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    Friday, October 12 2012

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    Posted by YnROriginal at Monday, October 15 2012 03:06 PM

    Really YnR the writing gets more ridiculous as time goes on. SO predictable that Chelsea would lose the baby. So now cousin kills cousin, tacky!!!! Then after all this build up with all the wrongs done to Victor, Tucker gets away with buying the stock and manipulating the market, no real accountability for Sharon? Why write this stuff if you just let him get off the hook! No probation, nothing for all he did. That just insults the viewers. Oh and here we go with the stale fight between Jack and Victor (pulling Adam in again...boring). And now the horrible cast changes on top of that! Ashley, Abbey, the new Sommer, no Heather. Are you really trying to trash the show???? You make me want to take a break for a while until you gain a more realistic approach to the story lines and some loyalty to the main characters. Been watching since I was a kid. I am 52, maybe I better find something more constructive to do with my time. You are killing my show :-(

    Posted by YnROriginal at Monday, October 15 2012 03:13 PM

    Also, how stupid to get rid of Jeannie Francis! What do you expect to do with the stalking story line with Lily and Caine now? What are you people doing? You are really destroying the sad.

    Posted by androgyny86 at Tuesday, October 16 2012 09:10 PM

    Soooo over Nick acting all high and mighty, when he himself is also doing what Phyllis is doing when it comes to staying monogamous. He's certainly no better than her in this category. On a side note, I do like Ronan and Phyllis together--awesome chemistry. I am not too keen on Avery and Nick though. Avery is a lawyer and seems very good at her job. Why can't we just have a strong single lady? I like her single honestly. Nick is just a horndog and she can deserves better.

    I feel horrible for Sharon in regards to how MAB has written her. I think it's some BS for everyone to criticize her, as if no one else in GC has ever been the victim of having power. I just think Sharon's character took some heavy blows thanks to MAB. I hope the new writers redeem her.

    I'm sad for what happened to Chelsea and Adam. But, I do miss evil Adam. I'm sure he's well on the way to his return though--about time he got back in the fold.

    It's actually nice to see the Newmans having a rough time here. Love Victor, but he's about the only one I can tolerate of that bunch these days. Nikki always feels the need to stick her nose in things, and Victoria and Nick act like brats when they don't get their way. Then there is always that ever present suck up attitude they display when they are boxed into a corner--seems to be the only time they are nice to people. This whole group loves to criticize others for mistakes they themselves make and have made consistently. How quickly we forget the past...

    Posted by luvvikiandbilly at Wednesday, October 17 2012 05:45 PM

    They should get rid of Fen and the new Summer and Noah. I can't watch them. The previous Noah and Summer were more believable actors.

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