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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, December 07 2012

    Well, hello! (CBS)
    Restless Rant
    Week of December 3 – 7:

    As plans took shape for the Newman penthouse-warming party, the show improved perceptibly. Friday's episode was the first in a very long time that seemed to fly by because I was so into it! Here are some notes on the week:

    The Newman Enterprises gang.
    Viewers are split on whether Kyle is truly crushing on Phyllis, or if he has some sort of revenge plot in mind. I was just glad they finally addressed his past issues with her. As for Eden, her whining wasn’t appealing. Jack’s meeting this week was a hot mess! While I love Adam and Phyllis sparring, I’m not sure why it’s such a big deal that Adam would have information on Jack’s painkillers – everyone can clearly see that he has a problem. Jack is doing a fine job of running himself into the ground without any help from Victor or Junior, especially now that he’s swigging bourbon along with his pills and bribing doctor pals to write bogus prescriptions! Oh my!

    Casual Fridays.
    Speaking of hot messes, what’s happening at Jabot? Neil’s hired his entire family and an ex-flame, and after being there five minutes, Devon was weighing in on how the place should be run! I would think the staff would be more alienated by Neil’s blatant nepotism than the fact that he wears a suit – which everyone at Jabot has done since time began. I’m not saying Devon’s idea sucks - it would be worth implementing a chill new vibe in the place just to see Jack show up and rage out. Ultimately, I’d rather see Neil rocking his own cosmetics firm than playing make-believe with Jabot. If Jack goes down, Neil’s going down with him. As for Neil and Leslie – I don’t know why she bothered to even sign that contract if she’s worried about being 'inappropriate' – Neil’s the king of inappropriate hook-ups and my money says he'll be schmoozing her the first time they pass in the hall.

    Cyber-bullying bunch.
    It’s beginning to look like the over-the-top, sometimes creepy and awkward Fen is supposed to be the new 'old' Kevin. Summer and Jamie seem to be the more realistic teens. I enjoyed the Summer/Phyllis breakthrough scenes – very well done - but had to wonder what Summer was doing rooting through the boxes in Avery's storage locker. Hmm.

    Calming kiss. (CBS)
    A hell of a party!
    From the minute Carmine showed up at the door (thank you, Abby, we miss you), I knew the party was going to be to my liking. With each arrival, each snarky one-liner, and each run-in, it got better and better until Sharon unleashed her drama. I was riveted to the TV screen and completely caught up in the uncomfortableness of it all. All the beats were played - Chelsea watching Adam's reactions like a hawk, Nikki and Vikki doing their mother/daughter smackdown number on Sharon, Victor accusing her of being drunk, Nick and Noah struggling with whether to reveal Sharon's illness, right down to Chelsea's awkward acceptance of a ride home. Gah! Amazing.

    Well, hello Detective Alejandro! Sexy and bold, yum. Keep that money well hidden, Noah, we want the NYPD to stick around Genoa City for a long time.

    Nick's new life.
    Nick's claims of throwing himself into parenting whole hog became slightly suspect when Phyllis showed up and he didn’t know where Summer was or where she’d been hanging out, and hadn’t done anything about her missing three days of school. As for his career, somehow I can see Nick presiding over a nightclub; it’s a good fit for his self-important doofus side. As for Avery, she needs to stop being one of those annoying people who has to be coaxed into doing everything - it's wishy-washy. Nick gets credit this week for handling his father and family better than anyone else at the party. I love that he refuses to be sucked back into Victor's 'legacy' vortex.

    Jamaican holiday
    Aww, what a sweet surprise Billy planned for Victoria. I'd like to know how he got all that stuff in four bags at one store. Oh well, let's just hope she's able to appreciate it.

    Chelsea and Adam’s big argument on Monday was probably the most passion we’ve seen between these two – intense viewing! It quickly became evident the marriage was in crisis, what with Chelsea trolling around town asking the likes of Nikki Newman if she’s seen her husband, and accusing Adam of Sharon-related subterfuge every five minutes, but the icing on the proverbial cake came Friday when Adam left Chelsea alone at the party to follow Sharon, and Chelsea later came upon them kissing - yikes! Does Adam still love Sharon? Vote in's Y&R Adam’s Heart poll.

