm you have caused and you are just blowing it! And that conversation Phyllis had with Avery about Nick was the most pathetic thing you had written yet, perfectly nauseating!

    You guys have GOT to get over the idea that Adam is Victor's equal, to use Victor's phrase 'it ain't gonna happen' - Victor has no equal, there is no one who can even come close to him, no one that can touch him, get clear on that with your writing, he is ruthless, you are starting to realize that but you are trying to have Adam on equal terms with him, he can't even smell his wrath- get with it would you!

    And in what universe would Billy be teaming up with Melanie, you reached way out there to pull that one, it is crazy! I cannot believe you have Carmine unable to be held and Michael going to jail on Carmine's word, with all their connections, is that the best you can Fen is going all out with the drugs, you are out in left field, fire yourselves! I have had it with Carmine holding all these savvy, well connected, intelligent people hostage and no retaliation able to be achieved by them or their connections, ae you kidding me - hire some help, you need it badly, you are not improving!

    Do you not have enough sets that you had to have Nick talking to Noah about this in the bar, you guys are nuts! Noah's reaction and lack of reaching out for Summer was stupid, he has left that job for less than that, you guys have no connectivity at all.

    Chloe and Billy kissing was just plain dumb, the conversation was and it coming back to memory with her ws just really out there, drop it! It is bad enough that Victoria with her mother's history is not being more supportive and understanding, especially after she and Nikki talked.
    LET US NOT EVEN GO ANY WHERE NEAR THE INCEST ISSUE, DROP THIS AND GO NO FURTHER, this soap is not that kind of party folks, not even close!

    What is with this Tyler and LILY thing, aren't we done with that, how much nausea are we supposed to take, be over with that storyline already, get a grip, lose it, move on, kill it NOWWWWW! And this junk with this Neil's blogger storyline, enough already with that, let it be deader than a door knob already! Tyler sucks, so does Abby. Let Hilary continue to have scruples, someone should, leave her alone and let someone be straight and above board, come on.

    Get rid of Carmine, gget a hairdresser for Fen, and lets get on with it. Cane mentioned Mrs. C with the donation for the gala, at least I see you guys remember she was in the soap. Where is her maid???

    Sharon should be gone once you let Phyllis kick her butt and let everyone know what she did, she has gotten away with enough, too much already, bipolar or not, jail awaits her.

    Posted by bloglover at Friday, July 19 2013 10:08 PM

    Good rant Candace, but can we really be sure Sharon switched the DNA test? I'm with you on this one, that is really far fetched!
    And is anyone thinking bout Jack, will he ever find happiness or will someone always be screwing him over. Even TGVN is fairing better than him many wives and plenty children. I like to see the writers give Jackie boy a break!

    Posted by budget at Saturday, July 20 2013 07:55 AM

    how could you do all that to Nike and family by Sharon its sicking I don't think I canwatch the program any more there are a lot of sick people out there but this is so bad its heart wrenching

    Posted by Vetqb at Sunday, July 21 2013 06:39 PM

    Yep it's over- Adam, character and actor playing the character has won the opportunity to be the new master victorious new man of power. Yet victoria and william deserve to be the hot pair of savvy sophisticated adults they are -with business success and family. Victoria actress& character, is hot and Bill would be handsome if I were so inclined. The story needs to treat them as adults who acts like adults - you see how they look at one another?

    Who is cane and lily?

    Posted by Shaefgal at Wednesday, July 24 2013 07:06 PM

    I am very disappointed to see the writers of Y & R making Sharon responsible for switching the DNA results. When they did just ruined the story line for me....they need to get her story line back to the Sharon we all know and love.... enough is enough of all this crazy $%&* they are doing with her!!!! Aren't all the actor and actress changes enough....

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