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    Goo-Goo Eyes.

    Thursday, May 16 2013
    Chelsea and Dylan get closer, Victor makes a request, and Summer plots with Courtney.

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    Posted by yeahreally at Wednesday, May 15 2013 06:49 PM

    Wow~~~MAMA MIA, now that's a soap opera! Sounds yummy!

    Nickki, really keepin it classy there. You'd think she'd have nothing to lose by just saying "Why THANK YOU SHARON" she is, after all the mother of her grandchildren!

    ITA SkegeeAce: Sharon's doctor could be an instant millionaire with all of the business GC would bring!

    TGVN: Telling Adam of all people who to do and not to do....
    Remember "Meggie"? Yeah the ALL knowing VN. Please...

    For once Dummy/polecat/ TLS has gotten it through her head. Maybe those meds are kickin in after all! It's going to be a good show. For the first time in a long time I may actually watch this one and not just go by the spoilers.

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, May 15 2013 07:44 PM

    Adam has been giving chelsea pity sex and for how long the pity sex went? Was that until chelsea lost her child with adam.? So sharon is now more than upset that adam decided to kiss sharon right in front of victor to get back at victor one way or the other. Does adam emotional drama is only for sharon to use chelsea as an excuse to make love to sharon. what was up with sharon letting Adam use sharon like this just adam still have feelings for Chelsea. adam nerve crossed his mind what kind sex games that adam hold over chelsea's head. so sharon love nest with adam kept going until chelsea saw sharon one too many times in a row that sharon had to know what was going on in chelsea love interest. I mean wow. Adam did not know when to stop having sharon around to where it came to chelsea having adam's baby either.

    Posted by brooksie at Wednesday, May 15 2013 07:58 PM

    If Nugget Nick is going to announce Suummer is Jack's......he he lied for nothing...and he really wantsd Phyllis.

    Posted by SanFranciscoSenorita at Wednesday, May 15 2013 08:09 PM

    Sorry Fen, you and Summer are already like your mom and dad, so stop whining and find someone else, Ya Punk!

    Unbelievable!! Kevin gets off for robbing all those houses for hundreds of thousands in bobbles. No wonder he keeps breaking the law; he always gets off easy or scot-free. He also had some nerve to complain about having to work for the police station as community service when he should be going to prison.

    Chloe shouldn’t complain about Kevin being a thief; she got the stealing in motion when she robbed Mrs. C and got off on it too, then got him into it.

    MS or no MS, Nikki is still a pompous jerk with no reason to be; da polecat got a short memory. When Sharon said she wouldn’t wish Victor on anyone, even, Nikki. Dumb azz Nikki retorts, well we all end up with who we deserve (or something like that). The dumb polecat shot herself in the foot.

    Why the heck does Adam owe Victor an act of faith when he should owe Adam the same? Anyway, Adam is now getting the controlling riot act that his siblings have been suffering with for years., which only led to a billion dollar lawsuit. It’s your turn to let the Turd run your life and choose your partners, Adam. That old Turd-dragon is so not worth it. Adam, you made a big mistake letting Victor back into NE.

    Yeah right, Sharon, Adam’s a bastard and you’re the fool. What else is new?

    Yeah right, Chelsea, the bastard who happens to be the smartest guy in town will never ever figure out he is the father.

    Posted by sunmama at Wednesday, May 15 2013 08:11 PM


    I don't think he really wanted Red, he wanted a replacement for Cassie. Remember, his plan was to be the baby daddy but remain with Sharon and Noah, but Sharon said no how could he turn his back on his child and cut him loose.

    Posted by sunmama at Wednesday, May 15 2013 08:12 PM


    From yesterday, You can have Steve Burton all to yourself JUST BACK IN PORT CHUCK. U GOT THAT.

    Posted by yeahreally at Wednesday, May 15 2013 08:14 PM

    MsChief: email me. I'm home tomorrow all day.

    Posted by Ms Stella at Wednesday, May 15 2013 08:15 PM

    Oh Estrelita, I think you may be right about Adam's future. Can't stand what the TIIC in charge are doing to his character. Never thought I would find Adam boring, but these writers accomplish boring miracles!

    Sunmamma - ITA, enough of Stupor Dylan. He comes off as an idiot. Boring!!!!!!!!

    Sharon does not deserve such lousy treatment. She has always been a good kind person at heart. Many times she has put others ahead of her own well being. She may not always have the best judgment, but give her a break. She is just a naive girl who grew up in apt. 13 on the wrong side of the tracks. Adam - you better be good to her!

    I am a long long time fan who couldn't imagine not watching. But I am about done, can't take much more of this abysmal writing. TNIIC have suceeded - I am out of their desired demagraphic. Maybe that is their plan. I thought Josh G was supposed to be a good writer. JFP can only recycle old ideas that got her fired in the past. Everything you predicted Estrelita has, or is, coming true.

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, May 15 2013 08:38 PM

    @fairland - Adam has been giving chelsea pity sex and for how long the pity sex went

    ~~~When did Adam give Chelsea 'pity Sex'?
    And why peanut, pretty, fairland, must you give up incidents that happened weeks or months ago? It's CONFUSING

    Holy Batman I may get on punishment But I must get this off my chest (flat chest at that)

    Posted by red duches at Thursday, May 16 2013 01:06 AM

    As much as I hate for her to come to a close, when are they gonna tribute Ms. Cooper? They haven't said anything about her at all. Jill hasn't been seen either. How are they gonna end her on the show?

    Nick tells Avery that Summer can never be with Kyle. So Avery you are a good lawyer, figure that out so you can tell Nick to hurry up. Summer intends to have sex with her "brother" very soon.

    I'm glad Fen went to his dad to talk, but he still needs some psycological help big time and very soon. If Summer does one more thing to humiliate him, he just may snap for good. She should not have said she would be his date for the prom knowing it was just part of her plan.

    Sharon and Nick needs to get back together. Besides now Sharon is the ONLY mother of his kids. Nikki I have never liked your up-the-nose attitude; you would think that with your illness you would start being more nicer to people when they say that they're sorry for that inspite of how you feel about them. I still love TGVN but he did Sharon wrong and Sharon felt betrayed and hurt, plus she had not been diagnosed with bi-polar at that time so everyone should cut her a brake. When it comes out that brother Nick has done the ultimate sin, Victor will have another child going as an Abbott.

    Adam is trying so hard to win his daddy's approval and I do hope Victor will finally tell him he loves him, not because he saved his life, but because he's his blood.

    Chloe although you went to jail for the "wrong" robbery, you still should have went for the ones you did do, so shut-up cause you started this and got Kevin back in the grove of things.

    I love Steve Burton no matter where he's act; although I must admit it's still hard for me to accept him leaving GH. Maybe he will work out something and move back so he can get back to Port Charles cause this baby mess may end up in Adam's lap and Dylan will be hurt and probably will leave town for sure. I still don't like Chelsea.

    Did I fall asleep or miss something? Has Gloria's place not been remoldled yet cause everyone is at the Boulavard. I thought it was to support Billy.(lol!!)

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