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    The Young and the Restless - FAQ - FAQ

    The Young and the Restless - ANSWERS

    How do I contact Y&R and it's cast members?

    To contact Y&R, and it's cast members, write to:

    The Young and the Restless
    Bell-Phillip Television
    7800 Beverly Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90036

    Or email them at: ^ Back to top

    What is the title of the song played when John Abbott passed away?

    The song is called "To Where You Are", and is performed by Josh Groban.. ^ Back to top

    The Young and the Restless Fan Club

    The Young and the Restless Fan Club
    7800 Beverly Blvd.
    Suite 3305
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    Y&R Fan Club. ^ Back to top

    Where can I find that poster that's up at Newman Enterprises?

    We get a lot of questions concerning the poster that hangs one of the offices at Neman Enterprises.

    It shows three people, wearing wide black hats with black eye masks,black legs and one wearing a red coat.

    Although the "Stylish Zurich Switzerland museum exhibition poster" used to be availble online at: Hatte ich das kino! the owner of the website told us he no longer has any copies, nor does he know where it can be found.. ^ Back to top

    Deadline for's Recaps & Spoilers.


    The recaps are written the day before they air in USA, and usually are posted early, however, Y&R recaps, much like the rest of the recaps on, are not due until the day the show airs in USA by 6 PM EST.

    If a recap is not posted before this time, it is not late. Please do not email us to complain a recap is late unless it is after 6 PM EST the same day the program airs in USA.


    We do try to get them posted by Saturday each week, after we receive the spoilers. Please do not email us unless it's Sunday and the spoilers have not been updated.. ^ Back to top

    Where does the show get wardrobe items, etc?

    The show refuses to answer this question so we do not answer mail regarding where they purchase any items that the characters use, wear or have in their sets.. ^ Back to top - ANSWERS

    How to register, post new topics and reply to topics in the message boards.

    First, register at for a free account. Please follow the directions in that link and you should be registered quickly.

    You may only have one registered screen name on Once you are registered, you will be able to post new topics, reply to threads and have our newsletters sent to you.

    Register using this link Register. You must also activate your account before you post. An automatic email is sent to you with a link for you to click to activate your account.

    Once you're on the message board you may want to know how to start a new thread. To do that, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the "Create New Thread" button. Once there, type in a title for your message, the message itself in the text box, then click the "Create New Topic" button underneath the Topic icons section.

    If you're replying to a thread, click reply, type in your message, then click the "Add your Post" button.

    Create a Watch List:

    Click edit your profile.
    Scroll down.
    Basic Notification: You have options to have us email you if you create a topic, create a post or if anyone posts on your topic.
    If you would like to watch a topic that is not your own, click this phrase, 'watch this topic' that you see at the top of the thread.

    To stop watching a topic:

    In your profile under basic notification, click the box beside the link to remove specific links from your watchlist.. ^ Back to top

    How do I activate my account?

    To activate your account, please check your email for an automated message from us. You'll find a request to click an activation link, within the email. Please click the link to activate your account.

    If you do not see the email it may take time. Ensure we are on your safe list.

    If you are trying to activate your account but the activation link reads that it is an invalid activation, please email us at and our technical team will assist you.

    Please only send the one email. We answer technical emails before any other type of email, but it may take a few minutes or hours for us to get to you. Sending more than one email only clutters our inbox.. ^ Back to top

    Guidelines for posting on Message Boards.

    Guidelines for message boards and all comment sections. Read before you post.

    1. Abuse: Flaming of actors, posters, or a group of people will not be tolerated - whether it be acting or physical appearance, profanity, racial, ethnic, religious, gender identity or sexual-orientation slurs. Without getting too personal, critiquing a character’s wardrobe, make-up and hair style is fine, as it is part of the production of the show in addition to writing, directing and set design. Bashing a character in a message board thread that clearly is a "no bashing" zone for that particular character is not allowed, but stating your dislike for a character in other threads is. Think twice about going into threads that push your buttons. We do not allow discriminatory, vulgar, or sexually-oriented material, nude avatars, or any other offensive material on the site or in messages or email to staff of the site. Making up nicknames is fine. Using nicknames the shows have created is fine. Using offensive names just for the sake of spewing negativity or bating other fans is against guidelines. A few examples of what not to use: Hope “Ho”, Luke “Puke”, “Phyllis “Syphilis”. We reserve the right to edit or remove postings that go against guidelines without notification or justification. We encourage you to use constructive criticism and tact. You are welcome to voice your opinion and debate/ argue the point, however, don't argue with the poster!

