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    Michelle Stafford Leaving Y&R.

    Wednesday, June 19 2013

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    Posted by tattoomom23 at Tuesday, August 06 2013 08:55 PM

    So many changes on Y&R, I hope it is going in the right direction. I like the character of Phyllis. The dislikes is SHARON,that story line is repeating again. Move on and put her away!!!Not Phyllis. Josh Morrow is some great eye candy.

    Posted by msvelenciaismad at Friday, August 09 2013 03:34 AM

    I have been watching young in the restless for years. First with my grandmother and for the past 10 years we have had a Soap club meeting everyday to watch Y&R and BB. First and foremost Michelle Stafford leaving Y&R is disappointing and I am very upset about that. I am upset with the fact that the role of Katherine Chancellor is not being recast. There are too many soap veterans that can fill the role respectfully to the late Gene Cooper. There are so many changes going on on Y&R that I utterly detest looking at it now that Phylis is leaving. It is very obvious how the set now looks very cheap. Older more experienced actors who have made Y&R the soap that it use to be are now being replaced by a bunch of young inexperienced actors and actresses playing storylines that we clearly have seen on old now defunct soaps. Jill farren felps or however you spell her name...go back where you came from and leave our cbs soaps alone!! I want phyliss back and I want Ms Chancellor recast or my viewing days are done! Im sure I have many followers who agree.

    Posted by rain2411 at Monday, August 12 2013 11:12 AM

    I agree msvelenciaismad Michelle brought life to Y&R as Phyllis. I love her character so much. I really don't know if I will continue to watch now that she is gone.

    Posted by angel136 at Wednesday, August 14 2013 02:27 PM

    First off I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE Victor PLEASE TAKE HIM OFF!!!!!!!!!!!So tired of the nasal "ok" he does he is ugly and icky...and a jerk why even his kids like him is beyond me. Billy I like but come on Victoria is a botch and her hair is always stringy and dirty looking. I Like Chelsea and Dillon scenes are a bit awkward sometimes. Sharon's part has out lived her usefulness. Only a psycho would do what she is doing .Don't like Neil or any of his family use to like Lilly but she has turned into a botch to. Good thing I tape it so I can fast forward threw all the ones I don't like....AND COME ON ALL THE TIME VICTOR AND JACK FIGHTS AND JACK FINALLY GET'S NEWMAN ENTERPRISES AND NOW LET'S VICTOR AND ADAM RUN IT WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO THAT STORY. SOOOOOOO STUPID!!!! Really not much of the show I watch anymore and I have watched since 1973. Need new writers or something...just so much crap over and over and over and over and over and over...etc.

    Posted by brownkathy at Wednesday, August 14 2013 06:46 PM

    I believe Michelle may have been frustrated with being nominated for Best Actress but not winning- she should have won- she "became" Phyllis during her scenes. And she grew better and better every year she was on the show- she will be missed tremendously.Love you Michelle.

    Posted by Linkoln at Saturday, August 17 2013 06:37 AM

    I sure hope michelle does not let them kill her off or recast her cause her new series are not hitting on nothing I will not watch it its stupid!

    Posted by Marshamoosh at Tuesday, August 20 2013 08:05 AM

    God luck. She played the role too dramatic and with the same enthusiasm for every scene. There was never a softer side to her acting when it called for it. She defined Phyllis so don't recast her because to do so would add no credibility to her character. Le us know later that there is no hope for her recovery and let HER go. Is anyone getting bored tired irritated with the Victor/Jake hate? A soap is a soap. The businesses are BORING. Give us the personal lives of the characters. If I want to listen to a business plan I can go back to my corporate world. Billy and Victoria are
    finally a passionate pair but WHY is Vicky so out of tune with addiction? Writers get this right. She needs to SUPPORT BILLY 100% or call it quits. The nickname Billy Boy, by Victor is so infantile on the writers part. Billy and Victor - you need to stop repeating the repeats and same head butting characters and go in a different direction. Where is the young and the restless?? Why does every couple on this show end up divorcing?

    Posted by Marshamoosh at Tuesday, August 20 2013 08:20 AM

    The Y and R was always a hot hot show. Now it is the same old same old same old day after miserable day. Feuds that make me zzzzz, boardrooms, characters going no place like Neil Lilly Cane etc. sharon Case has run her course. Melody Scott Thomas stand up straight. Victors acting is great but he needs some life and he needs a new enemy. Better yet this show needs all new actors. The new Abby has no passion in her acting or her voice. Totally the wrong choice- why is she Abby. She's nothing like the Abby we knew and again grew to detest. Here's a good one. How about Esther and Murphy? Finally either can shed that maids uniform. Cheesy and dillon are strangers. This is AWKARD. Adam wipe the smirk off your face and get her back. Give Dillon to avery aka Jessica Rabbit. She is just weird like a 60 yr old trying to play 30-40. Thought Dillon would add a lot to the mix but he's boring too. Whew. The shows zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Posted by cinz14300 at Wednesday, August 21 2013 08:15 AM

    OMG - are you kidding? I love Phyllis, besides Mrs. C she is the show. She is what makes the show so interesting. I know people/actors/actresses have to leave at some point but PLEASE do not take the character Phyllis away from the show. I would prefer to have Michelle Stafford first and most of all but if she has to leave - please find another actresses to replace her to keep the Phyllis character ALIVE!!

    Posted by Sadienaughtylady at Friday, August 23 2013 05:40 PM

    It is obvious from all the posts, that everyone wants Phyllis back! You have replaced far too many characters lately, and the soap is is not as good. Get rid of new Abby, Tyler, his sister, new Kyle. With Catherine gone you need veteran actors to hold the whole soap together.

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