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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    The Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.

    Friday, June 21 2013

    Mom! (CBS)
    Restless Rant
    Week of June 17 – 21:

    There were more vets featured this week on "Y&R," which was awesome, yet the show continued to have a flat feel, and there was little in the way of passion or witty one-liners to liven things up. Thoughts:

    Placing bets.
    Victoria may be hormonal but she’s not stupid. It was a bit of a stretch to believe she’d think Billy was fooling around with Chloe, but her continuing to accuse him even after he showed her his horse racing bets on his phone just seemed to make little sense for a smart cookie like her – though she was very convincing. Billy’s reactions to Carmine and Adam not helping him out were entertaining, but the best development was Jill being interjected into this story at long last. More!

    Help the homeless.
    Kevin and Chloe’s messed-up tale continued to drag on. Not much more to say – many wish it would just end already so the characters can get on to other things. As for Chloe and Chelsea, they need to find something else to talk about – their 'men' conversations are headache-inducing.

    The Baldwin clan.
    Again, the best new development in the Baldwin story was Lauren finally confiding in her sister, Jill. Lauren and Michael’s ups and downs continued to be compelling and realistic, and the scenes in which Michael defended Lauren to Fen were excellent. One thing – why haven’t they taken out a restraining order on Carmine yet? Given Michael’s connections it seems like a no-brainer...

    The mystery blogger.
    This Neil mystery just gets weirder. Why would this Rose person from Gus’ past be out to get Neil? Confusing. When Leslie pulled out the photo of Rose, did anyone else feel resistance to the idea of having to get used to yet another newbie?

    Would she? (CBS)
    Open your eyes.
    The idea of Devon and Neil warning Lily that her attraction to Tyler is 'showing' is pretty realistic, but honestly, is there anything more irritating than Devon with his undershorts in a knot over something? It’s like he’s this young dude with the personality of a stubborn, crotchety old man. You’d think he was Lily’s husband... Speaking of Cane, he’s just cruising along as CEO of Chancellor – love his interactions with Jill. However, his new assistant, Hilary, is too 'perfect' – another newbie that will be hard to relate to or care about...

    Having a hard time.
    Once again, it was kind of heartrending hearing Traci talk about her troubles, and how the loss of Colleen has affected her, and her marriage so profoundly. Kudos. No offense to Steve, but I hope she sticks around.

    The best thing to enjoy about Adam these days are his occasional interactions with Avery. They like to challenge each other so it gets interesting. Aside from that, Adam needs to snap out of the Chelsea downer he's been on - it's just too boring for his character. Meanwhile, there's Sharon, picking up traveling salesmen at Genoa City bars and pondering how she can glom onto her other ex, Nick, because she’s suddenly defined as a woman who can’t live without a man needing her. Sigh. Not feeling it.

    Will you marry me?
    Two weeks ago, Chelsea and Dylan were barely together and now they’re getting married? No words.

    Punctured paternity plot.
    Yep, punctured, like letting the air out of a balloon – that’s what it feels like happened to this potentially epic storyline. The anti-climactic mid-week reveal, when Nick first told Phyllis, was bad enough, but now to drag it out is bizarre. This isn’t something you keep quiet about once you know it, and there is no 'better' time to tell someone this kind of truth. Basically, with the waiting it's felt watered down. Perhaps the delay was to allow for one further bit of drama... With Phyllis and Kyle heading off together on a business trip, one can’t help but recall that he had a big crush on her, and the foreshadowing of Jack saying that perhaps being with Phyllis will distract Kyle from Summer...oh, and maybe he’ll meet an older woman and forget about Summer entirely. Hmm. Who else thinks Phyllis might just sleep with Kyle in order to put the kibosh on his relationship with Summer for good? Vote in’s Y&R Phyllis and Kyle poll.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by reng at Friday, June 21 2013 10:50 AM

    I'm sorry you don't like Devon. I like having a person with some morals on this show (except for that one little time when he slept with his father's woman).

    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Friday, June 21 2013 10:50 AM

    Has anyone in the Baldwin household considered changing his or her PHONE NUMBER??? Jeez, if you don't want Carmine contacting you, cut off the contact! Anyone?

    Devon is acting like Neil's son. The apple doesn't fall far. But he is right, Lily is treading on dangerous ground.

    No more newbies, please! Keep Tracy, ditch Rose (unless she turns out to be a former character)!

    Chelsea and Dylan are utterly ridiculous. They don't love each other, and she is lying about the most sacred thing in the universe. I can't wait to see it blow up in her face.

    I have no words for the Summer paternity story. Are they going to wait for her wedding night? Until she has three children? When she turns 50? After Jack dies? Exactly WHEN is that "perfect" time going to arrive? I can't believe Phyllis is playing along with Nick's stupid game. Ugh.

    Posted by RMtnGirl at Friday, June 21 2013 11:59 AM

    What I hate about the Chelsea/Dylan pairing, is that it's all going to blow up in her face and it will take Dylan down, too.

    Posted by vicsze at Friday, June 21 2013 01:12 PM

    Beth Maitland is a fantastic actress. Her tearful confession regarding the strain in her marriage was so compelling & sincere. The other actress who knocks it out of the park when she's around is Tricia Cast. When she has some good material she is sensational. In regards to Kyle & Phyllis... They are definitely going to go there. At least now we know what will be the catalyst for Phyllis to leave GC & why her daughter won't want to go with her.