    2. Spamming and Removal of Posts: We reserve the right to move off topic message board posts to the lounge and to remove all spam and spammers registering with the sole intention of spamming/trolling. We are under no obligation to remove that which offends you just because you do not like it. Double posting is considered spamming so please refrain from posting identical posts. Useless posts (including ‘bumping’ threads) with no content and nonsensical posts eat up space and waste everyone's time. Writers and moderators will bump or remove at their own discretion. Any offensive posts can and will be removed and any harassing posts will be made available to the proper authorities.

    3. Reporting Posts: The moderators try to ensure our site is a place where all can be comfortable. Due to the overwhelming amount of posts daily, we may miss the odd 'bad post'. We are unbiased and do not miss 'certain' posts so please do not accuse us of this. If you happen to come across posts in the message boards or in the comments sections that violate our guidelines, contact a moderator. (or SheKnows LLC) may monitor discussions but we are not under obligation to review each and every post, nor are we obligated to share with the posters the solution that we came to. We expect posters to behave in a mature, respectful and courteous manner, while using common sense.

    4. Copyright Laws: While you are free to post short excerpts of blogs and articles that you find useful from elsewhere on the web, please be sure that you also post the source from which you got the information. If you wish to post an entire article or selection of pictures you must have full written consent of the copyright holder. If you are not positive if you can post something, please ask admin first.

    5. Privacy: Respect the privacy of individuals on the boards. Remember that these forums are viewable by the public, and posts may be included in search engine indexes, so if you post private information it is available for anyone to find. Read our Privacy Policy.

    6. Online Etiquette: Good etiquette online means that you DON'T USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS when you post! You may use a few words capitalized to add to your post, or utilize the bold and italic buttons for emphasis in your posts.

    7. Titling Your Posts: If you have a SPOILER or a RUMOR you'd like to share with, we ask that you please ensure that your title is named appropriately. We ask that you please do not post the actual spoiler in the title as not everyone wants to be spoiled. If you get the spoiler from the website, please include a link back to the page you found it on.

    Example titles:
    Spoiler about Nikki Newman
    I just heard something about Nikki
    Nikki’s drinking? (Spoiler!)

    8. Banning: We MAY try to first contact and come to a solution to problems that involve real community members before taking action, depending on the issue. Posting on our boards is a privilege, not a right. We do not delete screen names at request. We do not permit you to have multiple accounts or change your screen name. If we find that you have more than one account, we'll delete any extras as we see fit and bans could be placed.

    9. Censorship and "Freedom of Speech": The US Bill of Rights allows citizens the right to free speech in a public forum without limitations imposed by the State. ("Congress shall make no law... abridging the freedom of speech.") SheKnows LLC sites are not "public forums"; these sites are private forums open to the public. As a general rule, however, we uphold the ideals of the Constitution and do not condone the censorship of ideas. We allow relatively free and open discussion for most topics but we adhere to a simple tenet of respect. When in doubt, please remember this golden rule of message board etiquette: It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.

    10. Legal: You participate at your own risk on the message boards. takes no responsibility for the content or opinions posted here, nor do we control the information available in the interactive forums and that any opinions, advice, statements, services, offers or other information or content presented or disseminated on any interactive forum are those of their respective authors who are solely liable for their content. Please note that we cannot confirm the veracity of any poster’s identity (i.e. we make no guarantees that any poster is who or what they say they are). You take full responsibility for postings under your identification. You also agree to take responsibility for any offline issues you may have with another poster. We do not get involved in offline disputes. While we are open to feedback, public debate about how the boards are administered is discouraged. Keep in mind that we offer these message boards as a free service to their users and are not accountable in the way that elected officials are to their tax-paying constituency. Please contact us directly by email here to share your complaints or admin ideas. Although we do take them seriously, and read every email, we reserve the right not to reply. When mailing us with concerns, you must provide us with a short description of the problem and if relevant, please include message URLs (links).

    To advertise with us, visit our Advertising page. Do not post links to your own site, chain letters, virus warnings, pyramid schemes or solicitations. We will remove them and charge $50 per advertisement posted on the site without prior written consent, and we will donate the amount to a charity of our choice.

    All content on is the property of SheKnows LLC. Reproduction in any form without permission is strictly prohibited. Linking to news articles, spoilers or recaps is permitted. You acknowledge that SheKnows LLC, Inc. does not control the information available in the interactive forums and that any opinions, advice, statements, services, offers or other information or content presented or disseminated on any interactive forum are those of their respective authors who are solely liable for their content. Please note that we cannot confirm the veracity of any poster’s identity (i.e. we make no guarantees that any poster is who or what they say they are).
    Any communication or material you post or transmit to the Service is, and will be treated as, non- confidential and non-proprietary. You assume full responsibility for anything you post or transmit, and you grant SheKnows LLC and its affiliates the right to edit, copy, publish and distribute any information or content you post or transmit for any purpose. If you voluntarily disclose personal information (e.g. e-mail address) on a bulletin board or in a chat room, that information can be collected and used by other parties and may result in unsolicited contact. We reserve the right to reveal your identity (or any other information about you) in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you. Your IP address is recorded with every post you make.

