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    Y&R Recap: Born With A Silver Sippy Cup.

    Friday, August 15 2014
    Nick confronts Helen, Paul talks with Dylan, and Jack returns to Kelly.

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    Posted by SudsRus at Saturday, August 16 2014 04:20 PM

    Heads up, coming on Monday's show. Cassie goes out and buys lingerie to wear for Nick, except it was Sharon that got an eye full and Cassie has some 'splain' to do.

    Nick calls someone and tells them he's sending the Newman jet for them. Later he knocks on a hotel door and tells the person "Thank God you're here."

    Is Grace Turner back?

    Posted by TINKIES2 at Saturday, August 16 2014 05:11 PM

    Someone mentioned Kellys dress. That has got to be the worse fitting dress I've ever seen. Her breasts were so squeezed in the dress they looked bulgingly (new word I made up) flat! Why do they dress these women this way? It wasn't flattering at all.

    I wonder how many defense attorneys have gotten someone out of the charges they were facing and that not guilty criminal went out and did the same thing or worse again, do you suppose those attorneys feel guilty like Avery does? Hmm... I do think if she writes the letter it will be a slap in the face to Dylan. I wonder what Paul and Christine will have to say about Avery and the letter.

    Speculation only, NOT a spoiler: I wonder if Joe Clarke will be Austins father? I don't recall Austins father ever being mentioned only his mother. Maybe when Avery was cheating on Joe with Dylan Joe was cheating on Avery and Austin is a "love child". I guess he could be the special prosecutor for the case. Time will tell.

    I didn't notice the pills on the book, great observation, I'm sorry I don't remember who mentioned that. I usually pick up on little details but I missed this one. Summer had a problem with pills I hope these are birth control and not anything else. I think if Summer was more outgoing and didn't frown so much people might like her.

    Posted by Rosie Nicolini at Saturday, August 16 2014 05:52 PM

    It is possible Sharon never knew she was having twins that is not so unbelievable but her mother Doris had to have known and been part of the cover up. Sharon was 17 and her mother is disabled and neither one of them could take care of twins.
    Doris is on disability and she could have sold the baby to the nurse for the black market to have enough money to care for Sharon and her baby. Helen Copeland could have been working with Ian and once Sharon married Nick they knew they had to get that child back. Ian raised her waiting for the day she would lead him to Nicki. I think the handwriting is on the wall for a real ''whodunit'' when Ian ends up dead.
    Nicki, Victor, Paul, Dylan, Nick, Sharon, all possible suspects!

    Posted by Rosie Nicolini at Saturday, August 16 2014 06:09 PM

    I really didn't think anybody could be more irritating than Lilly but i was wrong, Abby is a piece of work and into everybody's business. I am tired of the way Stitch is being treated, you know he really took the blame for killing his father to protect his mother so lets write it in the script. Billy needs to shut his face about what everybody has done when his list of offenses is longer than a mile. He kidnapped Adam at gunpoint, terrorized him with a gun and was going to kill him so who does he think he is judging somebodyelse. There needs to be a link between Austin and Ian as Summer is Nicki's grandaughter and he is after the Newman family and she is one of them. Summer is disgusting, weeks ago she was a virgin and now shes hot to trot, and looking forward to her getting her heart broken after the way she treats Jack about Kelly. How long does she think he should wait for somebody when there in a coma with no brain activity. Bring back the original Kelly, this one not as believable as the first one.

    Posted by jeanbean10 at Saturday, August 16 2014 07:21 PM

    Hi Posters, Well writers your writing is beyond poor but IF you try to make Cassie a twin this Mariah that surely has to be the worst!!
    As I said before even if Sharon didnt know she was having twins (unlikely but it has happened) but even IF she did, she would have known at delivery people! The DR would say there are two!
    There would be DRS and nurses there..and even if the mother was there and IS a nurse Sharon still would have known then she was having twins! So doesnt that end the twin theory??
    IRA that Nick looks very scuzzy with his slicked long hair and beard..a man with millions of dollars? Youde never know it..clean yp Nick!
    As for Austin...I know he did wrong but I find myself actua;;y feeling a little sorry for him now..he seems sorry and is willing to face up to what he did?!!(dont throw things at me!!)
    Now Summer..she is another story..a kid thats what she immature
    Oh well guess Pgyllis will awake soon and I hope jack returns to ya think he will?
    I hope so as kelly is a money grabber as other posters say! Cant stand her never could
    abd WRITERS..did ya forget Feliahs hit and run person hasnt been caufgt yet? probably dont know how to end that s/l huh? No mention of it at all anymore not even from kevin he is so wrapped up in Cghelseas business
    Ok Night friends..

    Posted by jeanbean10 at Saturday, August 16 2014 07:25 PM

    sorry typos again meant to say ITA about Nick looking scuzzy!

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