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    Y&R Poll: If You Were Avery...

    Wednesday, November 07 2012

    Joshua Morrow (Judy Eddy/
    Wanting Nick?

    Avery has already had a sexual relationship with Nick in the past. If her daydreams and their countess flirting and stolen kisses mean anything it would seem she wants him again. However, considering Phyllis is her sister should Avery restrain herself and steer clear of Nick, or should she give in to her desire and have him again? wants to know… If you were Avery what would you do? Vote through our poll then feel free to leave us a comment on some of your favorite forbidden couples.

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    - Amy Mistretta

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    Posted by tariro at Wednesday, November 07 2012 04:54 AM

    If I were Avery I definitely wouldnt get with my sister's husband ,but as she lives in soap land we have to excuse this behaviour but even in soap land its only ok when its way after the divorce has been finalised anything else makes her just another skank and worse because she is yet to be called out for it unlike Sharon and maybe even phyllis(though she never gets really punished for it). As for Nick , all this back and forth between Phyllis and Sharon and now Phyllis and Avery has really made him lose his luster ,the dude is obviously is in need of some serious therapy and I now believe all these ladies could really do better (and they have they just dont know it), maybe if he is with Avery, Sharon and Phyllis might just get some much needed time to grow and get over this loser and become the lovely ladies we all know the could be. So go ahead Avery give it your best shot ( but you were warned he is one of the most disloyal husbands in GC)

    Posted by dafyduc at Wednesday, November 07 2012 05:02 AM

    Avery is an idiot to even think about getting involved again. Sure he flirts with you and makes you feel all tingly, but he hasn't a faithful bone in his body. His mind is always on the next(or former) lay. Not exactly husband or boyfriend material. Unless of course you just want to stick it to your sister again. Which is my guess.

    Posted by TexasGirl1015 at Wednesday, November 07 2012 07:40 AM

    Forget that - Avery you go for it - I love them together. I hope they stay together. If it was Nick who messed things up, I would say no don't get with him. But it was Phyllis who screwed things up with Nick and she treats Avery like crap. Avery and Nick deserve to be happy!!! Put them together. Who cares about that 2 faced hypocrite Phyllis. Its always I can do it to you but you can't do it to me, I can't stand Phyllis. She is such a hypocrite, she never cared about the lives she hurt with her articles, but no one better write about her. I think it stinks that she got the charges dropped.

    Posted by Gigikins at Wednesday, November 07 2012 08:42 AM

    EEEW! It's almost as bad as Shictor. OK, well not as bad, but still wrong. Just like in the past, he runs to the first willing woman when his little ego is bruised. I hate his hipocracy and arrogance. But I love JM...just hate NN. I hope Phyllis moves on anyways, she doesn't need that BS.If they are gonna attempt Phick again it has to be far in the future, becasue I wouldn't buy it right now, the dust has to settle.

    Posted by Gigikins at Wednesday, November 07 2012 08:46 AM

    Well hell yeah she treats Avery like crap..she is calling her out on her actions. It is obvious Avery is triflin...yet she plays the "innocent me, why are you so mean to me" act????Yah Phyllis screwed up, I'll give you that, and she screwed up good, to the point where I wanted to reac inside my TV and slap her (and I am huge Phllyis supporter) but that doesn't give her SISTER the right to take over her life. She needs to get ehr own life, form her own identity, because I would like to see Avery stay. If they don't give her an identity of her own she will fizzle out and be on the next coming and goings list.

    Posted by ChrissyK at Wednesday, November 07 2012 09:14 AM

    I wouldn't do it in the real world but since this is the "reel world" I would say Yes that Avery should go for it and get with Nick. Phyllis isn't close to Avery and has treated her like crap. If Phyllis really cared about Avery at all then she wouldn't walked away from her when she was a kid and never looked back, yes I know her family made her but what was her excuse when Avery grew up or when Avery came to GC and wanted to become close to her?

    Avery & Nick look great together and I'm totally enjoying the adult converstations and fun with them. So Avery do your thang!!!

    Posted by molsonindy at Wednesday, November 07 2012 09:45 AM

    I totally agree with TexasGirl1015! Phylis is the one that messed their relationship up, not Nick. Why should Nick have to wait now to be happy. Yes Phylis and Avery are sisters but that hasn't meant anything to Phylis in the past. Avery has tried hard to become close to Phylis but Phylis has been to pigheaded to meet Avery half way. Phylis only wants to be Avery's sister when she needs Avery's help! I think Avery should go for a relationship with Nick (maybe not right now but definitely in the future) I think they make a great couple. It would serve Phylis right. She doesn't ever think about who she will hurt in anything she does. Phlyis can do what she wants and hurt who she wants but don't try huring no you can't do that! It is not like Avery has been with a bunch of different guys so I don't think it would make her look like a skank if she hooked up with Nick. Phylis has been with how many men?? No Avery, I think you go for it!

    Posted by simscb at Wednesday, November 07 2012 10:37 AM

    NEVER in a million of years would I want my borther-in-law!

    Avery needs to find some man who is not her BIL. IMO, it's plain NASTY! EWWWWWW

    Why would she want Phyllis' leftovers?

    Posted by Sweetbaby111 at Wednesday, November 07 2012 06:38 PM

    If I were Avery I would not want to hurt my sister it just nasty to see Avery going after Nick it is in the same family and plus Avery know that Phyllis still love Nick I would love for Avery to have some sister loyalty and not to mess with her brother in law. I FF forward there scenes to together.

    Posted by Chicky2 at Friday, November 09 2012 09:50 AM

    In real life no way, but on this soap go for it. Phyllis is no saint and she treats Avery like crap.
    I think Nick and Avery are great together, good looking couple, Avery is successful in her own right and doesn't need a NEWMAN. She wants him. go for it honey.

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