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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, June 14 2013

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    Posted by Brennan1 at Saturday, June 15 2013 06:18 AM

    After 3 yrs of biasness toward Villy you get a Chilly scene.

    They "get each other"? Like Billy treated her like complete crap and she stalked him and nagged the heck out of him? Yeah those were good times!

    They might have shared some chemistry 4 yrs ago but it's gone. BM looked comfortable as can be in those scenes. Real life has a way of creeping in.

    Posted by Insomniac at Saturday, June 15 2013 11:25 AM

    The best of this week IMO were the scenes between Lauren & Michael doing their homework, & Phyliss & Nick discussing the paternity test.Glad to see Glo back. Kevin would not be so reckless & risk going back to jail. Chloe may be exchanging a thief for a glambler. Sharon is reverting to when she would sleep with anyone because of her need for attention. I like Chelsea & Dylan together, too bad it's based on a lie. Adam's plotting something. His relationship with Victor is interesting. Nu Abby & nu Kyle leave me cold.

    Posted by mswoman at Saturday, June 15 2013 05:39 PM

    Candace, I disagree with you also, about the scene between Nick and Phyllis. She did a wonderful acting job, and said all the things that anybody would have said in that situation; I normally don't care for what the writers do, but they wrote that scene perfectly, especially the parts about Nick being worse than Adam (which he is), and about Jack not getting the chance to be there all those times for Summer. And, I am absolutely thrilled that Chloe has dumped Kevin and I hope it stays that way. I wish the writers would not have Billy gambling again and proving Victor right about Billy hurting Victoria. Just have Billy slap Victoria upside the head, and tell her that he doesn't want or need any more babies to take care of.

    Posted by mswoman at Saturday, June 15 2013 05:48 PM

    I want to clarify what I said in the other post. I meant that Billy needs to tell Victoria he doesn't want or need any more babies to take care of, because he's the only one that ever does take care of the kids. He needs to grow a spine and quit coddling her, and tell her to quit whining and acting like the spoiled brat she is.

    Posted by Realitysaneness at Sunday, June 16 2013 06:26 PM

    The Soap sucks now. Chloe and Kevin being thieves is stupid and makes no sense. They only deserve each other they are both so boring. Billy and the gambling makes no sense, been there done that, if you can't think of new lines quit. Chelsea now is in love with Dylan and Dyan in love with Chelsea, give me a break. Lauren and Michael get them back together, can there be NO good relationship anywhere come on. Kyle and Summer have gone as far as they can, lets not become a really SICK soap. Their relationship coming out should surely bring an end to Chelsea's lie. Can Avery be over Dylan already and stay out of his face and his business, come on, is this the only storyline you have. Neil and his crew are boring and makes no sense, why would someone be doing this to them, what is the motive, come on. If Victoria whines one more time have someone take her petty butt out! Anita would definitely have told Adam by now. Give Dylan a break, what he has no rights as far as Chelsea is concerned, yes she is really caring for him right! Sharon and her storyline is so old and used, give me a break and her too! She is not listening to her Psych in these coffee house meetings...let her take a pill and get a job. Abby's line is ridiculous, Ale sucks, so does Tyler, can you let Victor take over this Newman business already, this has gone on much too long, did you forget who Victor Newman is, what he is capable of and what pull and clout he has, come on. You are killing the greatest soap there ever was. We are doing you a GREAT service even calling you writers! WHERE IS JILL! What is up with Lily's scruples she is dumping for dog like Tyler. Noah and Tyler rooming together, does not fit. The entire soap is just dying off. Fen now with these cruddy people, come on, who is it that you are trying to impress with this junk, what group, forget them and get back to business. THIS IS REALLY BAD, next thing we know you will throw a vampire in there - the storylines are weak, dumb and just plain sorry!

    Posted by Realitysaneness at Tuesday, June 18 2013 01:09 PM

    Well the Daytime Emmy Awards told it all about you new suck and are killing our soap!...Now are you seriously having Nick and Phyllis delaying telling Jack and Summer when they know Summer and Kyle are at the point of sleeping together, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! Not only unrealistic but stupid, and I just know you are not going to cheapen and disgust this soap by allowing it to happen, you write that they ae worried about how it will affect Summer, how is allowing her to continue to think of her 'brother' this way the longer you allow it to go on and if you permit something else to happen - you are idiots! Are you seriously wanting me to believe that Michael will come home to find his son telling him Carmine was kissing his wife and not immediately leave and go out to punch his lights out! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! Do you not have any reality in your writing! Next year these stars should not even show up at the awards - why would they with your writing! Give us a break and turn in your resignations, or can you even wite those out!

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