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    King Of The World.

    Thursday, December 13 2012
    Adam warns Jack, Chloe confronts Kevin, and Avery catches Summer.

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    Posted by Spartacus at Thursday, December 13 2012 10:23 AM

    "A man only does what you let him do"...

    That's BS if I ever heard it...Cheslea fell in love with Adam and he seemed in love with her at the has nothing to do with Sharon being beautiful...Sharon has slept with ALL the Newman men including Adam's to me, Adam is just being manipulated and used by Sharon like all the other suckers she's slept with and dumped...Chelsea caught them kissing and accidently found Sharon on her does that equal non-trust on her part...she was lied to her face by her own hell with Adam and Sharon.
    ***I agree with you in part, Sharon did want Adam to tell Chelsea right away about her being on the property. She did urge Adam to run after his wife...
    JMO but she doesn't want to be Mrs Adam Newman again - her sights are on her kids, which will lead hre back to Nick.

    Chelsea is guilty of not trusting Adam when he said over and over again that she should trust him...BUT he had made it really hard for her to trust him.
    I do think she should kick him to the curb and I think that Chloe should kick Chipmunk to the curb and the two of them can go into business together and start fresh.

    Posted by wastingtimeonline at Thursday, December 13 2012 10:25 AM

    Posted by Sapphire1959 at Thursday, December 13 2012 09:38 AM

    I am so sick of this poor Sharon/bipolar real mediacal diagnosis other than a quack doctor Adam hired from who knows where whose come to see Sharon in the cabin on he and his wifes' property and maybe a couple of times at her own place...she was prescribed medication with no real monitoring as far as doseage control. This is so unreal it's pathetic...when people are diagnosied with a mental disorder, they are monitored closely and normally in some type of medical facility setting...

    It's too bad they didn't do this story line justice. I don't see where it's heading but I've stopped caring...

    Posted by Texanne at Thursday, December 13 2012 10:26 AM

    I think it would be an interesting twist if Avery turned out to be Jamie's mother. Fen is a spoiled brat. I think when they mentioned Jamie's favorite place, it was somewhere high up. Please don't let somebody get pushed off or commit suicide.

    Chelsea STFU. I'm sick of your complaining. I hope Adam does get back with Sharon just to spite your sorry arse.

    Jackie I'm afraid you are going to end up face down in some alley. For once Adam is telling him the truth. Victor wants his company back and Victor is going to walk all over Jack's back while he is face down in that alley.

    Posted by Spartacus at Thursday, December 13 2012 10:29 AM

    Meanwhile I'm sorry the writers have changed Adam again the way they have. He comes off one way in one scene, and then acts likes a fool in the next. When he tells Chelsea he was "right there" after the miscarriage, is supposed to be aware he's lying or is he supposed to be self-delusional??
    ***EXACTLY- after the miscarriage he ran to Sharon.
    I LOVED the heart-to-heart with Jack but I do not like the flip-flopping Adam.
    ***JMO Chadam should be ended, he should run to Sharon, but she should stay with her kids and work on getting better, then choose Nick. I think that would be what Adam deserves...for the way he has treated Chelsea, and (IMO) been using Sharon (he should have turned her over to Noah and the doctor and stayed with his wife).

    Posted by wastingtimeonline at Thursday, December 13 2012 10:41 AM

    Posted by Spartacus at Thursday, December 13 2012 10:29 AM
    I LOVED the heart-to-heart with Jack but I do not like the flip-flopping Adam.

    I just watched those scenes and THAT Adam is a character I can enjoy following so maybe losing both Chelsea and Sharon would simplify things nicely!

    Posted by Melboo at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:01 AM

    Hi every1, im new.

    Everyone seems to be giving Sharon a hard time. Nikki is no saint nor is Victor, how many persons have they done wrong ( killed & used people) wronged. Chelsea u a gold digger who was ready to break up a marriage & drugged Billy to get pregnant...u should be in prison & i agree that that marriage was doom from the start

    Sharon on the other hand is sick & didnt know or could control what she was doing, Victor took disadvantaged of her with no remorse.
    Phillis did hit & run but people seems to be ok with that

    Posted by Nykai at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:07 AM

    MELBOO welcome

    Posted by Bold Girl at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:14 AM

    WTH is wrong with these writers? Why would Summer want to go to her Aunt's storage locker in the first place? Is thgis a stupid storyline or what? Come on don't insult our intelligence by spirlaling backwards when I was just beginning to like the way things were heading. Dumb dumb and dummer!

    Posted by Bold Girl at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:23 AM

    Wow! Why would Chelsea ever believe a single word that came out of Adam's mouth? A kiss is a kiss especially as passionate as the one those two were sharing. He is the one who should make up his mind. She should have followed through and left his azz and taken his fifteen mil with her. Just when I was starting to like Adam again. Yuk!I have to admit I believe in Revenge (that's why I watch the show Revenge)and I hope that Adam suffers, Victor suffers,Phylass suffers because they have all done their worst now its payback time. Poor nutter Sharon, she is playing an excellent part though. I hope things work out for her in the end. Noah is a truly great actor and he is really coming across as a sincere and loving son. Poor Jack once and idiot always an idiot. For such a smart man he really is rather stupid. How come his doctor is not following up on his progress? Wow major surgury and ya just cut the guy loose with no follow up? Hmm

    Posted by Spartacus at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:37 AM

    Chelsea and Chloe - you make me sick!

    The two of you are going to gang up and "get rid of Sharon". Ya, right, good luck with that - as Phyllis how easy it is to get rid of Sharon. Leave her alone!

    After these two "conspired" I thought to myslef that this could be an interesting storyline, watching those two fail and probably eventually hate eachother...eventually everyone hates Chloe!

    What could they possibly think they could do - watching thse two scheme will be like watching 2 hamsters run on the same wheel, fun at first until they both fall out!!

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