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    Y&R Recap: The Way It Should Be.

    Wednesday, February 19 2014
    Victor learns Connor's missing, Sharon and Nick reminisce, and shots ring out in the ballroom.

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    Posted by HHH2003 at Wednesday, February 19 2014 08:25 AM

    TIIC...I love it!!!

    Hairdoo...what does "TIA" mean? I'm old and have led a sheltered life, so I don't know a lot of this modern language!!!

    Posted by notodo at Wednesday, February 19 2014 08:49 AM


    I'm guessing from her request that TIA is thanks in advance

    Posted by bikette at Wednesday, February 19 2014 09:12 AM

    Posted by Texanne at Wednesday, February 19 2014 03:30 AM

    bikette: RE: Chloe's cash flow. Maybe she finally remembered Katherine left Delia that $500,000 in her will. She probably got the money and will use it to live on in Paris. I think Esther will think of it after a while then they can trace where the money is being spent.

    Maybe but my point is where is she getting the money to buy tickets to Paris now? I taking that she didn't plan this kidnapping since she stole Chelsea's clothes and didn't take anything of her own. If she used her credit card to buy tickets it wouldn't match her/Chelsea's passport. So did she just happen to throw a couple of thousand dollars in her evening bag before she left for the gala, since all the banks are closed at night and usually have a limit on the ATMs? Jack and Victor are billionaires and have lots of cash stashed around, along with private jets. This thieving chick was homeless last year.

    Posted by notodo at Wednesday, February 19 2014 09:26 AM


    Plenty to make you go Hmmmmmm

    Maybe Chloe regressed and stole something form the mansion and sold it. But it wasn’t that dang music box…surprised she returned that to Jill by leaving it at the door. Catherine has so much priceless gadgets around the house and not even Ester will notice the absence. Ester prob would be internally relieved that it’s one less object she has to dust

    Posted by notodo at Wednesday, February 19 2014 09:29 AM

    or less objects (that Esther has dust)....Chole needs back up!

    Posted by notodo at Wednesday, February 19 2014 09:41 AM


    Haven't seen the shows yet

    Maybe Chole confiscate some items from Chole's , for cash, as well as Conner

    I would be surprise if Connor's shoes were made from platinum, Adam wanted only the beat for peanut

    I like the way you think Bikette

    Posted by notodo at Wednesday, February 19 2014 09:42 AM

    From Chelsea's

    Posted by notodo at Wednesday, February 19 2014 09:43 AM

    Dang! Too many errors

    I would NOT be surprise


    Posted by glovers67 at Wednesday, February 19 2014 10:12 AM

    @Cards I totally agree with your post and about Neil .I thought when Womack pointed his gun at Devon the other day I would think Neil would have played hero but agree have him do more beside protect Leslie who at least could have tried to make a deal with Womack.Also like that Victor will make crazy Chloe pay.

    Posted by marta1 at Wednesday, February 19 2014 10:35 AM

    I can't stand this Billy, he looks like little boy,
    Please somebody get Victor in loony house or 9 ft. down.
    No more Nick and Sharon, No more Nick and Sharon,no more.

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