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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, July 05 2013

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    Posted by Realitysaneness at Friday, July 05 2013 08:36 PM

    You are right they should ditch this Rose or Ann thing and forget this storyline, it came out of no where and means nothing, it is sad and boring and makes no sense and if they had followed their own storyline Kevin would have solved it by now. You have drug this paternity thing out waaaay too long and need to bring it to an end before you mess it up more than you did with Nick feeling he had to tell Avery before Summer and Jack and let her go off at Phyllis about it and then have nothing to say to Nick, and did you REALLY let her go at Phyllis like that and not include Phyllis slapping the fudge out of her and then straightening her out - you even allowed Avery to ignore Phyllis as she spoke, worse writing I ever nauseated over!

    Victor making that statement about addicts to Nikki, come on Victor is more on the ball, he is sophisticated, clever, savvy, worldly, on the top, he is Victor Newman, he is NEVER clueless, these writers don't know the soap, how much longer MUST we endure them, THEY have no clue, this is SO bad!

    This storyline with Cheea and Dylan should be dropped in the can, and come on, Chelsea knows this is Adams child, she is going to discard that gift, I don't think so. Yes Adam knows this is his baby, give me a break, he is not stupid, you guys are! You have just killed this storyline with all the garbage that has gone on, Chelsea's Mom should have blown this by telling and gotten rid of all this garbage and Dylan could go back to Avery now that she knows about Nick and things could be in a better place for everyone - think, think writers, think!

    Sharon having tampered with the DNA resuts, he walked thm in remember, perhaps if she tampered with the notification after it was mailed, but no she is in nutsville, leave her there since her therapist is not buying coffee these days so she can meet with her, she is so out there by her lonesome and you have her sleeping with all these men coming to town, so sad, you are so sad writers!

    Now just how does Nick and Phyllis know where to go in Chicago to get Summer - Get rid of Tyler, his sister, Alex, Kyle, Abby, Avery, all these newbies and get back on the right track.

    Now are you so lost that you are going to let Mrs. Chancellor continue to be out there in limbo like this...this is really pathetic, however I just know you are going to hang yourselves when you finally make your attempt at putting it in, I am so afraid you are going to do a royal job of disrespecting what she brought to the soap when you do it and the show and certainly she deserves SO much better, I just know you are going to make me lose my lunch, PLEASE bring someone capable in to help you...

    Posted by DJGL at Sunday, July 07 2013 10:27 AM

    Ok, Nick was bullied by Avery who insisted on knowing the secret. When she knows, she goes off on Phyllis. Why would Nick, who claims he loves his daughter, tell her before any of the directly involved parties know. Typical Nick. I am bored with the Winters. And I am also bored with all of these new assistants. What happened to Connie. Get back to Lauren and Michael. I want something good to happen to Kevin.

    Posted by SFC-22yrs at Saturday, July 13 2013 04:19 PM

    --To the writers, please give Chelsea a break and let the baby be Dylan's.
    --There's no logic in the Chloe dialogue. Having Chelsea lie to Dylan and Adam then leave Kevin for stealing?
    --I'm so confused, who raised these writers?
    --Why isn't Michael focusing on his child instead of he and his selfish wife.
    --When will these children become a priority instead of foolishness?
    WRITERS, when you can write a storyline based on your writing skills and upbringing then I will watch YR for more than ten minutes.
    --Nikki, yes Victor called you a loser, remember the extra children he's got.
    --Billy-boy get help for yourself or take a vacation to Vegas please.
    ---Carmine needs to get a real whipping from a hit man sent by someone he double crossed/blackmailed in the past. Not Michael or Lauren, you have their son needing help really, really BAD. Now fix this mess you've created which is boring.

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