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    The Young and the Restless - DAILY UPDATES

    In our 'Daily Updates' section, gives you your daily dose of what's happening on ' The Young and the Restless '! We invite you to read our in-depth updates which we try to post before 6:00pm ET!

    Y&R Recap: The Way It Should Be.

    Wednesday, February 19 2014
    Victor learns Connor's missing, Sharon and Nick reminisce, and shots ring out in the ballroom.

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    Posted by Threecats at Wednesday, February 19 2014 09:19 PM

    Hello everyone,I just had to join all of you and get in on the fun. I laugh until I cry over your dead on comments. Just like all of you, I am stunned at what has happened to a soap I have watched since it's beginning.I will have to say the cocktail/hostage situation today took the cake. I think that group needs Ian to set them on a Life Path.BTW,he terrifies me,even in the safety of my on home! Looking forward to more zingers from you comedy writers.

    Posted by Ms. Crump at Thursday, February 20 2014 05:48 AM

    Really? Really? If this show is any indication of the American Law. Then one can come to the conclusion that if you are rich then you can get away with anything. Door knob Sharon has broken so many laws including leaving a woman in a coma and is totally destroying a child's life just to get another turn with pussy wiped Nick, Victor black mailing his son just to get close to his grand son by breaking the law of the death of an innocent child, Atkinson master mined the hole situation at the ball and now he is a HERO. Question there was a police officer in the duct work letting the other idiot police in the lobby know everything that was being said and done....What he got suddenly deft when lomak and Atkinson was talking about the crime? O what about Lomak partner? The show said Lomak is dead they never said the partner is dead or maybe the partner went dumb and can't take. This show is an insult of the intelligence of the views. Is this another crack in the law??? The Young and the Restless has more sh.t floating around than the public sewer system. My friends and I have had the biggest laugh and have decided when we visit the toilet our sh.t is a much more pleasant site than the sh.t that spurs from the young and the restless. Very discussed and disappointed in the no talented writers the story lines just drag on and then there is never justic. Maybe the show should get Grade 5 students to write the show I know they will do a far much better job.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, February 20 2014 07:50 PM

    Upstairs, Cane refuses to leave without his wife. A gunshot rings out and Lily screams. Downstairs, Neil has to be held back. I love the drama that does surround the trauma Ballroom gala . I love the senesce that Cane did refuse to leave his wife and begging Womack to let go of my wife. A gunshot rings out that did hit Cane in the ribs area at least almost. I love the drama where Lily screams in pain while Cane did get shot by Womack. I love the drama when downstairs Neil has to be held back from going upstairs with cops surrounding Neil pushing Neil back from going upstairs and helping out where Lily and Cane are concerned.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, February 20 2014 07:57 PM

    Upstairs, Cane is shot but conscious. Lily kneels beside him. Harding heads downstairs. Neil learns that Womack fired the shot but they don't know if anyone was hit.I love the way lily does come to her husband's aid just by kneeling by Cane's side. I love the way lily wanted cane to wake up from being shot. I love lily's expression when knelt by Cane's side I want you to stay alive. Please come to me Cane. I need to stay with my husband he is shot. He needs to be in a hospital. Love it all. Love the drama. love the writing skills as well.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, February 20 2014 08:08 PM

    Upstairs, Paul tries to talk to Womack through the door. Lily screams that Cane's been shot. Paul says he'll back off and phone again. I love the drama where Paul does take some kind of action and calls Womack back. I love the senesce where Womack crushes the phone so no one can call Womack. I love how paul does actually tire to talk to Womack through the door. That is another great senesce. Paul is ready for action to shot Womack. I love the way lily screams out that Cane has been shot. I love the drama for sure. The writing team did not disappoint either.

    Posted by fairland at Thursday, February 20 2014 08:20 PM

    I love the way lily begs to Womack saying lily wants to take her husband to the hospital he is engird. please my husband needs me to be by his side. Womack was not going to have that from lily. I love the lurking Colin from be hide a curtain that is pretty much why Colin is a fan of mine. I love the mystery that Colin does bring to the show. TR does a bang up job playing Colin. I love the way leslie does clam down Neil just to have faith that lily and Cane will be alright. Even those it is the worst of times. We need to have faith Neil that everything will be alright.

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