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    This Is Your Fight.

    Thursday, September 05 2013
    Anita deals with a very upset Chelsea, Adam confronts Victor about the surveillance, and Victor learns the identity of the secret investor.

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    Posted by Unameit at Thursday, September 05 2013 04:50 PM

    Thanks Va Hillibilly. I read kmc's posts and the vulgarity went over my head. Guess I'm like your sister. Thought that was a commom. Lol

    Posted by vernonda2n1 at Thursday, September 05 2013 04:54 PM

    Wow Victor, Sr.'s Doing Dirty Backstabbing Against Adam!

    Now that's just plain wrong for Victor, Sr. to be bugging Adam's office, no trusting here.
    Well Adam surely spoke his mind and shoving that bug recorder in his daddy's face.
    You just can't learn even how to trust in family or out-Big Hatfield (Victor, Sr.) and Jr. McCoy (Adam)! LOL
    Darn it, Anita Almost Let It Slip Out That Adam's The Father Of Terrance Conner To Dylan!

    Damn Anita you almost blabbed to Dylan that he's not Conner's father, whew what a big shoe mouth.
    Thank goodness that Dylan left.
    Dylan Goes To The Boulevard Where Billy, Anita and Adam Are!

    Billy gives Dylan an ear, as he tells that Conner's tests didn't go well.

    While Dylan's still talking to Billy, Adam over hears that Conner has a degenerative eye disease and could go blind.

    Dylan "YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER" of Conner, don't understand that Chelsea didn't have sex with you; she was already pregnant when you met her.

    Chelsea's a liar and her pants are on fire along with her mother Anita and father Jeffrey Bardwell who knows the truth too.

    Posted by Unameit at Thursday, September 05 2013 05:03 PM

    Ok, my favorite line of the day was when Anita said, "Wake the baby for his, (then pause) uh Anita."

    But must admit I love it when Victor says "I'll be damn."

    Posted by SudsRus at Thursday, September 05 2013 06:27 PM

    I wasn't going to post but two things:

    1. In this day and age of technology how come some of you are complaining about the ads on here? First of all, use Firefox as your browser instead of that crap Internet Explorer. THEN go to your tools menu and click on ADDONS. Search for "Super AdBlocker" and download it for FREE. Walla - no more ads to bug your asses.

    2. KMC vulgar????? I didn't know what people were talking about until someone said 'pantinator'. I must admit I never heard that word before and when I read it in your comment it made me think about that one. So KMC thank you for introducing a new word in my vocabulary and btw, you are one of the main reasons I read this board - so don't be goin' anywhere anytime soon. Keep entertaining us with you "vulgar" writing some of us actually get it.

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Thursday, September 05 2013 07:10 PM

    Hello everyone,

    Chelsae and Anita disgust me! Just when I thought Anita was going to encourage Chelsae to tell the truth, because she knows the truth too, she agrees to keep it quiet for Dillin and her sake? Ugh! Then, we get Chelsae crying to her mother about how Dillin's blaming himself for his eye condition, when we all know, including both Chelsae and Anita that the baby's Adam's, and that's where Conner got the eye condition from? Give me a break guys!

    Oh Victoria, aren't you the sympathetic one. we all know that you'll act like you feel bad for Victor, when we all know that you've wanted to be his favorite all along, and you think you now have the opportunity to do so. You don't care about anybody else's feelings when it comes to Newman, but your own.

    Go Adam! I'm rooting for you and Jack to finally take Victor down. It's about time! Victor needs to retire anyway. lol!

    I really hope Noah doesn't agree to work for Newman Enterprises. We don't need him trying to act like Nik. lol!

    Speaking of which, this teen story with Noah and Courtney is borring.

    Posted by soapfan1984 at Thursday, September 05 2013 07:22 PM

    @biket and newtoto,

    Ita about Anita and Chelsae. I'm also looking forward to seeing Adam lay into Chelsae and Anita for keeping Conner's paturnity a secret from him. even though this will sound horrible, I can't wait for Dillin to go all PTSD on Chelsae. lol!

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Thursday, September 05 2013 07:28 PM

    Vic sure was playing up Victor today. After she told Billy she wasn't interested in NE and then she sucked right up to Victor about Adam. She even rubbed it in Adam's face about not being the golden child. She wants to rally the Newman clan for him. WHY? WHY? WHY? I don't understand these stupid Newman kids are always after the jerks pat on the head or a crumble. He has shown none of his kids any respect at any time in their lives. He turns his back on them and never supports any of their decisions, whether it's home or business. I would have cut him lose as a parent a long time ago. The only Newman who doesn't try to get any attention is Abbey and she goes on about her business as usual, be damned with what he wants and she is happy doing that. He is derogatory to each one. Can some one please explain this satistic man to me. I forgot he also does the same thing to Nikki, as well. I wouldn't give this man a pot to pee in or pee on him if he was on fire. When has earned any respect from anyone and thinks he is so perfect. I'm SMH and SMH and still am flabbergasted how dumb these people are and how much verbal abuse they are willing to take, before they will finally say enough is enough. My guess is when he leaves the show, IDK.

    Posted by teamysteries at Thursday, September 05 2013 07:51 PM

    Who didn't think Victor would not find out the secret investor was Jack. Oops Chelsea you messed up big time and you didn't like mom when she did it. Adam is going to get you and stupid Dylan is just stupid. Victoria you got caught.

    Posted by Va. Hillibilly at Friday, September 06 2013 07:09 AM

    Hello Old and New Posters; KMC and Unameit: I thought my sister was kidding when she said that about the pantibrator(she was serious) and I told her if that was what she was needed, she should lean on her washing machine on the spin cycle and get a cheap thrill for free. She thought that was funny.

    Posted by VeronicaC at Friday, September 06 2013 11:00 AM

    Posted by SudsRus at Thursday, September 05 2013 06:27 PM
    Driving down the road the other day I saw a billboard that said how come sharp tongues and dull minds so often so together............
    If you think the writing is good and the people on here just don't "get it"...believe me it's not that deep, the problem is we do get it and there ain't much to get (as Victor might say)

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