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    Friday, August 03 2012

    Miscalculation? (
    Restless Rant
    Week of July 30 - August 3:

    This week had an off-kilter feel to it. Here are some talking points going back through the week's "Y&R" recaps:

    Daniel's crush.
    Heather and Daniel aren't bowling anyone over with their chemistry, but they could be a cute pairing. His conversation about it with Abby made me smile.

    Paul's guilt.
    Paul is a level-headed and sensible person above all else. This bit with him wanting to throw himself to the sharks and even questioning whether he actually saw a knife is ludicrous. Oh, and since they brought Nina back and involved her, she should be there all the time.

    Twisted Tim.
    Tim's snarky, bitter attitude is understandable and somewhat entertaining, and the attempt at revisiting the past by having him turn the tables on Phyllis and demand sexual favors is amusing. For some reason, though, I don't find myself filled with anticipation for what's to come. The conflict in this storyline's been fun, but it took on a slightly tired 'old news' feel this week.

    Mustache misstep?
    Victor's internal upset over Nikki marrying Jack may have caused him to make a rare miscalculation. He's been giving Sharon more power at Newman, and has now made her his wife to boot. Additionally, he's not paid close enough attention to Sharon's mental state. Now that he's disappeared, presumably to nurse his wounded heart, a humiliated, going-off-the-deep-end Sharon could do a significant amount of damage. Hmm.

    Shaky Sharon.
    We've seen Sharon go around the bend before, but viewers seem more bothered by it this time. Why? Perhaps it's because this time she hooked-up with her children's grandfather - definitely extreme - or that her run-ins with others have put her in a more unfavorable light (the clash with Abby in Crimson Lights was positively icky), but I also think it's because this time, whether intentional or not, there is a disconnect between Sharon and viewers. Not being privy to her thoughts, private agonizing, tears, disappointment, doubts etc. makes a big difference.

    Baby blahs.
    Adam and Chelsea's sudden babymania was cute for the first two seconds, after which it became inane and unbearable.

    Make it stop. (
    Cranky Kevin.
    Please give Kevin a storyline that doesn't involve him going around town being a huge hypocrite. He has to be in the top five or ten when it comes to twisted track records, and as recently as last week was still hacking into people's accounts, so this weird animosity that he keeps spewing toward Adam just seems like a misguided attempt at creating conflict where there really shouldn't be any.

    Father knows best.
    It's always a treat to see John Abbott, even as a ghost, but it was disheartening to see through his eyes how little Jack has learned over the years. After endless unsuccessful clashes with Victor, near-death experiences and epiphanies, misguided love affairs, and hurtful business dealings with loved ones, Jack is behaving worse than ever. It might have been interesting to see him get his head out of his own butt and wise-up for once - more than once realization seemed to be dawning - but he never quite got there. Alas, he may be back on his feet in the literal sense, but he's set himself up to lose everything. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion - his blinders where Nikki's concerned, his greed with Jabot/Beauty of Nature, and his treatment of Ashley are going to bite him big time. With all of that said, it's tough not to love Ol' Smilin' Jack, and when he stood up at the wedding it was one of the best moments of the week - I had tears!

    Riding at the ranch.
    It's kind of hot when good-girl Eden lets down her hair and hooks-up with edgy Kyle. Just sayin'.

    No choice?
    I think Sofia should have taken Neil on in court. That said, he's once again come out looking like a somewhat self-centered tool. Not that it makes him any less attractive to Harmony. That woman has to stop with the endless advice...

    Goodbye Ashley.
    Ashley's goodbyes were all poignant and left me wanting more of her, and more of her and whichever character she was saying goodbye to - a good indication that she shouldn't be leaving at all. It's great news that Eileen Davidson (Ashley) will be returning to "Days of Our Lives," but we hope she and Ash make her way back to Genoa City in the future. What's your opinion? Let us know by voting in's Y&R Ashley’s Farewell poll.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Chicky2 at Friday, August 03 2012 11:16 AM

    I hate seeing Ashely leave, she is such a main character and I think it is worse because it has so much to do with Jack who is a real jerk these days.
    I hate Eden and Kyle together, please, just not there. Kyle needs to be with an Abby type.
    Kevin is a tool and I so want he and Chloe back to friends and with a decent storyline. Chloe looks awful, cut her hair or something.
    I don't know what it is about Sharon, perhaps you are right but she is such a B anymore. She was such a lovely character and although she has seen hurt plenty, she has caused it too. She just seems so all over the place and so snotty like Nikki is. I have always loved Sharon but not anymore. They should have let her go instead of Ashley.
    There is not one ounce of chemistry between her and Victor, not one. Its hard to get into a storyline when there is no chemistry.
    Neil is a tool, he and Sophia could leave the planet and honestly, who would miss them.

