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    Galactically Inexperienced.

    Friday, January 11 2013
    Victor learns of Billy's position, Chelsea is disappointed, and Cane and Neil butt heads.

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    Posted by Goglo at Friday, January 11 2013 07:34 AM

    I thought it was so funny yesterday when Nicky said to Victor, "taking advantage of Jack's illness is stooping too low". Hah! What is too low for Victor Newman??

    Also, all these new characters are too much for me. Tyler, the girl with Noah, Jack's assistant, the missing boy, Fen the freak, and the teenage Summer, I just can't get into these characters. They let Ashley's character go to bring on all these new characters. And where is Ms. Chancellor's husband? Anat is Jill supposed to be doing now that she is back?

    And I'm already tired of seeing Avery and Nick slobber down. There's no romance in any pairings on this show anymore. When I see its about to happen, I want to change the channel.

    Posted by bikette at Friday, January 11 2013 07:57 AM

    Ok I'll give you Vic has a heart, a black one. But Delia got tons of presents this year. On the show Kevin was only talking about him not being able to give Delia everything she wanted. They will never be homeless, mansion less maybe, but never homeless. LOL

    Posted by PurpleHearts at Friday, January 11 2013 08:31 AM

    Posted by glovers67 at Friday, January 11 2013 06:59 AM

    Am I the only who thinks Victor deserves his company back,after all he did start it himself from the ground up.I think that was quite a feat for an orphan..

    ...why does Victor deserve his company back? Did he give Jabot back to his good friend John? No, it was business and so was taking NE away from Victor, others have had to live with it, so should he!

    He got Billy back in time to save Delia when nobody else could
    ...and why was Billy away... because Victor paid someone to sleep with him and call it rape to have him thrown in jail to rot!

    Is it Victor's fault that Jack took home a hooker and she dies

    ...YES! Victor paid her to set up Jack!

    Posted by Texanne at Friday, January 11 2013 08:54 AM

    Duh Chelsea, so you think you're not going to Paris now. Geez Louise, wake up and smell the coffee!!!!

    Would somebody please tell me why they have to have Chloe and Chelsea as friends? Is it because neither one of them has any other friends? What about Delia? What is she doing back at the mansion? These questions cannot be answered fast enough for me. Send them both to jail soon. Think of something, anything to charge them with.

    Posted by Janol77 at Friday, January 11 2013 08:57 AM

    Cane and Lily were my favorite couple on Y & R up until recently. The writers have no idea what to do for this couple, and it shows. The boring corporate storyline they have Cane embroiled in with Neil is so freaking pointless. Instead of hot (as I imagine the writers think throwing Tyler into every scene with Lily is) it is creepy. Dude, she's married. Leave her alone. They are doing nothing but writing the Tyler character into a tight corner. Something the writers are very adept at. Ask Genis Francis or the countless other not so well known actors and actresses who have come on the show only to exit a few months later. Speaking of not knowing how to write a character, what the hell is going on with Neil? He hasn't been written well in YEARS...YEARS! WTF! This show has really gone to the dogs. I hate everything about this show. Why do I even bother? I check back every now again to see if something, anything has improved. It never does. Even Steve Burton coming on this show doesn't exit me. The writers wont do anything inventive with his character. He will be the same old blah, but with a new face on screen.

    Posted by kmc320 at Friday, January 11 2013 09:29 AM

    Hey All Y'all

    @cards1 - OK best LMAO lines of the day goes to Sharon!
    Sharon tells Adam "I'll do my best to see that Billy doesn't run Newman into the ground."

    ~~~That's Blonde is neither a scholar nor a ________________ (fill in the blank). That woman is still mentally ill with Delusion of grandeur.

    Dummy is clearly affected by Spawn saying he and Chelsea has flight to Charles De Gaulle.

    bikette that pocket book battery had her all aglow and smiling until Spawn said Chadam was going to Paris. They thing must have short circuited

    I love Billy. Victor's face froze before he could completely wipe that smile off his face when Billy told him he had Vic's job. CAL - crying and laughing

    Lawd Chelsea walks in on Sharon's hus, er, I mean Chel's husband and Dummy flirting under the guise of work. Dummy's telling him she's so good that she doesn't have to take notes and he says he can read her thoughts (whew I thought he was going to say her brains cause a thought can pop in the head ). Po' Chel looking like she's lost the battle

    I like Leslie but I don't like those forever shining lips. Change the gloss please

    Posted by kaycountrygal at Friday, January 11 2013 09:36 AM

    Adam sounded like Victor when Adam said to his secretary: "Kindly hold my calls". I'm sure I've heard Victor say those exact words... just a chip off the ole block LOL 12:37pm

    Posted by bruceyboy at Friday, January 11 2013 09:45 AM

    GROVERS are you on some new fascinating pill that totally distorst reality in any way re: "Victor has done a lot of good" ....

    Everyone of the situations you described came about first because of VICTOR's own maniuplations that went wrong ... soooooooooooo wrong ... have you totally forgotten that VICTOR was the one that was keeping BILLY from his family in the first place? DID YOU TOTALLY FORGET that it was his doing that got REED taken away from his spoiled brat daughter VICTORIA in the first place?

    And to say that VICTOR deserves his company back because it was quite an accomplishment for an orphan is laughable ... had hadn't done all the nasty vindictive things he had done that led up to his spoiled brat kids (which, by the way, are spoiled because of who???) taking his ass to court, HE WOULD STILL HAVE THE DAMN COMPANY that is supposedly so precious to him ...

    UNGRATEFUL indeed ...

    Posted by bruceyboy at Friday, January 11 2013 09:46 AM

    FIDDLERS as to whom ADAM could possibly be playing or working with ....

    I doubt it will be any one of the major players that were listed because at one time or another, they have all screwed each other .... no, I think it will be a surprise ...

    Posted by bruceyboy at Friday, January 11 2013 09:50 AM

    All of you lovely people who are bashing, yet again, THE LOVELY SHARON ....

    Need I remind you that no matter how she did it, no matter how dumb you think she is or delusional ... SHE IS GAINFULLY EMPLOYED and VICTOR is not! And each and everytime she gets knocked down .. she get's up again ...

    Whose the dummy now!!!!

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