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    In our 'The Young and the Restless' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, November 09 2012

    All jacked up. (CBS)
    Restless Rant
    Week of November 5 – 9:

    Things were hoppin' in Genoa City this week. We have begun to see new storyline directions emerging and the action has picked up. One notable new development is that characters seem to be teleporting instantly from one scene/location to the next - it's really taken me off guard a few times! Here are some points on the week:

    She can stay.
    Things have certainly got more interesting around Adam and Chelsea’s place since Sharon moved into the cottage – thank goodness. I respect the way Sharon’s 'breakdown' storyline is being followed through, while at the same time a triangle of sorts is developing among the trio, who are not only caught up together in the dire circumstances of the arson, but in Adam’s pull toward each woman for different reasons. All in!

    Phick, Phack, no.
    Phick are clearly done for the time being, and it appeared that Phyllis might end up with Ronan, however, their interactions have lost their sizzle of late, and with Phyllis agreeing to move in with Jack, it’s possible there could be a re-do happening with that pair. Yawn. Been there, done that. As for Nick, I’m surprised he’s controlled himself as long as he has when it comes to Avery. They do have chemistry, and her little fantasies are definitely hot. If Nick were anyone but her sister’s husband, it would be awesome. Tell us who you think Phyllis should be with by voting in's Y&R Phyllis’ Love Life poll.

    All jacked up.
    Who else thinks Jack is a prime candidate for developing a raging addiction to prescription pain pills? Show of hands…

    You stubborn fool!
    Jill’s return was everything I’d hoped it would be; snarky interactions with Tucker, her tentative and testy reunion with Billy, and butting heads with Katherine in their time-honored way. Here’s hoping Jill ends up running Chancellor with Katherine and we get to see much more of her.

    Go Glo. (CBS)
    My legacy.
    Does anyone else find it interesting that since Victor made his big announcement that he was stepping back and not fight for Newman Enterprises, he’s done nothing but spend his days traipsing around town looking to get into confrontations about it? I’m so over his ranting to everyone about how he built it from the ground up! We know; we get it!

    Excellent and timely idea to do a story highlighting cyber-bullying – too bad it’s a bit dull and viewers are still in the process of trying to 'connect' with the characters involved.

    No Games.
    Billy seemed to be handling the kidnapping situation as well as could be expected; he took his lumps from Nikki, was careful how he dealt with Eddie G on the phone – it was all good until he pulled out a gun and loaded it. Yike! Who else suspects that the Mustache is onto Nikki, and will end up riding to the rescue on this one?

    Grubby little hands.
    What the hell is going on with Kevin? The writing not-so-subtly seems to be telling us that he’s reverting to ‘the old Kevin’. I just couldn’t believe the way he was going off on Michael and Gloria because they wouldn’t give him $15 million dollars. It’s not like he was asking for taxi fare! It was very satisfying when Gloria finally let him have it in Crimson Lights. You go, Glo!

    What do you have to say about "Y&R" this week? Leave your comments below.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by lisamarie2010 at Friday, November 09 2012 12:09 PM

    Stupid Jack AND Victor!!

    Crazy Sharon!

    Chelsea should dump Adam..but nope..LOL

    Posted by Chicky2 at Friday, November 09 2012 12:36 PM

    Totally agree, Jacky boy might end up with an addition and there goes Newman. Saw that one coming.

    Not liking Old Kevin.

    Oh please, is nothing ever simple for Billy and victoria. More reason for her whine like the princess she is and another reason for Victor to hate Billy. Can you say OLD!

    Posted by 2tgtbt at Friday, November 09 2012 01:06 PM

    I think that Victor and Jack need toboth grow up and get over the fighting already, it has been done to death.

    latley phyllis has been getting on my last nerve jumping into everyone's business and then trying to start a fight.

    the nu summer is acting just like phyllis and she is also a spoiled rich kid. can't seem to get into this character.

    i like adam with chelsea it seems like she really does love him. but he is just like the rest of the snoop dogs sniffin up sharon's butt!!!

    it is good to see jill back but, does she always haft to be a big buut hole to Mrs. C ?

    kevin is a spoiled brat when things don't go his way he goes balistic.

    well i guess the story line with neil's bunch is kicked out the door. here are still a lot of missing character's and dropped stories that were never finished. that is so aggravating. tptb could have stopped bringing in all these new people that we don't give a hoot n nany about and had closer with the existing stories.!!!!! UUUGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

    Posted by NorthernFan at Friday, November 09 2012 01:26 PM

    Good points Candace.