    Posted by sjmw at Friday, August 03 2012 12:13 PM

    Having Victor and Sharon toghther is just gross. He always thought of her as a daughter. Where is her daughter? I never see her spending any time with her. What kind of a grandfather is Victor always with Sharon but never having her bring his granddaughter with them even when they got married. They are both sick and very bad role models. Very bad story line. Oncr again showing and older man chasing after way younger and a girl looking for power and money. SICK

    Posted by cadter1 at Friday, August 03 2012 01:08 PM

    When will someone find out that Sharon is stealing again...this storyline with her and Victor is beyond ridiculous. This is why Y&R hadn't won any writing awards lately...And when is Victor (whether rich or not) going to pay for all the dirty deeds he had done. He is always calling out everyone else but NEVER get any payback. Are the writers of the show scared Eric Braeden will walk, what if he does.

    Posted by cadter1 at Friday, August 03 2012 01:10 PM

    Is Eileen Davidson gone for good, because of if so, this would be a big mistake. I think the Ashley and Tucker role should have been expanded.

    Posted by cadter1 at Friday, August 03 2012 01:13 PM

    Victor just married Sharon, why is he trying to stop Nikki from marrying Jack, this is stupid. And no one seems to realize that Sharon is a long is THIS going to play out. I am bit sick of the Sharon character as well.
    This woman runs to Kansas to beg Adam to come back and Victor shows up like nothing is wrong and marries, this storyline is pathetic. Come Y&R, I have watching you from the inception....Have you not realize that your writing sucks these days.....

    Posted by 2tgtbt at Friday, August 03 2012 01:50 PM

    the way things have been going lately, with all thses new characters. it's hard to invest in any of the characters any more. there are too many unfinished s/l's and too many rehashed baloney ,til it isn't the edge of your seat number one show. are tptb trying to get the show cancelled now?
    with all the writer changes and stupid stories how is a fan to get interested in the show any more. come on people give us something interesting for a change!!!!!

    Posted by Insomniac at Friday, August 03 2012 03:14 PM

    I agree Candace on so many points, only I don't get Aden with Kyle. I haven't grown to like the Kyle character yet. For me the Sharon crack-up in interesting. She's desperate for almost anyone to love her (case in point, Victor.) Victor is with her only to spite Nikki & she's beginning to find that out, that's why he decided to marry her on the day of Nikki's wedding. Fortunately for Jack's sake he wasn't able to stop the wedding. When Sharon interupted his visit to Nikki, he changed his story & said that he came to tell her about their wedding, not that he came to stop Nikki's. Victor has his own agenda for everything. It's all about him.

    Posted by Insomniac at Friday, August 03 2012 03:22 PM

    I;m sorry to see Ashley leave. I'll miss her.
    If Neil is so concerned with being near Moses why doesn't he give Sophia a break & move to NY so he can be near him. Why does Sophia have to make all the sacrifices? I am so put out with Phyliss for keeping yet another thing from Nick. If she doesn't come clean she is going to be in one heck of a tangeled mess again. Paul is going through his own hell & can't even believe what he knows. He needs a shrink & they need to get Eden to hypnosis. What's wrong with them? Maybe the bug is too intent on convicting Phyliss that she can't think of it.

    Posted by sjenn at Friday, August 03 2012 08:39 PM

    I am so done with this show. Victor & Sharon really gross me out. Sharon is finally getting everything she ever wanted from the day she married Nick. She's always wanted to be the "lady of the house". As soon as she saw dollar signs, she was ready to marry Victor. It's gonna take a lot to redeem Sharon. Also, I'm not buying that she's mentally ill, she's always been selfish and has wanted Victor for a very long time. Hope Victor stays away for a long time. I'm sure Sharon's next victim will be Tucker. She loves money and power and will sleep with any man that crosses her path. As for Phyllis, the writers are really making her seem stupid. Tim Reid's tapes are privileged and she needs to tape his demands. The Phyllis I know would have thought about that. Eden should have been hypnotized weeks ago. What's wrong with these people? The only storyline I like nowadays is Adam and Chelsea. I don't find them cheesy or boring and I'm hoping they'll be pregnant soon. It's so nice to see at least one happy couple.

    Posted by Jodyx at Friday, August 03 2012 09:08 PM

    This storyline between Sharon and Victor is Gross!!
    I hope Sharon get caught for stealing "AGAIN".

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