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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, June 28 2013

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    Posted by spachef at Saturday, June 29 2013 04:49 AM

    I have also been watching this show since day one and I feel like these new writers don't have a clue who and what the show is about. Did they even watch it before they took over? There are way too many new characters and I don't care about any of them. New Kyle and new Abby are terrible. This show needs to get back to it's core. And like you said in your comments - while Adam may have done some pretty mean things to Sharon it was usually because he was hurt by her, but she is the love of his life. That does not change. Neil and Leslie have no chemistry. Tyler is just eye candy. I do love Michael and Lauren and thank goodness they are allowing them to reconnect.

    Posted by pepperboy at Saturday, June 29 2013 08:01 AM

    People complained and complained about MAB so they got their wish.... and why so much crying? all so Shick can be back together. When did Sharon all of sudden realize that Nick was her one true love after years of chosing Adam? oh wait for it, after she finds out all those years of putting up with Phyllis's crap she didn't even have too? not buying it!

    Posted by Realitysaneness at Saturday, June 29 2013 05:39 PM

    It appears to be unaninmous, we have all had it with thee new writers and their killing of a really good soap, the only thing I can imagine fo their being employed is nepotism and they are related to some really high up fool that has not opened his or her eyes to see just how really bad they are and how they are jeopardizing the soap.

    There I absolutely no realism to what Phyllis is doing in regards to Summer and Kyle, by the way, both actors for Summer and Kyle need acting lessons. This garbage with Tyler and Lilly sucks and he is not that fine to just make it on his looks, get rid of the bum.

    One of the realistic things about Y&R were the strong, smart, savvy women storylines who would not sink to the garbage you have them sinking to now. You are trying to give Chelsea's character morals when she is gutting Dylan for her own selfish plan; Dylan is supposed to be such a keen, realistic, savvy guy who is going for this garbage that Chelsea is throwing his way with not one second of a second thought about the veracity of this story. Adam is going to just go along with it when he knows the dateline for all this, I don't think so, when you are trying to have him vying with Victor Newman on an almost even keel!! Are you really that stupid and do you think we are!

    Let me advise you of something, Victor, Nikki, Catherine are the stars of this soap, these other creeps are the side candy, did you get that. Michael, Lauren, Paul, Phyllis, Nick, Victoria, sappy Sharon, like one of the others said, if you are crazy about these newbies start another soap and put them in it, we will not miss them. We have had it with Tyler, it is about time that mouthy know it all sold on himself, got canned, now lose him from the soap!

    This garbage with Neil and whoever is posting his memoirs is garbage, this paternity thing has gone on too long and is not realistic, what about Reed, you forgot one of your own storylines along with the others! Jeanne Cooper passed away, weren't you supposed to deal with it on the air on June 28th, she deserves better and please get someone else to write it other than the present idiot. Most of us I think are only continuing to watch this junk to see how it will be handled and then your writers will be the only ones watching their garbage.

    Billy going back to gambling after Victorias kidnapping is stupid, Victor hiring people who get busted in their jobs for him and not advising him is unheard of, do you realize who Victor Newman is and the expertise his money can buy. You guys are lost. it is not the Adam Newman show it is the Victor Newman how and you have not given him the respect or storyline he should have. Get it back the way it should be, give us what we have stayed on for the real Y&R. You are going to hold up telling Summer and Jack about the paternity for Nick to get a grip when he is the one who caused this dilemma, come on, are you two years old! Get rid of the Avery actress and find a real one, she sucks, so does Tyler, Abby, Melanie, Carmine should have been jailed for a number of things by now and you have him running the lives of all these savvy people, an uneducated, street bum, who is a criminal and should be in jail, give it a rest. Drop this storyline with Fen and send him off to a hairstylist and to a school in Switzerland, all he does is walk out of the room anyway. Abby is no longer Abby and the actress in the part couldn't play it anyway, send Jack's sister back home and let her stay gone like Christine is, both their acting has always sucked and neither has no place in the soap. Paul's Emmy tells you he should obviously have more and better storylines and I know you are not getting ready to have him go thru any more about Ricky that is dead and gone and should stay that way.

