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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, May 03 2013

    Poor Dylan... (CBS)
    Restless Rant
    Week of April 29 – May 3:

    The emotional drama surrounding core character, Katherine, stood out this week for sure. Over the past few weeks, "Y&R" has increasingly had the feel of being a different show with newer/non-core characters featuring more than some viewers would prefer. Anyway, it was a decent week, but Friday's episode notably lacked a big cliffhanger and the Avery love letter stuff was mind-numbing. Thoughts:

    The hotter, the better.
    The passionate scenes between Adam and Sharon have been pure chemistry, but they're now on Victor's radar. His 'acceptance' comes with a price – he’ll want to control Adam’s personal life. It will be no surprise if Sharon becomes the victim of his manipulations, especially given the animosity he still has toward her. The Sharon/Victor conversation this week reminded me of the father/daughter type relationship they once had - a shame it was messed with to such a degree.

    Nightclub no-no.
    Dear Summer, if you’re going to try to get into a bar using fake ID, it shouldn’t be the one your dad owns. Period. Anyway, Summer has moved in with broody NuKyle, who will likely fall for her despite his protests to the contrary. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be much chemistry or energy happening with NuKyle so far. Summer also had a photo shoot this week with Mason - maybe stalker-y Fen will start cutting her photo out of magazines and making a shrine...

    Booty call.
    Tyler very smoothly did the booty call thing with Quinn, but Noah is so not a player – just too sweet, hehe. It was cute to see him go for it and then get shot down because he didn’t have his own place. Aw...

    Poor Dylan.
    I have a feeling viewers will find themselves uttering that phrase a lot as his storyline plays out. This week, poor Dylan was sketching the crib he was going to make for his baby when Avery appeared to chew him out for ruining her life by being alive and returning for her. After, Chelsea snapped at him to stop acting like her husband. Later, poor Dylan sat alone at the cottage recalling how he and Avery lost their baby and then she dumped him. Finally, poor Dylan left Chelsea a message about how much it means to him to become a dad. Poor Dylan…

    Love sucks.
    Interesting that they threw in a scene with Avery and Adam. Maybe Adam can fall for her, or sleep with her, and we can watch Nick lose his freakin’ mind. It would also be a convenient way for Adam to stick it to Dylan. Anyway, one has to wonder why they were made to cross paths… As for Avery and Nick, well, these two bored the pants off me this week. Even the forbidden factor of him being her sister’s ex doesn’t make them interesting. Shake-up required.

    So emotional. (CBS)
    Katherine and her loved ones.
    In the sea of newbie stories, thank goodness for this storyline surrounding Katherine. These were easily the most emotionally-charged and meaningful scenes all week. The fact of Jeanne Cooper’s health crisis in real life made it all the more poignant. When Jill offered to help Katherine up the stairs on Friday’s episode, there was something in the way Jill watched her go that brought me to the brink of tears. As for Katherine naming Cane as her replacement, it's questionable for various reasons, but having Cane and Jill working together could be entertaining. Once again, it was appropriate and much appreciated to have Murphy and Devon present for Katherine's brain tumor ordeal, but with something that serious you'd think her sons would fly in, and maybe even Mac.

    In a rut.
    Wishing, for the millionth time, that we could rewind to when Chloe and Kevin were best buds (such a great vibe and oh those snappy one-liners!) and have them move forward in separate storylines supporting each other as friends. All that's not working has just gone on too long. Love these characters! Holding out hope for a fix.

    Deal with it.
    It's amazing to have Lauren and Michael on the front-burner, despite the difficult circumstances. Carmine's slightly devilish charms have been the perfect temptation. You have to have someone stirring the pot on a soap – it might as well be someone that looks good and is a little intriguing to boot. Since Paul and Michael are cluing in that Lauren’s cheating, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Perhaps their spooky son's troubles will ultimately bring them back together? Juicy story!

    Missing documents.
    Sorry about the theft, Neil, but at least something happened to you this week! Curious little mystery unfolding…

    Tyler had an emotional week as he finally reached out to Gus just as the stuff hit the fan about Rose. I wonder if Gus will split?

    You gotta' know when to hold 'em...
    I’ve seen some speculation out there that Victor might be paying Carmine to entice Billy back into his gambling ways. Certainly a possibility! Still hoping Billy will somehow twist this around… Do you want to see Billy go down this road again? Let know by voting in our Y&R Billy’s Vice poll.

    Newman sibling rivalry.
    Victoria was actually being nice to Adam about Chelsea’s pregnancy this week, so it seemed, but he didn’t go along to get along. So much distrust there. Who else still wonders if Victoria overheard Chelsea in the hospital?

    Jack flat.
    Jack acted surprised/concerned about Phyllis' interest in Nick's love life. Really, Jack? Not only has he been down this road with her before, he just went down it with Nikki - he knows how this goes, so why does he put himself through it? Gah!

    Let us know what you thought of "Y&R" this week by posting below. We want to hear your opinions!

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Realitysaneness at Friday, May 03 2013 12:44 PM

    Let us NOT go down another already traveled road with Billy and gambling, if the writers can't keep up with what has already been done or can't come up with any new roads WHY are they there! Eveything is old, already done or boring, these roles have never been this dull in the history of the soap, somebody wake up and stop this! Who the heck is Fen and what makes him think he can come over and question anything, why are all these new roles taking the entire show, it has run with the old roles carrying it for years and now you have put them on the back burner -winning sweeps! You are not even going to be watched at all if you keep this up are you not looking at this and how it is going! Or not! How can Katherine go through such a serious state without her sons being in on it and Victor not being there, come on do these writers not know she has sons! Lets have a poll on keeping the new writers or getting the old ones back!

