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    The Ripcord.

    Thursday, January 31 2013
    Adriana trusts Noah, Gloria gets hired, and Billy rejoins the family business.

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    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, January 30 2013 07:22 PM

    I can wait to see cane go to bat with chelsea where it comes to victoria doubt over baby johnny. Like Chelsea would be focus baby johnny that Chelsea would be threat to her own child. please. cane would not be happy that victoria has this doubt all over again like chelsea did something wrong to give up her child to victoria that would make victoria happy to have chelsea child.billy has told victoria that time and time again that chelsea is not interested to be with johnny as a mother the way victoria has been handling things. Cane would up set for that reason that chelsea and cane relationship would as lovers. Cane does have a lot of interest chelsea as a lover and victoria would see right throw that. The only reason you are with cane so you can have johnny back in your arms right chelsea. victoria is that insecure about herself it is disgusting

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, January 30 2013 07:50 PM

    Lily sighs over Chloe being back in their lives. Lily I actually thought that you are over the fact that chloe did set up cane a long ago why are you now having doubts now. Lily is a bore to a boring character to bring up the past like this. chloe is not going after yor marriage again. chloe been married to kevin why would chloe even care about your marriage a second time around any way. I mean really . chloe is now fixated on the fact of being a criminal. Lily is being disputing ridiculous at this point. chloe is not fixated on you any more.

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, January 30 2013 07:51 PM

    You know peanut4u, G'vee left when the nebies took over and IDT - I Don't Think - that any of us would love to see Tucker and GVee together as well as much as you do 'at all'.

    RE: fairland -I would love to see more of Tucker With Genevieve as well as much as you do.

    ~~~I would have liked to see Tucker remain and move forward with a good s/l but TIIC failed to put him in an interesting story.

    I also think Tucker sold his shares to TGVN - The Grapplin' Vic Newman, cause he grasping for straws, help, reinforcement, alibis, ammo, etc

    Posted by kmc320 at Wednesday, January 30 2013 07:53 PM

    nebies is newbies. Need to cut these darn fingernails

    Posted by fairland at Wednesday, January 30 2013 07:59 PM

    disputing is suppose to be disgusting.

    Posted by denecia at Wednesday, January 30 2013 08:31 PM

    I think is time the writers spice up this show with some real drama like cane and chealsea being together and lily and tyler but in a unfaithful way and avery give nick a drop on his face by getting back with your husband and sharon could end up with alex nikki with jack. I think this would really make a good show

    Posted by HeyMon at Thursday, January 31 2013 02:09 AM

    That bag of money keeps on a traveling, and it is boring as #ell. Chloe is bust up out of options again cause she and ChipMonk were counting on the loot bag to solve their problems. Get real, Josh G, with the writing in Genoa City.

    Yeah, a Summer appearance and sighting is finally in store. Seemed strange that the girl Fen and Jamie were fighting over, has been AWOL the last month. Guess Jill Farren Phelps thought it was more important for us to get to know 'exciting' Adriana.

    Hey, at least Tyler is being shown as more than someone who perpetually wants to 'bone' the CEOs wife. At least this 'Murder Mystery' will get his mind off of the bedroom for once.

    Posted by Fiddlers Daughter at Thursday, January 31 2013 04:47 AM

    Hi Everyone!

    Watching that scene where Adam went to talk to the Turd as one of his sons and offering him NE back was a flashback from when he took The Dick to see his father and his father verbally attacked him. He should take a step back, as Phylthy has done, and realize that he has turned into his own father!!!!!

    I sure as HE!! hope that Adam does NOT take TLS “advice” to go to the re-opening of the Underground with her! He listened to her about offering an olive branch to his family and look where that got him! I can just picture it now: Adam shows up with TLS on his arm, Max shows up to bartend, Avery spots Max/Dylan, The Dick goes ballistic and sucker punches (because that’s the only way he knows how to handle his problems) Max AND Adam and there goes yet another “dream” of The Dick being independent! LOL

    It sounds like the Turd is trying to “turn the tables” on Congressman Wheeler having his “cronies” check into that person being wrongfully incarcerated and making a half a$$ed attempt to get Avery to drop the case. I hope with all my being that Wheeler is having his OWN cronies watch every step that the Turd makes; if he is smart he will!

    Maybe with Vickie getting paranoid again that Chelsea “might” try to get Johnnie back will wake her up and she can go back to being his “mother” instead of following her father around like a little, whipped puppy trying to make him love her by getting NE back for him! Talk about someone that could use some psychiatric help, SHE is a true candidate for it!

    Did anyone else notice that the engagement ring that Dylan was looking at was the “same” ring that his been floating around from person to person? LOL It is the SAME square cut diamond that The Dick gave Phylthy, the Turd gave TLS and the Turd gave Nickie! LOL Maybe Dylan bought it off Phylthy, since she isn’t going to need it anymore! LOL

    Posted by Blue 501 at Thursday, January 31 2013 04:51 AM

    So, Chloe & Kevin had the $500,000 just loose in their house, even though that is how they were able to steal it from Noah. Ever hear of safety deposit boxes, chipmunks?

    Posted by nanas3 at Thursday, January 31 2013 05:40 AM

    yes must be talking about Happy Pants Hilda!!! She's happy she gets any anymore. Now that FBIFU is gone and her sister has her's and The Lovely Sharon's man....

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