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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    The Young And The Restless Weekly Blog.

    Friday, May 10 2013

    Goosebumps. (CBS)
    Restless Rant
    Week of May 6 – 10:

    Not surprisingly, the two most compelling storylines on "Y&R" right now revolve around core characters - the Newman family business drama, and the Michael and Lauren break-up. Anyone else missing characters who bring much-needed flavor to Genoa City, such as Gloria and Jeff? Glo should be up to her neck in her sons' troubles.

    Baby daddy.
    This stuff with Chelsea almost telling Adam and Dylan the truth every time she sees them is going to get old. It’s hard to feel anything for Chelsea, who is duping two men in a big way for no real reason at all. Chloe chirping every day that Adam would take the baby away doesn’t make it true, and is also aggravating, because the Chloe that made amends with Esther, loved Chance, and championed her daughter’s battle against leukemia, wouldn't give Chelsea such bad advice. As for the romantic side of things, Dylan and Chelsea are kind of sweet, but for her to listen to his miscarriage story and still keep lying to him...

    I need a maid.
    The idea that Sharon and Adam, who historically have had such deep feelings for one another (whether understandable or not), are purportedly just using each other for sex, casts a pall over their romps.

    Newman drama.
    This three-way chess match between Victor, Victoria, and Adam is intriguing to watch. One never can be sure who is being genuine, which makes every interaction intense. Either Adam or Victor could be setting up the other for a double-cross where the company is concerned. Adam has damaging information on Victor in his arsenal, and there’s Vikki digging for dirt on Adam, not to mention keeping the knowledge that Chelsea’s baby is Adam’s to herself! As Victor pointed out, Adam and Victoria are much more alike than they realize or would be willing to admit - *cough* ruthless *cough* – just like Victor.

    House call.
    So Nikki got a house call and shared dinner with Dr. Kurt? Interesting that he asked if she was getting enough attention. Hmm. Foreshadowing?

    Still in a rut.
    So now we’re supposed to believe that Kevin can no longer get turned on unless stolen goods are involved? This storyline just gets more awful. It would be amazing if they could figure out a way to bring back Jana. She grounded Kevin (when she wasn't in tumor mode), yet they were never dull. Meanwhile, Chloe has chemistry with several men on the canvas – no shortage of possibilities there.

    I'm an idiot. (CBS)
    Gus is gone.
    It was another eventful week in Leslie’s world. Her father suffered a fatal stroke while trying to impart a secret, and then she learned someone is out to get her via the Genoa City Buzz. Maybe the culprit is this Rose person; likely a half-sibling. Interesting that the break-in at Neil's place doesn't seem to have been about him - at least so far.

    You can’t unmake this bed.
    Some viewers believe Lauren and Michael’s marriage should have remained untouchable, which is precisely why the drama unfolding this week has been so emotionally intense – because we care so much. The scenes in which Michael went from loud ranting to quiet hissing as he processed that Lauren had had an affair were riveting. Goosebumps. What should Michael do? Vote in's Y&R Michael’s Move poll.

    I’m an idiot.
    Nick made a comeback at Avery’s apartment, but only after taking Dylan’s word for it that Avery truly wanted him. Her word wasn’t good enough. Yeeps. When Nick saw Avery and Dylan together – again – and got exasperated, I wonder if it crossed his mind that that was how it felt for the women in his life in the past. Probably not…

    She’s poison.
    Every time Jack and Phyllis are on we have to be reminded of their poor track record. So over it. It’s nice to see Traci for any reason though. As for the other residents of the Abbott house, it looks like Summer's headed for drama with Moody and Broody - Fen and Kyle. Many are puzzled about the change in direction with Kyle. He formerly was a zingy character with a cocky 'cat-that-got-the-canary' grin that was so 'Abbott', but the current version of the character lacks that 'personality' and seems somehow disconnected from everyone.

    Table talk.
    The dynamic with Lily and Cane is more upbeat now that they’re not working together; it's been evident in their recent scenes, even though Lily was acting distracted by her concern for Tyler during the lunch date.

    Goodnight Duchess.
    Katherine Chancellor hasn’t been seen onscreen since she went upstairs to bed and said goodnight to Jill. That was the last scene taped before Jeanne Cooper passed away. There's no word yet on how the writers intend to handle the role of Katherine from here on out (hoping they don't entertain the idea of recasting!), but CBS Daytime has planned a tribute episode to Jeanne Cooper. She was the heart of "Y&R" and will be so missed!

    Let us know what you thought of "Y&R" this week by posting below. We want to hear your opinions!

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by luvroflife at Friday, May 10 2013 12:46 PM

    Don't know 'which' demographic this show is attempting to appeal to. Why are ALL of the women shown as brainless twits, muzzled and distracted by a set of pecs?????

    Believe it or not, women are intelligent beings and more than capable of more things than falling into beds!

    This show is setting women and racial(equal)rights back by 50 Years!!! Why are women still entertained by this? madness? Don't we see ourselves as MORE?!!