    These rules are subject to change.. ^ Back to top

    How can I change the information in my profile?

    You cannot change your username once you have created it. You cannot have a second or third or fourth account here at If you try, you could face administrative action as this is against our guidelines.

    To change any other information in your profile, first, login. At the top of the page, you will see 'Edit Your Profile'. Click that link and it will open into a new page. You can make any changes in this page and when you're finished, click "Update." If you want to change your email address, at the top of your profile page, you will see "Change My Email." Click the link. Follow the directions to change your email and click "Change." If you wish to change your password, click "Change My Password," which is a link at the top of your profile page. Follow directions and click "Change."

    Your information is completely private.. ^ Back to top

    Password Issues and Login Errors:

    Q: I tried to login and this is the error I got.

    "Invalid username and/or password, please note: your login username is your email address you used for registration."

    What do I do?

    A: First check to ensure that your caps lock is not on, and then check that you are entering the correct email address and password that you registered with, into the login box. Please make another attempt to login, and if this still does not work, you will want to check to ensure that your password is correct, and that you are a member of the community. You can do this by clicking this link and following the directions to have us send you your password.

    Lost Password

    If you get this error message:

    Email address you have entered was not found in our database.

    You are not a member of the message board but can easily remedy this by signing up for your free account!

    Register. ^ Back to top

    How to post your avatar (picture).

    First of all, ensure your photo is not going to offend anyone! If it does, we reserve the right to change it for you and ask you to add a new one.

    Click on Edit My Profile. Enter your name in the Screen Name box. Put a check next to "Display my picture." Click the Browse button. Once you find the file of your Avatar (picture) click on it, press open. Scroll all the way down the page and click Update.

    If you choose one of your own, make sure it's no more than 80x80 pixels.

    Once you have updated your photo, click "Ctrl F5" on your keyboard to refresh. You'll now see your avatar!

    If you do not see your avatar, it can take up to 3 days to appear.. ^ Back to top

    How to delete cache from Internet Explorer, Netscape & Firefox:

    Don't delete cookies - it won't help you to login. It will only lose your password! Cache differs from cookies. A cache is a block of memory for temporary storage of data that you're usually going to use again. It's found in your web browser. If you have issues seeing the page you wish to see, sometimes clearing cache can help.

    How to delete cache from Internet Explorer:

    Select the "Delete Files" button to clear the Internet cache. Make sure to check the box to "Delete all offline content". Delete temporary Internet file history data by selecting "Clear History".

    How to delete cache from Firefox:

    Delete all temporary Internet files by selecting the "Clear All" button. Delete specific temporary Internet files such as History or Cache files by selecting their individual "Clear" buttons.

    How to delete cache from Netscape:

    Delete all temporary Internet files by selecting the "Clear All" button. Delete specific temporary Internet files such as "Page History" or "Cache" by selecting their individual "Clear" buttons.. ^ Back to top

    If I give feedback or suggestions, can you forward them to my favorite show?

    While we appreciate your feedback regarding the soaps, we have no way of forwarding them to your favorite show. We encourage you to send an email with your comments to the network of the show in specific. Please follow this link to find the address. Contact your favorite soaps!. ^ Back to top

    Do you ever conduct tours of the set on any soaps?

    From time to time the studios have tours. We advise you to go to the network sites for more information regarding this.. ^ Back to top

    Can you tell me the designer of an outfit, piece of furniture or props used on any show?

    Unfortunately, is not always privy to this information for all of the shows. We have been fortunate to get information regarding this from some of the shows in the past. This is no longer. We do encourage you to send an email to the show in question, directing it to the props or costumes department as well.

    Here is a link for all the show addresses! List of show addresses.. ^ Back to top

    How do I get an autographed picture of my fave cast member?

    We do not send out autographed pictures, however you may write directly to the soap opera of the cast member you wish to receive a picture of, and inquire with them. Here is a list of contact addresses and emails!

    Contact your fave shows!. ^ Back to top

    Do you have a program schedule for all the soaps?

    No, unfortunately we do not. The reasoning behind this is because the soaps are on at different times in each time zone, in addition to being on different channels. If you wish to know when your favorite soap is on, please check with your local cable company. ^ Back to top

    Do you hire actors to play in the shows?

    No, this is left to the producers and casting directors of each show. We are here to provide you with information regarding your favorite soaps, including late-breaking news articles, written daily updates, and a place to meet other fans, through our message boards.

