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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, February 15 2013

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    Posted by PatBA at Sunday, February 17 2013 04:26 PM

    lauran has some real problems. Carmine??? The show right now is one big mess!

    Posted by Mukko 24 at Sunday, February 17 2013 05:45 PM

    Couldn't agree more. It's time for Sharon to make her move and get back together with Adam. I think she wants to but is afraid she is going to get hurt again. Adam and Sharon should be next in line to assume the Victor and Nikki throne. SC & MM have great on screen chemistry.

    The thought of the writers putting Sharon with yet another man (Dylan) other than Adam is just downright mean. Sharon's character does not need another man, she needs her man, Adam.

    I am hoping the writing team has Shadam as the end game.
    I have been a Y&R fan for more than twenty years. It's time to wrap up the Adam/Sharon/Chelsea story line and since
    Chelsea has told Adam to leave her alone. I am hoping she takes her pregnant self to New York for good. Now that she's a top fashion designer, she will have a career to fall back on and will be able to support her family and not need Adam to rely on.

    I also like Nick and Avery together but think Phyllis is going to get back in the npicture to stir it up.

    Posted by androgyny86 at Tuesday, February 19 2013 12:27 AM

    Loved Lauren/Carmine this week! They are a hot couple, and I think it's high time we had a "cougar" couple. It would be nice to get some real spice with Michael/Lauren. Love them as a couple, but they need some substance. This would definitely test them, as well as how Fen would react.

    Speaking of Fen, he creeps me out. Shame on Summer as well--she still continues to grind my nerves.

    Glad to see Kyle this week. Only way I can see ANY type of good drama with Jack and Phyllis would be if Kyle continues flirting and trying to get with Phyllis. Talk about a love triangle on that one.

    Sad for Nikki and MS--I see her drinking again in the near future to deal with all of the angst she has over the disease and Victor's redundant behavior he will no doubt still display. But, I like drunk Nikki. She's entertaining at least.

    Glad Abby is back! Hope she spices some things up.

    Adam and Sharon were cute this week--although seeing that Chelsea was pregnant was a surprise. I do prefer Adam/Sharon though--Chelsea just doesn't do it for me. Adam and Sharon just have a good chemistry. I still think Adam has a real life crush on her haha.

    Cane and Chelsea *could* be cute if done right. It's about time Lily and Cane have some issues, although their storyline right now is horribly predictable. Hopefully Leslie and Tyler's additional angle with the Congressman will prove interesting.

    I hope Avery goes for Dylan over Nick. I've always felt Avery could have done better and deserved better than that horn dog. But it does appear he already has that initial run in with Sharon, and I'm sure Phyllis will figure in there somewhere as well. There are possibilities there at least. A Nick/Avery and Dylan/whomever dynamic would at least be interesting I'd imagine.

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