    Posted by beachbum14 at Friday, May 10 2013 02:32 PM

    Don't know what's going on with Neil!!!! I have NOT watched ANY scene since Tyler was cast! and don't EVER intend to no matter how much of my beloved Y&R I have to miss until he is GONE or I just give up, along with everyone I know & the majority of other fans posting & stop watching if TYLER is not on the GOINGS list SOON!!!! Now...I do find Dr. Kurt intriging & I'm happy Nick has finally seen the light! Gah! I hope Chelsea tells Adam about the baby soon (before Sharon ends up pregnant) or she loses it (sorry, it's just a soap) before Dylan gets hurt for a second time at the lose of a child! I too wonder where Glo is!!?? Kevin story line is just plain stupid....with TYLER on the show still & this Kevin mess it just proves you can't fix stupid, obviously! Come on Y&R...fix these 2 problems!!!

    Posted by GuiltyPleasure1 at Friday, May 10 2013 03:38 PM

    Thank you, I'm so happy with the points you made about Chelsea & Chloe. This rewrite of Chloe is stupid & completely for the purpose of making Chelseas sympathetic. Chloe had evolved so much because of her break up w/ Billy, falling in love w/ Chance and coping w/Dehlia's sickness. She became closer to her mother, she & Victoria learned to respect her other, help each other. Hate that she's been thrown under the bus to divert blame from St. Chelsea's selfish decisions. And speaking of GC's notorious con, she's exactly the same girl she was when she first showed up in GC, h3LL bent on destroying Billy & Vicki's marriage for her own selfish reasons. Once again using a baby to get what she wants and hurting 2 innocent people, Adam & Dylan, in the process. I know calling Adam innocent is a big stretch, but in this situation, regarding his own baby, he is and he has the right to know the truth. What did he really do to Chelsea to give her the right to keep the truth from him. He gave her everything she wanted except let her bully him into leaving GC. She didn't care that running NE was his dream job, she wanted things her way and when he refused, she left him. I'm tired of all the St. Chelsea garbage, really hoping she gets what she deserves and that we also get the real Chloe back.

    Posted by geminieyes at Friday, May 10 2013 04:09 PM

    I particularly enjoyed the genuine, angst and agony go-between with Lauren and Michael yesterday and felt proud that at last a soap is willing to go deep with the meat and potatoes of relationship work outs. These two have a real challenge ahead but moreso the writers who could make great scenes of 'relationship schooling' with these two, especially since we all know how much they really love each other.

    Posted by Angela528 at Friday, May 10 2013 05:32 PM

    The show is unwatchable. None of the story lines are consistent with characters we have watched for years. And the message the show sends about women as brainless, cheating, lying whores does set us back years in the struggle for equality--and respect. It is a sad state for this show. I haven't watched for awhile. I read spoilers and just sigh in disgust.

    Posted by Insomniac at Friday, May 10 2013 09:59 PM

    I'm in total agreement with your rant Candace. I think something is building up between Nicki and Dr. Kurt. Chelsea couldn't tell Dylan about the baby after he told her about losing his, BUT what about Adam losing their baby? She should have some compassion for him & tell him. Please writers do something about Chloe. She's getting tiresome.What a hypocrite Nick is, so upset about Dylan getting inbetween them after the way Sharon was always between him & whoever he was with. I guess the s/l with Adam & Sharon's new relationship is supposed to sizzle or be cute but it's not who they are together.

    Posted by Insomniac at Friday, May 10 2013 10:08 PM

    There were a lot of times Michael had to leave on business when he & Lauren were out together & she always seemed to be understanding.He really thought he was doing the right thing with Fen, so I don't see why she couldn't see that.Running off with Carmine was not the answer.

    Posted by goldie007 at Saturday, May 11 2013 06:23 PM

    Here's the thing...why is Chelsea listening to stupid Chloe? Chloe and Kevin have one of the most dumbest role on the story that I've ever seen. Why are they there? What purpose do they serve? It's like Y&R writers are trying to find a reason to keep them around. They are liars and now her and Kevin are stealing, REALLY? Chelsea is stupid for listening to Chloe as far as telling Dylan he is the baby's father. This man has fallen in love with a child that's not even his. Y&R has a bad habit of dragging on story lines too long. It's boring and it takes the viewers interest away, not to mention the rating drop. How long is this charade going to go on with Chelsea not telling Adam that the baby is his? Adam deserves to know, he might have done some low down stuff, but he will be a great dad. Please don't let this drag on much longer. The truth needs to come out, so Sharon can leave Adam alone and get her own damn life. Along with sorry Victoria, who knows that Chelsea is carrying Adam's baby, but hate Adam so much that she refuses to tell him. The way that Victoria have struggled to become pregnant, she is the last person to keep that secret, because if it was her, she would want to know.

    Posted by lovesmesomevictor at Saturday, May 11 2013 07:03 PM

    There will never be another Katharine Chancellor. That role was hers and hers, alone! No one else can match her charisma, talent, beauty and showmanship. I am appalled to hear that the producers signed up Michael Learned to play Kay. As if! Learned lacks all of the qualities that Jeanne Cooper brought to the role. Very bad call on the producers and CBS's part! Talk about a complete lack of respect for Jeanne and her many millions of fans!

    Posted by lovesmesomevictor at Saturday, May 11 2013 07:13 PM

    Beachbum14 & lovroflife, I couldn't agree with you more! The writers should be fired and I feel the same way about the producers. The story lines, dialogue and new hires are going to sink the show's ratings. The new actors on the show could be stand-ins for each other. They're interchangeable and have no discernible talent. The new actresses on the show can read their lines and that's about it. The show has become tedious, repetitive and preposterous!

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