    Posted by beachbum14 at Friday, May 03 2013 01:14 PM

    I and so many fans of Y&R HATE TYLER!!!! What is it gonna take to get him off??!! He is a model & cannot act! He is NOT 'eye candy'! He makes me vomit - therefore, I & everyone I know who's watched it for 40 yrs aren't watching it! I TiVo it every day for special episodes I like to rewatch, so I FAST FORWARD through EVERY scene Tyler is in! So, I don't have a CLUE what's happening with Neil, Cane & Lily, etc.! Bring in Mason...Sarge...Devon, but PLEASE get rid of this character!!! Geez!!! However, I'm with you on the scene with Ms. C! I cried. It was as if this was her 'Goodbye' to all of us who have loved her for all these years. Very ironic that this story was written into Y&R that it would coincide with real life for her. God bless her. NO! Don't want Billy to gamble. He is a GREAT actor. For crying out loud, writers: give him some work that's up to his capabilities! Victoria has lost her marbles. Michael should divorce Lauren (I know...we all thought they were the 1 couple who would make it!) & let her be destroyed by her mid-life crisis she's had! I am totally TEAM ADAM & am so happy that FINALLY his Dad appears to be giving him the love he deserved!! Oh! Did I say: GET RID OF TYLER??!!!!

    Posted by Greens at Friday, May 03 2013 01:23 PM

    I am also tired of the recycled story lines. I'm tired of seeing Jack get hurt by women who don't love him. I'm tired of Billy always being a screw up and returning to his old ways. I also HATE that Chelsea is playing Dylan for a fool because she does not have the guts to stand up to Adam. I'm tired of the female characters playing whose your daddy games and lying about paternity. Been there, done that. Bring back the old writers or get ones that know the Y&R history PLEASE!

    Posted by mollyandwally at Friday, May 03 2013 01:34 PM

    Jill & Kay's final stair scene today made me cry too. I hope it's not their last scene though. I'm not ready for Mrs C to go yet.

    Both Brock and Billy should have been at Katherine's since they are so close and have been for years. If they were traded for Chloe/Kevin I would have cried without dialog. Chloe/Kevin were distracting since all I could think about is they stole from her.

    Brock needs to come back for a story regardless of JC's condition, or Kay being able to be on the show. He brings heart to the Y&R and the Chancellor family. The love of his mother shows in his eyes, voice and mannerisms. Tucker-just NO. That was the worst chapter in Chancellor history ...ever! Kay hardly knows him and it's always all about him and his boring issues. His money, if mommy likes him better, how many woman can he screw and treat like crap. Boo hoo, no one cares!. He was never part of the Chancellor clan and didn't get to know ANY of them. Don't need someone around who thinks his grief is most important than every one else's cause he is a blood son. *roll-eyes*
    Plus I hate that MAB used Jeanne's last working years to destroy the Chancellor family that Bill Bell spent over 3 decades building by replacing them with an loser character like Tucker.

    Posted by Insomniac at Friday, May 03 2013 10:38 PM

    Loved your rant, it made me chuckle. Poor Dylan, for sure. Adam & Avery = that would really freak Nick out. Carmine is not a nice person. Lauren thinks he's her friend, but he isn't. He only trying to break Michael & her up. Now he's trying to get Billy gambling again. He plays on peoples weaknesses. I'm not interested at all in the Leslie, Tyler & Gus s/l & glad to see Neil with a s/l of his own.

    Posted by Insomniac at Friday, May 03 2013 10:44 PM

    A very tender moment - Jill watching Kay go up the stairs.
    I hope JC returns to the show.

    Posted by richalan at Saturday, May 04 2013 07:27 AM

    I can't believe that you said Avery's letter scenes were mind numbing. They were pure old-time romance!! This is why I love my Avery. So much better to see that kind of scene than Phylis chewing up every inch of scenery. Way to over-act. I found the scenes with Katherine very hard to watch knowing that it looks like our Duchess may not return!!

    Posted by AnitaLe at Saturday, May 04 2013 07:56 AM

    There is no chemistry between Nick and Avery. i fast forward everytime they came on the scene. Chloe is annoying. Lauren is not a very smart woman. Leslie needs to leave the show. Both Victoria and Nick need to grow up. the way the story unfolding, Cane appears to be kissing Mrs. C's behind. Lily seems fake. Actually, should write Adam and Chelsea back together and having Sharon on the side trying to get Adam back. Billy should not go back to gambling, it's an old story.

    Posted by Insomniac at Saturday, May 04 2013 02:37 PM

    i used to like Chloe, but her constantly giving Chelsea bad advice gets on my nerves.So does Sharon giving Avery advice. Neither one is in a position to tell others what they should do. And love scenes between her & Kevin - Blah!I don't think Kevin is responsible for the theft from Neil. Fen is going over the edge, he has a real dark side - might be interesting. I hope to see more of Jill & Canes interaction.

    Posted by deceived at Saturday, May 04 2013 02:41 PM

    God is an Awesome God... it was like he let us say goodbye to Katharine one last time up the stairs... and her say goodbye to us... heart wrenching scene with her and Jill...God's timing is magnificent! I will never forget her...Cane is a swindler... Jill should have got that spot... but we will see...
    Cane told Lily to work with Tyler, knowing what would happen there... and he probably heard that Katharine was forgetting things... and one thing led to another... and now he is in charge of Chancellor Industries... wow... Hope Jill comes out on top...she's a tough lady...
    If they play that Dylan and Avery song again... I will get sick...
    These newbies are getting way too much air time...
    Loved all your comments.

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