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    Y&R Recap: The Way It Should Be.

    Wednesday, February 19 2014
    Victor learns Connor's missing, Sharon and Nick reminisce, and shots ring out in the ballroom.

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    Posted by oldandsettled at Wednesday, February 19 2014 12:27 PM

    Today's show was notable for rampant over-acting by so many cast members that it almost became a comedy show. The police would have been better off to arrest Neil, Devon, and Lily and once they were in custody, they should have arrested their own police chief. Chelsea wasn't much better although she had a better excuse. I think the best bit was when the "badly wounded and bleeding" Cane jumped Womack, all with no apparent ill effects.

    Who writes this stuff? Sheesh.

    Posted by phbatl at Wednesday, February 19 2014 12:27 PM

    The writing on this show is horrible!!!! The lines, editing out scenes that would make the show flow better,too many new faces that you don't care about, the list just goes on and on.

    Posted by Sonora at Wednesday, February 19 2014 01:10 PM

    I do not like the new cop. Over dramatic, corny, couldn't stand to watch him.

    Posted by adamrocks at Wednesday, February 19 2014 01:25 PM

    Darn, I was hoping Womack would take Lily and neither would ever be seen again. Oh well.

    Not surprised Chloe would take Connor. Her character has always been and will always be a narcissistic, self-centered jerk. I even found it hard to feel sorry for her for losing Delia because her character is incapable of feeling anything for anyone but herself. Can't stand the sight of her or Kevin.

    I guess the living brain donors who write this show are going to continue to drag out the Summer/Sharon thing forever. I mean why not, it's already been months and months of this BS with no end in sight.

    Can't wait to see what Victoria does about Billy cheating. She was perfectly fine with him kidnapping and murdering her brother for something that was 150% Billy's fault, but cheat on her and it's war!

    I tried to start watching again the last few episodes but the writers have virtually destroyed the characters which is why the show stinks so much now and this is what we have to look forward to:

    Summer, the weak minded duck lipped twit is going to join the cult.

    Chloe has absconded with her friend's child because she's Chloe and if she wants something she's taking it. End of story.

    Nick/Sharon/Summer/Jack/Phyllis debacle will NEVER END. Just the same old freakin' thing day in and day out. A Cassie sighting here, Sharon getting ready to spill the beans but then gets distracted by a shiny object, Jack phoning the comatose Phyllis to say he misses her, Summer complaining because she's having problems so a creepy middle aged man approaches her, talks to her for a total of 5 minutes and she's now a brain dead cult member.

    The Carmine stalking thing is starting up AGAIN and apparently it's will never end either.


    Posted by nunyabznz at Wednesday, February 19 2014 01:47 PM

    Too bad the following folks were not shot:
    1. Chloe...for obvious reasons
    2. Billy...for leaving his daughter alone in a car, at night, and on a busy street
    3. Victurd...for being a turd
    4. Carmine...supposed to be dead long time ago!
    5. Lily...too snobby/whiny
    6. Sharem...where do I start? Changed DNA results; pushed Phyllis down stairs; burned down the ranch; married her ex-husband's brother AND father!

    Any of the above would have been a great candidate for that bullet!!

    Posted by rockinrobin1 at Wednesday, February 19 2014 02:01 PM

    OK 1st if all who cust & fixed Victoria's hair. It looks like they used a dull weed

    I can not stand the new Billy. He can not act for 1 thing, the other is, sorry, but he is ugly. I cannot stand the way he polks his bottom lip out, when he is up set. He act like a 4 yrs old..ha ha ...

    Posted by casey28 at Wednesday, February 19 2014 02:38 PM

    Wow!!!!!!!this new billy is even whinier than his whinny ass crazy haired wife!!!! I don't care victor has reached an all time low. Who could be so cruel as to torture a mentally illed person like that!!!!To pay someone to harass and mentally torture another human being is way beyond reprehensible!!!!

    Posted by leotwin at Wednesday, February 19 2014 03:04 PM

    Would someone please tell me how Carmine mailed a postcard to Lauren while he's in protective custody? They don't even let you tell your family where you are in order to keep them safe, so he sends a postcard showing he's in Puerto Rico. I am so sick of tnic insult my intelligent. Also, Devon had to call and cancel his date, shoudn't this have been a breaking news story? Smh as I rotflmao

    Posted by soapsdope at Wednesday, February 19 2014 04:12 PM

    Posters - Have you noticed that Victurd does not say "You Got That?" at the end of a sentence much any more? It has been replaced with "Okay?"
    Dick and Sharem reminiscing about their anniversary and the flashback - coo-coo, sucky-sucky, giggle-giggle, mushy-mushy. GGGGGRRRRR How childish the whole scene was.

    Posted by TJS44 at Wednesday, February 19 2014 04:30 PM

    With US Security ramped into the stratosphere, HOW did Chloe manage to get through it all and onto the plane? After all, doesn't a passport have a photo? She no more looks like Chelsea than the man in the moon............and that's just one 'issue' which is trying my patience.

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