    Get Sharon out of the cemetery the child was too young to give her advice when she died anyway, she and Nick should finally get over this and deal with the living, give me a break! You gave Sharon a shrink, use her! It is about time the parents started being in charge and running things instead of Faith, and Fen and Summer, do they not have any backbone or parenting skills! This is old and gives the impression it is ok for these kids to be running them and walking out with no respect or manners when they are supposed to be so well groomed, get a grip on it or do we have kids writing this garbage, that is not the way it goes, the adults are in charge and should start acting like it for a change.


    Posted by Cherry Creek at Saturday, June 29 2013 07:11 PM

    Your rant hit a nerve. Any/every fan knows that the show has lost it's way. This is such a waste to have the whole Winters group on the screen--from Tyler to Gus to Devon to Neil and his no chemistry problem riddled girlfriend.
    They will take a decent story like Summer's paternity and twist it until we don't care. Tell her and Jack already! Am so annoyed watching.... Thank goodness for fast forward.

    Posted by bikette at Sunday, June 30 2013 07:44 AM

    Speaking of the writers forgetting what they wrote. On April 23 Chelsea told Dylan the baby was due around Thanksgiving. Then June 21 Chelsea told Melanie that her due date was in Oct. Then last week when Dylan was talking about setting a wedding date he acted like he didn't even know the due date. And now we have Chelsea asking Chloe what she is suppose to due when the baby comes a month early. GMAB The viewers do not have the memory of a gnat like the writers seem to think we have.

    Posted by bikette at Sunday, June 30 2013 07:46 AM

    meant do instead of due.

    Posted by USMC Vet at Sunday, June 30 2013 12:49 PM

    There is plenty of drama, but no happiness or love. I would like to see Avery come to Nick's support and comfort him. I would also like to see Nick and Avery start planning their wedding and go house hunting because the tack house is full of memories. I would also like to see Avery sit down with Nick and tell him that he needs to talk to Faith about her behavior with her and that he needs to talk to Sharon about filling Faith's head about bad things toward her. The door locks all need to be replaced and calls made before people show up at the house, mainly Phyllis and Sharon. Let's face it there aren't any happy couples on the show. I like the drama, but I also like to see that someone is happy and in love. Semper Fi

    Posted by Tinkerbellz22 at Sunday, June 30 2013 05:04 PM

    I have actually been liking Y&R. Chloe and Kevin are FINALLY over. And at least Billy seems to be free for now. I was tired of watching Billy be either the Newman lapdog or Victoria's henpecked husband. It isn't sexy or attractive. But Billy and Chloe? YES PLEASE. Those two have tons of chemistry and their story was dropped way too quickly.

    And I like Michael and Lauren working out their marriage problems. It's a good story,and realistic...especially with that creeper Carmine lurking in the shadows.

    Though I do with there was more balance with the vets. I would like more Victor and Nikki, Maybe give Paul a real storyline and love life, rather than seeing Dylan and Avery every day.

    Posted by Chuckyducky at Monday, July 01 2013 01:15 AM

    I am Jack's complete lack of surprise!

    Apparently, the new regime has set about wooing Y&R audiences and according to these wonderfully lackluster comments, they are doing one hell of a job. So here's my sunny spin on it.

    A bunch of people will come here and say they hate the show but not me. No way Josie! I think the new regime has kept things interesting. I, for one, love the 2 seconds spent on the intro before I change to DOOL. It's simply captivating!

    I like Dylan, too. I would just like him a lot better if I didn't have to see or hear or watch him speak (on the show, ever).

    I really don't know what to say. I came back to Y&R (after a 16 year hiatus) because of Adam and Chelsea and I guess I'll try to stick with it but I don't know how much more of this can take. God, I would've preferred an unexpected Chelsea and Melanie hook-up to dull Chelsea/Dylan and Adam/Melanie.

    I mean, really, how many of you would've seen that coming. Dylan thinks he's got the perfect family and Adam's busy getting busy with a rebound and all the while, these men think they have their girls' pegged. Only for them to turn everything upside down and start having an affair with each other.

    I mean, if they wanted a twist or a reason to flip a storyline to surprise the audience, that story would've been it. But anyway, Y&R nowadays is an awful mess and there really isn't anything you can do about it except wait for TPTB to get rid of this regime and replace it with someone who is competent and actually understands character-driven storylines. Oh well, what can you do!

    Posted by conna at Monday, July 01 2013 06:35 AM

    I've watched the show from the beginning at lately I really don't care if I see it or not.I know it's a soap opera but some of the storylines are too ridiclous.

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