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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, April 26 2013

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    Posted by deceived at Saturday, April 27 2013 03:36 PM

    I'm tired of these newbies being shoved down our throat! Our beloved Veterans are revolved around them. That is ridiculous!
    Adam being cold to Sharon. I think Sharon will come up pregnant... I hope Chelsea is found out, Adam takes that baby away and drives her and her mom out of town...
    Neil is the backup for Leslie and Tyler?
    Sharon is backup for Chelsea???
    None of it makes any sense.
    Don't care about Avery or Dylan.
    Am liking that Phyllis might do Jack wrong in the mansion, some Karma for him, he bedded Jill behind his dad's back in that same mansion...LOL
    Summer might belong to Jack... Big exciting News for GC Society. Would shake things up for sure...
    All the writers have to do is showcase the proven veterans and their acting abilities. Like Michael.

    Posted by Insxx at Saturday, April 27 2013 03:52 PM

    Chelsa makes me sick. She is a nasty little thing he luckyly got and had a baby by someone she could black mail.I was haoping that she was gone but JP kept her to make her the neew Liz of Y&R.

    Posted by luvroflife at Monday, April 29 2013 03:30 PM

    Not sure where this show is going, but at some point, women have to be shown to THINK! Chelsea! Lily! Really?? Why are s/l on the backs of the females? Why are they shown to be DUMB and shallow?

    Disappointed in this show and the ratings of the past few weeks agree.

    Posted by 1Socialbutterfly at Tuesday, April 30 2013 11:13 PM

    I cant stand the new Abbey...she is supposed to be much younger than the other Newman "kids". Now she looks the same age as Nick and Victoria. What are the casting directors thinking? The old Abbey was cute, pixie-ish and a little flighty but those were endearing qualities and we loved her for them. She looked the part of her character. This new one looks too refined, too perfect and much older. It doesn't look like they even tried to match the look with the personality of the character of Abbey. Just because this new actress resembles Ashley doesn't justify things. Not all daughters look like their mothers. Please stop changing characters!!!!!!!

    Posted by Realitysaneness at Thursday, May 02 2013 03:13 PM

    These new writers are about to lose you one of the original fans. They are the worst, it would have been good if they were up on the soap before they started to write for it. First wasn't Kyle not yet in high school then two weeks later he is old enough to express interest in Phyllis! Then Summer was 16 at the most and now she is 19! Are they so hungry for sex scenes they are forgetting common sense. Then a worldly, business savvy, intelligent woman like alauren is going to fall for street trash, bum criminal like Carmine who just got out of the trouble with Abby and risk her marriage, and then have her feel she has to sneak out and back home when he is out of the room to return to her son who needs her! Come on, this is amateurish writing and beneath Y&R status, give us a break! Summer and Fen controlling their parents and walking out on them is old and unrealistic, their parents were brought up better than that, why would they let their children get away with it! This garbage with Chloe and Kevin is just too stupid, and why would they look to them for what happened at Neil's, what connection, bad writing could not get any worse! This keeping Victor from having his company back has gone on too long and should have been turned around long ago! Adam gong back with Sharon, she is just a piece of tail that has been over used, get over it, Adam and Victor should come together finally now with Adam having saved his life and the family finally accepting him, too little gratitude, is that the best writing they can do, they have to continue harping on these old things because they don't have the mindset to create new story lines - get rid of them and bring back the old writers, these suck! I am so sick of Avery and her back and forth with Dylan and Nick, she is so fickle and the next scene she is a tough, savvy attorney that is too tough to lose a case, come on, get real, she is going to be that wishy washy! Can no one have any scruples, going after her sisters husband when she was so trying to get back with her sister, now Lauren and Carmine, and this is supposed to be the cream of the crop of the town - at least Jill isn't jumping into another bad with a Tom, Dick, or Harry! Now Lily is ready to jump in the bed with some new comer just because he throws her a line when she and Cane are so in love and committed after all the words she gave him about commitment, etc when they were going through it, come on! Now you are going to have Kyle ready to get busy with Summer, give me a break! At least you have left Cricket out of it lately, send her back to wherever she was, the old trail she is trying to relive is out the window with he terrible acting ability, let he get lost! I can't believe you made her DA and Paul Chief of Police at the same time, it goes to show the writers lack of ability in their craft, you really need to get some better talent, we deserve better than this and you did not get in the place you are in with this type of lack of writing ability. They seem to keep forgetting about characters until they are brought up and questioned about in a blog, like Devon, and where is his Mom, where is Mason's uncle, and you are ready to take Billy back to his old gambling thng again, you don't have any fresh ideas. How many times can Chelsea be pregnant and how often, and can you please get she and Adam back together and have some stable relationships in the soap, and should I remind you about Nikki before you guys foget her. This is the worst writing in the history of this soap. Fire them and get the old ones back, QUICKLY!

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