    Could they be more obvious about Jack getting addicted to pain pills. Since when do hospitals give you a container full of pain meds and let you self-medicate?

    I find it a little weird that Nick is still wearing his wedding ring especially when he's making out with Avery.

    I've had just about enough of Kevin and hopefully so has Chloe.

    You're right about Victor too. I'm glad Adam and Nick are standing up to him. Unfortunately Victoria has had a total change of heart as far as NE is concerned. What happened to her family being more important?

    Posted by Insomniac at Friday, November 09 2012 04:17 PM

    Saw that one coming - Jack getting adicted to pain pills. I'm glad Phyliss has moved on, or has she? She difinately gets upset when she sees Avery with him. The sizzle has sort of gone out of the Ronan romance but I just can't really see a romance between her & Jack. Adam is really getting into deep doo doo with taking the heat off Sharon, out of guilt for what he did to her, I suppose. I'm glad Chels isn't giving him up to Sharon without a fight.

    Posted by Insomniac at Friday, November 09 2012 04:25 PM

    Kevin is acting like such a spointed brat. Glo doesn't even have the money yet, I was glad to see her tell him off too.I hope Fen stays away from Summer, although she needs someone like him to tell her that what she is doing is wrong. Ronan suspects she's Brittany but how will that affect the relationship he wants with Phyliss?

    Posted by beachmomluvr at Friday, November 09 2012 07:10 PM

    Love your blogs Candace but please no, this Shadam fan does not want Sharon used to make Chelsea and Adam interesting, let Chelsea and Adam break up without help from Sharon.

    Posted by apple1950 at Saturday, November 10 2012 02:25 AM

    Chelsea obviously loves Adam but where is Adam's heart? Does he still love Sharon enough to leave Chelsea? I had hopes Adam and Chelsea were a reformed couple but it looks like only Chelsea has repented and wanted to make her life better. Victor says he will not fight for NE and he wants to leave the fight to his children. Bull. He is pushing all their buttons to get it back. Retire Victor and take Nikki with you. Phyllis is such a piece of work. She calls others freaks! Don't know if it is the transition of the old to the new writers but I am not into these storylines.

    Posted by androgyny86 at Sunday, November 11 2012 10:33 PM

    Jack getting addicted--seen that coming after the big scene they had with him taking his pills. Obviously a part of his eventual downfall for Newman.

    I know it's odd, but I do hope Adam ends back up with Sharon. Odd indeed. I just don't care for him with Chelsea. Poor Sharon though--I wish they'd give her a better storyline. Hopefully she'll get something better after this storyline is played out.

    Glad Jill is back, but spice her up some! I miss the Jill/Katherine drama. But, not like we won't see it soon. I can already see it on the horizon.

    Victor needs something better to do with his new found freedom, but I can't say I don't appreciate his squabbles. Always entertaining to a certain degree. But poor Billy--he'll catch the blame one way or the other for this mishap with Victoria.

    Phyllis either needs to stay single or get with Ronan. Forget Nick--that ship has SAILED! Not sure about Avery and Nick though--I still feel like Avery is too good for him (let alone why she'd want him given his history).

    Nice to see Gloria this week! I've missed her.

    I really miss Gen already! Always liked getting to see her--a shame she was released.

    Posted by kresy at Thursday, November 15 2012 08:56 PM

    I am tired of the way Adam is acting. He doesn't have ANY enthusiasm and just talks like a robot. I was beginning to like him a little when he started turning his life around with Chelsea and I thought that maybe he and his dad would reunite because of his thoughts about his mom. They need to change his character at least for awhile maybe having him run Newman company and get it back into shape and show his dad he does care about family. Make him a little happier and laugh some and even have a child so that he can understand what it is like to be a dad.

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