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    This Will Kill Her.

    Tuesday, June 18 2013
    Phyllis and Nick debate, Fen freaks out, and Traci talks to Jack.

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    Posted by sunmama at Monday, June 17 2013 09:02 PM


    Pass the lute.

    Posted by sunmama at Monday, June 17 2013 09:02 PM


    Pass the lute.

    Posted by red duches at Monday, June 17 2013 10:09 PM

    all aboard I'm with you on the killings; if Fen's the hit-man, then let's just do a roll call, it won't that many left afterwards (lol).

    Michael says he will make Carmine stop coming around and Lauren says to just ignore him. Oh really and is letting him wet your face with his lips at yours AND Michael's home your way of ignoring him Lauren? I'm glad you at least told Michael about the text Carmine sent.

    I really think Traci is the culprit who is putting Neil's journal out; she may even be Rose. Neil and Leslie were talking about a saying from the book and it flashed the next scene to Jack reading. May not be any connection but I really think it is. There is no real reason for Traci to continue her "visit." Family don't stay this long, after one day, I'm ready to kiss and say good-by to mine cause we are grown and can't stay too long before someone starts being noisy and bossy - hint Traci.

    OMG! Nick you were by yourself being stupid and now you have recruited Phyllis as your sidekick. Sharon might as well have told you that she heard you at Cassie's grave. Phyllis you are her mother, I don't care how scared Nick is of losing Summer, if yall don't tell that child, she and her brother Kyle will have sex and if you think she was gonna freak out now; wait til that happens and you guys finally tell her. You two are really being stupid and playing with wildfire.

    Where's Victor?

    On yesterday's show when Chloe told Kevin what she wanted him to do to prove himself worthy of her, I screamed. Chloe you have some nerves; Lauren had just reminded you what you did. So if Kevin does that, what are you gonna do for breaking in Nick's home, stealing $500,000 dollars, stealing from Katherine, huh?

    Chavez is a cutie!

    Posted by Suzann 2 at Tuesday, June 18 2013 12:30 AM

    I can understand that Chelsea wants to be happy with Dillon . She not looking for money she is looking for happiness. I wish she would tell Adam the truth about the baby. She been very hurt by Adam and Sharon was always in the way. Instead of being with his wife Chelsea after the loss of their baby .Adam was with Sharon and committed to helping her. Chelsea suffered her depression by herself, with out Adams help. So I understand her feeling he didn't care about her when he had her but now he wants her. Chelsea is pretty down to earth , I hope she does come clean and I hope that Adam would be good to her and their child . I would love to see Adam get a second chance at happiness .

    Posted by Suzann 2 at Tuesday, June 18 2013 12:58 AM

    Nick man up and tell Jack and Summer, I hope they don't go to far. Yes Summer might be in shock for a day. Jack shows he already loves her as a daughter . I think summer would be okay with knowing Jacks her father not Nick . If Kyle and Summer have sex they will hate Nick for not telling them Jack would want to beat the hell out of Nick, and will resent Phylis for not telling the kids before anything could happen . Talk about the real shock for Kyle and Summer and their innocent because no one told them. Nick you say you love Summer tell her the truth . Right now nick your being selfish and it would be your fault and Phylis too if anything happens to these two young people Jack will really hate the Newman's and who could blame him .Both his kids would need mental help. Nick stand up be a man.

    Posted by apple1950 at Tuesday, June 18 2013 01:47 AM

    Fen is really creepy. Phyllis is stupid if she thinks Kyle and Summer will only sleep together at night. Look at the themes of the latest storylines: sex and psychotic behavior. Love Traci but her visit has been a bore. Agree that NuAbby seems like a whole new character. She nteracts with new characters and she has lost her Abby connection to the show. In all this time, Jack's DNA could have tested. The big reveal on the Neil blogger will be as flat as the whole storyline has been. I am not curious. I just want the storyline to end. Whoe is me. What has happened to my soap?

    Posted by FL senior fan at Tuesday, June 18 2013 03:11 AM

    Okay, enough of cowardly Nick not being able to sit down with Phyllis and Jack with that paternity letter. Tell "adults" first, then Summer and Fen together. What are they waiting for; till they bed each other...please, disgusting!
    If these cowards can't do it, I hope Avery or Sharon finds that crumbled letter and forces the issue!

    Sounds like Sharon and Traci can share in some common ground, the loss of a child and broken marriage from it.
    It would be nice to see Sharon have a "girl" friend of good morale/influence.

    Oh goodie. I think the boiling point has been reached in this Fen/Michael/Carmine situation. I'm hoping for a good who-done-it murder case real soon. This Carmine character needs to be gone, one way or the other. I don't care if its by Lauren writing him a big check to go abroad, or murder (which could be ruled self-defense in the end).

    Jill, be supportive of Billy. Ask WHY be went to gambling before you advise him to stay with Victoria the nag.

    Posted by FL senior fan at Tuesday, June 18 2013 03:18 AM

    More Gloria, please!
    Get her involved with her family situations more; and would it..IF the spirit/ghost of John would visit her.
    They were quite in love at one time and he had planned on leaving her the estate when he died.
    Chloe and Chelsea don't see to be moving along with their business too good because they are always talking personal problems. Let GLORIA give this business the push and get credit for it!

    Posted by caring at Tuesday, June 18 2013 03:27 AM

    I agree the new Abby is horrible.....

    Posted by FL senior fan at Tuesday, June 18 2013 03:30 AM

    Off topic,
    that pop-up add and tv commercial for "devious maids" looks pretty good. It come on a bit late for me but maybe I can force myself to stay up for it. Anyone else plan on watching it?

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