    Posted by Insomniac at Friday, June 21 2013 04:37 PM

    Christin Le Blanc continues to WOW with his acting. I can't get enough of Adam & like his interaction with Avery. Much more interesting than her & Nick. I don't want to see Phyliss with Kyle-PLEASE! Especially this nuKyle.If Phyliss leaves that will take more away from the show than I can bear after losing Katherine. It's confusing that Michael with all his knowledge of law doesn't use it on slimly Carmine.

    Posted by Insomniac at Friday, June 21 2013 04:47 PM

    I happen to like Chels & Dylan together. I wish there was a way to make the baby really his. He is too perfect for a big let down. I think they have a lot of chemestry together. Sure, it's hard for Nick to admit to Summer & Jack how he lied, but hey, face the music already.Phyliss will be in trouble with Jack for with-holding the truth from him. And why haven't they gotten DNA from him just to make sure. Sloppy, sloppy sloppy.

    Posted by Insomniac at Friday, June 21 2013 04:55 PM

    Kevin & Chloe- still boring. I don't understand why Rose is caucasion. When Lily has EVERTHING a woman could ever want, why would she fall for Tyler? I guess you can't help your feelings but she has gone off the edge.Sharon is drifting since Adam rejected her. Why doesn't she have more interest in Faith? I thought this week was a 9, comparitively.

    Posted by Tinkerbellz22 at Friday, June 21 2013 05:15 PM

    Kevin and Chloe need to yesterday. But the brief Billy and Chloe scenes this week were so good I can almost forget they are still dragging their end out forever.

    Loved Victoria telling Abby that she noticed the chemistry between Billy and Chloe, that it didn't just evaporate. Yeah it didn't. Bring on Chilly because watching Billy be the henpecked husband is DULL.

    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, June 21 2013 05:57 PM

    Candace I have to respectfully disagree about Sharon "suddenly" being defined as a woman who has to have a man. That's a far from sudden character development for Sharon, this was obvious ( to me at least) long before now that Sharon is a needy little twit.

    Posted by Realitysaneness at Friday, June 21 2013 09:55 PM

    This soap just gets worse and worse every week. Victoria's role was stupid, Billy showed her too much for her to continue with this Chloe crap, it doesn't even make sense, her being this stupid doesn't make sense either, give it a rest and give us a break, this storyline with her and Billy is dull and boring. She looked at the phone and said its a phone when she has been so much more savvy with a phone previously, don't you keep up with any of the storylines. Come on

    This Chloe and Kevin garbage is too old and too dull, kill it and get on with a real storyline. Kevin and Alex sucks as well. So does Alex and this stupid new Abby, and his new partner, the three of them could be dropped as far as I am concerned. NO NEW PEOPLE PLEASE, TOO MANY, TOO STUPID AND CLOGGING THE WORKS, get on with realism with the seasoned actors, you are dragggggging them out and not bringing anything to any conclusions and moving on.

    Are you kidding me with Michael, and where is Paul and his intervening in this, where is the restraining order, where is the interference with a minor and where is the punch in the mouth. Why didn't Lauren take the champagne bucket, ice and all and take it and throw it on Carmine at the bar in front of everyone, where is the realism, are you kidding he comes over to their table, come on, that was so lame, so unreal, so unbelievable, you writers should have had your writers cards taken away for that.

    Why would Rose be going after Neil, no connection, this is stupid, I am sick of this and it smells.

    Devon was the only realistic thing in the entire week and Lilly is not stupid enough to not recognize that she has been busted by everyone. Why would she have fallen for Tyler in the first place compared to Cane, it is time to end this.

    Traci should go home, let her take Tyler with her.

    What is this that all the women are airheads and lose their minds when they see a man's bare chest, what are you saying about women, no control whatsoever just from seeing a chest. No morals, no control and you are constantly trying to send this soap into a really sick area, sister and brother in a relationship and now considering Phyllis with Kyle when her concern is with Summer's well being, come on, get out of the gutter and clean up your minds, this is not the gutter or some X rated porn show, stop trying to take it there. These people are supposed to have class and you want us to suck up this criminal, no class, bum taking down all the elite females. And Fen sucks, get him a hairstylist, a backbone, a mind and more to do than leave the room, that is so old and overused. Get rid of the Goth it does not fit.

    You just can't make up your mind what type of guy you want Adam to be, right now his lines make no sense with his character.

    Now tell me this, all these business people have multi million dollar business complexes and they all conduct al their business in the restaurants daily = that is the stupidest thing you keep doing, just plain crazy. Not one ever goes to the office, what is with you guys.

    Chelsea and Dylan should never have gotten this far, is he dumb, the baby is moving, she is showing, he is an intelligent guy, so is Adam. Chelsea is going with no regard for him or his feelings or his life when she is so concerned about doing right and being above board. Come on, et her tell him already and she is tired of his talking about Avery, well they were working on getting back together before she made up this lie. She wants to talk about Adam taking over her life, pot calling the kettle isn't it.

    You haven't let Mrs. C die yet, what is going on...did you forget.....

    Your letting this paternity not end when Phyllis found out was insane, her going along with Nick is insane, end it. NO PHYLLIS AND KYLE, it has to come out now. You are killing this soap, and you seem to keep forgetting Nikki and Victor are the main players in this soap - scrap these new people and don't add any more, you haven't done anything with the main characters. YOU GUYS REALLY SUCK!

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