    You may contact the shows to inquire more regarding auditions. These are not done via email but through postal mail. You'll send your photos, and resumes and if the shows are interested, they'll contact you. They generally seek professional actors and although they look at everything, almost all of the actors are professional and from primarily Los Angeles, as well as New York and Canada.. ^ Back to top

    Is affiliated with any television network?

    No is not affiliated with any television network.. ^ Back to top

    Do you have any pull in making changes to the Soap scripts?

    No, we don't.. ^ Back to top

    How do I sign up for a free Newsletter?

    You must first register for an account on To do so, please use this link Register. You will also need to activate your account. To do so, please wait until we have sent you an automated activation email. To activate, please follow instructions sent in the email, then you can login and follow these directions:


    Click "Edit Your Profile"

    Click the furthest tab to your right "Create Newsletter"

    Click the box beside whichever shows and information you'd like to have in your newsletter

    Click the box beside news and updates

    Click your preferred frequency, which is either "Once a week" (On Friday night) OR "Every day" (at midnight).

    Click Create

    If you have any issues with your newsletter, please feel free to Contact Us and our technical team will respond as soon as possible!. ^ Back to top

    How do I change my Newsletter subscription preferences?

    Please note that once you've subscribed to a newsletter, you can change your subscription from daily to weekly at any time! You can also change the soaps that you wish to get information on.

    To do so, please follow the steps below:

    Click "Edit Your Profile"

    Click the furthest tab to your right "Create Newsletter"

    Click the box beside whichever shows and information you'd like to have in your newsletter

    Click the box beside news and updates

    Click your preferred frequency, which is either "Once a week" (On Friday night) OR "Every day" (at midnight).

    Click Create. ^ Back to top

    How to remove the option of receiving a Newsletter:

    Login and click "Edit your profile", click "Create Newsletter" and remove the check from the box beside " news and updates" and also remove all checks next to the soaps and any other checkable options on that page.

    Please wait for one day to be removed from our list.

    If you still receive the Newsletters, please Contact us.. ^ Back to top

    RSS Feed questions!

    To get your RSS Feeds!

    First locate and click the 'RSS Feed' link on the top right hand side of the page. RSS Feed. Depending on which web browser you use, you'll be asked to subscribe via Outlook, Live Bookmarks, Blog Lines, Yahoo, Google Reader,etc.

    Click "Subscribe Now"

    If you receive this error, "Import page is not a RSS reader, Export File or OMPL File", you need to upgrade your RSS Reader. currently uses RSS 2.0. You may have an old reader that doesn't support 2.0.. ^ Back to top

    Where do you get your information from? has the insider scoop from all of the soap operas and the publicists, and the actors.

    Some sources we refuse to name and we do not reveal anything more than this.. ^ Back to top

    What does a volunteer moderator do?

    A volunteer moderator mediates one or more message boards to ensure that posters are following our guidelines. Currently we have no volunteer moderators, nor are we seeking any.. ^ Back to top

    How can I apply to become a volunteer moderator?

    Normally, you would simply go to our CONTACT US link, anywhere on and send us a note to inquire, however we are not currently seeking any.. ^ Back to top

    Why are there all these ads and expanding ads on the site?

    These are common ads that are used in order to advertise goods that generate income in order to maintain this free site. If the user does not mouse over the ad, they will not pop down. We invite you to click them. We want to be able to continue to provide you with a free service, and thank you for supporting us by clicking these ads.. ^ Back to top

    I want you to delete my account!

    Simply stated, accounts are not deleted on demand or request. All accounts are kept, even if your posting privileges are revoked.. ^ Back to top

    What does it mean to ban someone?

    This means that their account is suspended for a time, so that they can still view and read the site, but cannot post. Banning is something that we do not want to do. It's not a punishment. It is done in order to restore peace amongst posters, to ask posters to take a step back away from the issue(s) and hopefully return to us with a new outlook.. ^ Back to top

    How long is a ban?

    We ban anywhere from three days to life. Life is rare. If someone is caught spamming, or trolling the board, we can and have banned on site, for life, in order to protect the website and our visitors.. ^ Back to top

    Why was I banned?

    If you were banned, we urge you to contact the forum administrators at forum.admin - at - ^ Back to top

    Will you contact me to let me know I was banned?

    Not in all cases but mostly, yes, we do email to let you know.. ^ Back to top

    Why do you have ads on the website?

    This is a business like any other. They're used in order to generate revenue for the website. Running a website means hiring people to maintain the websites.. ^ Back to top

    How to use Email Notification and Forum Search?

    Please see this article that has directions on how to use both features. Email Notification & Form Search.. ^ Back to top

    How do I make my links clickable on the forums?

    There is no way for you to do this. Only moderators and the writers are able to do this.. ^ Back to top