    What did you think of "Y&R" this week? Comment below.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Sunshine8 at Friday, December 07 2012 03:08 PM

    Hi Candace,

    Love the comments....I can't even read it all before I started my own. I was afraid I would forget to mention something. LOL

    People around me are also thinking of a 'kyle/Phyllis' combo. I wasn't. I wouldn't like that since Kyle is supposed to be at least in his early 20's and Phyllis is well....NOT. I agree that it shouldn't have been a BIG deal that Adam had info on the meds. (even though he didn't initiate it)

    What you said about the whole Neil nepotism just CRACKED me up! I didn't even know that Lilly was working there too. Cane feeling jealous the Devon is there. All Neil does is work. You are sooo right. Neil can't keep a relationship so that is why they keep him in the office. Somebody has to work on that show. LOL

    I hope they speed up the bully storyline. Its very slow and I want it all to come out that Fen is not the sweet boy they used to know and Summer is the one who started it all...poor Jamie.

    Two more things. I hope that Chelsie kicks Adam to the curb. There's being supportive and then there's being sucked in.

    I'm hoping for a Billy/Vicki reunion!!!!! Please!!!!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Posted by Sunshine8 at Friday, December 07 2012 03:18 PM

    PS.... I forgot one more thing.....Nick needs to start 'handling' Summer. Like you said,that's why he quit the family business in the first place. But he doesn't seem to be mentoring his kids very well, still.... Hmmm

    Posted by apple1950 at Friday, December 07 2012 03:29 PM

    Storylines are disjointed. I can't get excited about any of this. Abby is here. She is gone. She is back. Nikki is here snooty self. Neil has hired his entire family. Does Jack know the salaries he is paying out? Guess not. Glad the doctor had the decency to turn down his demand for more meds. Such a contrived storyline. I am missing an interesting storyline. Who the heck was invited to the party? Small circle of guests. No, Nikki, ypuwill not run out of food.

    Posted by Mukko 24 at Friday, December 07 2012 05:17 PM

    Welcome home Shadam, it's long overdue. Absolutely
    loved the show. Adam has been kidding himself. Easy is definately not for him. He was mad at Sharon and used Chelsea to get to her but when push comes to shove, he's waiting to support to Sharon because Adam needs Sharon to need him. That's what makes this different than before. Previously Adam was following Sharon around to get her attention, and this time he's following her around because he knows she needs his attention and out of everyone it is only Adam she needs. Very Well Done. Want Shadam to stick around for a long time....please continue to reunite them,
    they are on fire.

    Posted by BrookeFan101 at Friday, December 07 2012 06:44 PM

    Surely Kyle knows Phyllis and Dianne were total enemies(Miss Dru). Jack is taking himself down all on his own. So agree withh most of this. I hope Noah is not in too much trouble, his mother needs him. As I am in Australia and got on th last page on Friday's comments. Here they are again:
    To all posters who DON'T think Nikki is Hypocrite, think again. How many AA meetings has she attended? The 12 step program includes making amends to those they hurt!!! Sharon isn't even an addict! She has a mental illness and was trying to do the same. Even so, Adam was right to advise running it by her Dr 1st. Nikki, you disgust me! Victor, you caused much of this to happen, and you had support when you had amnesia. Victoria, you are still the same sanctimonious, spoiled piece you have always been! Wish Kay had been there to offer to bring Doris into this. Doris, we need you now, to see Sharon's Dr with her and Noah.

    Posted by callijayden58 at Saturday, December 08 2012 07:03 AM

    I'm very upset with Jack's story line. I was hoping they would do some research and get this addict story line correct. I believe it would be informative for the public, because this is an epidemic and it’s happening to people all over the world. Doctors are writing scripts for opiates at an alarming rate and not thinking about other ways to treat pain. In America, thanks God for the DEA, but still there are doctors who have found ways around the government by prescribing different types of pain medications.

    Jack is taking many pills a day, but he's still pretty far from addicted. If he went to rehab right now, it wouldn't be as intense as you would like to think. His withdrawals wouldn’t be difficult to overcome. Not compared to someone who’s been using for years.

    I wanted Y&R to do this right. There are many, many people out there addicted to opiates. Opiate addicts are rich, poor, young and old, from good homes and bad homes. From the beginning, this story was unbelievable. No hospital would sit a bottle of pills out in front of a patient so they could dose themselves. A nurse would come in with the meds and give them to a patient every 4 to 6 hours, or they would be hooked up to an IV with an allotted amount of time between doses.

    Drug addicts and alcoholics are very sneaky. They aren’t so open about their drug use. They lie, cheat and steal to get their drugs and no one, and I mean no one, gets in their way. Opiate addicts can be functional and work well at their jobs while using. It’s just too soon for Jack to be confused and not able to keep his head together.

    I would like to see Jack sneaking around, not just with a crooked doctor, but on the streets looking for his next fix. I would like to see him go into withdrawals, screaming for more pills, just so he wouldn’t be so sick and his body would feel better. Drug addicts will do anything, selling things in their house, using up all of their money. I would like to see the writers do whatever it takes to make this a more believable story line. A lot of opiate addicts turn to heroin, because it’s cheaper, last much longer and you don’t need a prescription to get it. Not all heroin addicts shoot up. There are other ways to ingest heroin, but to make the story more believable, Jack shooting heroin wouldn’t be a long shot after about 6 months. There are a lot of other patients/opiate addicts that are out there and willing to sell their meds. Maybe Jack could meet someone in the doctor’s office that is willing to sell their meds. I’ve seen people with morphine packs, pull them apart and eat the meds inside of them. I’ve seen people buy a less powerful opiate, just to make it through till they can find what their body really wants. Like I said, I’d love to see this story line played out with realism. Maybe they could contract Dr. Drew to help make this story line more believable. Not a joke!

    Withdrawal is very ugly and hard to go through. Jack hasn’t been on the opiates long enough for him to be acting the way he is right now. He may be a little addicted, but it’s too early in his addiction for this story line. It seems like Jack is a more advanced addict. Also, I would like to see Jack nodding (falling asleep, passing out temporarily) in a meeting or anywhere, not getting angry and upset with everyone. Opiates make you feel happy and serene, even with the alcohol. Everything is good with opiates. Or so they make you think that way. I can see him angry about not being able to get more pills.

    Usually, family and friends are the last to know their loved one’s an addict. The addict is very much able to hide their addiction from family/friends and even enemies like TGVN. When they do find out, most family and friends turn into enablers because they believe they are helping their loved one. Also, opiates can make your pain feel worse than it truly is. Your brain tells you that you are in more pain than you really are, because your body wants more drugs. Where’s Sarge. I would think he’s seen it all before!

    Yes, I sound like I know about this because I do. Sadly, I was an opiate addict. I’ve been clean and sober for many years. I’m also upset with Nicki’s story line. She needs to go back to meetings and do the steps over and over. You can’t be an alcoholic and judge people the way she does in the story. I’m not going into that explanation, but look up the 12 Steps of AA and NA on line and maybe you will understand what I’m saying. It wouldn’t hurt anyone who’s not an addict to look at Alanon too!!!

    This story line, with Jack, is just too important to make a mockery out of it the way Y&R have been doing lately. Please, nu-writers, get a professional to bring this story up to date. Not just what you have heard or read in the papers.

    Posted by jazzy53 at Saturday, December 08 2012 09:53 AM

    OMG! The Newman's are all a bunch of hypocritic asses! Victoria blasting Sharon about her kids....Where's Reed Victoria? Johnny is always with the nanny...really? Nikki makes me sick, can't even stand to look at her...didn't you kill someone? Did you apologize? Was your apology accepted? Victor you have done some really evil things in the past, and I think your working on another about Jack. Nick, glad your out of that family mess, please stay out. Nick, Noah, & Adam, thanks for being there to defend my girl Sharon, and giving her the support she neeeds.

    Posted by jazzy53 at Saturday, December 08 2012 09:54 AM

    OMG! The Newman's are all a bunch of hypocritic asses! Victoria blasting Sharon about her kids....Where's Reed Victoria? Johnny is always with the nanny...really? Nikki makes me sick, can't even stand to look at her...didn't you kill someone? Did you apologize? Was your apology accepted? Victor you have done some really evil things in the past, and I think your working on another about Jack. Nick, glad your out of that family mess, please stay out. Nick, Noah, & Adam, thanks for being there to defend my girl Sharon, and giving her the support she neeeds.

    Posted by jazzy53 at Saturday, December 08 2012 09:55 AM

    Sorry for the double post.

    Posted by Insomniac at Saturday, December 08 2012 12:24 PM

    Great rant Candice! I got a few chuckles out of some of your witty remarks.Sharon & Adam, together again, it was inevitable. I think Adam loves Chelsea too - each in a different way. Nick shouldn't have stopped Noah from going after his mom, only then the scene between Shadam wouln't have happened.Good show this week, Phyl & Summer's reconcilation, the party, Jack, the NYPD & Noah. It was all good.

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