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    Destination Miami.

    Thursday, November 15 2012
    Nick and Avery are gossip fodder, Victoria talks to Eddie, and Jill makes a proposal.

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    Posted by HeyMon at Thursday, November 15 2012 02:37 AM

    Hooray. Michael Grazdei just announced that he quit Y&R. No more of that long and greasy hair.

    Posted by Ebybrowempoly at Thursday, November 15 2012 03:46 AM

    happy that faith gets to see her mom but i wish nick knew about it. i understand why noah did it . in time sharon will be back with her kids.

    i wonder what chelsea is going to do. i see her side of it but she has to believe thta adam loves her. he is a newman and they always go the oter way when things happen . victor didn't hang around when they though nick was dead he went looking for adam becasue hope called him. we all know what nick did when cassie died. so chelsea you are not the only newman wife that has this done to.

    yes adam is sharon rock but remember she is sick and she is trying to get help. when all said and done she will go back home when it is safe for her and you will have adam all to your self again. well maybe not . he works at newman and that job is not a 9 to 5 . just ask nikki or even sharon. in fact you might want to talk to sharon she can give you the down low about yout working at newmna that is where adam would cheat if he was to .

    Posted by Vdalem at Thursday, November 15 2012 04:05 AM

    I'm so sick of Nick and his machoman attitude! I just wish that for once, the Newman attitude and plans blow up in their faces!

    Posted by sunmama at Thursday, November 15 2012 04:36 AM

    Reading yesterday’s posts, Fan4Now don’t sweat it, please don’t stop posting. I lurked for years before having the nerve to post, especially if you have ever read the B&B board, it’s a wonder anyone would want to post over there things can get really vicious really quick, if you’re not on the right “team”.

    OTOTOT, Also, today I wax nostalgic for the Y&R of old as 20 years ago today, my former sil and huge fan of the show passed away from breast cancer that metastasized to her brain at the all too young age of 32, leaving behind a nine year old son. Back in the day, when I was just her husband’s annoying baby sister this show was one thing that we connected on. On the phone or in person we would always have our conversations as to what was going on. We just loved talking about it, as most of us do on this board. Then there was hardly anything to complain about just good stuff. For those of you who think we complain too much, and have only been watching the last few years, one you have no idea HOW GOOD this show was and how far it has fallen. Do we complain yes, but it’s a way to say to TBTB, knock your crap off, here are some constructive ways to fix what you are doing to destroy the show AND stop the bleeding. We don’t want to see this show go off the air. So we will all continue to say what we feel.

    On that note, didn’t find much to comment on today, except wondering what is going on with Chelsea hovering above the sleeping Sharon. Adam is aware she left the main house. Will we see a confrontation between the three of them, which leads to Adam admitting his TRUE reasons for helping Sharon, besides mumbling something about karma?

    WTH is with Nick barging into Villy's house, he looked stupid running in there trying to beat the crap out of Billy. Don't these people lock their doors?

    Have a good day everyone, YOLO.

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, November 15 2012 04:54 AM

    Posted by cowboys fan at Wednesday, November 14 2012 08:00 PM

    This gossip columnist knows enough to ask Nick about abandoning his witch, then they must know about Hilda sleeping around with Ronan.

    I was wondering if she was a friend of Phyllis's and that who gave her the "tip" about Navery.

    Posted by sunmama at Thursday, November 15 2012 05:01 AM


    Friend of Phyllis, that's a dangerous thing to be. We all know what she does to her "friends". See Sasha Green.

    Posted by bikette at Thursday, November 15 2012 05:07 AM

    Good morning Sumama and everyone. Well maybe not so much a friend, but an aquintance from her RS days. But I remember what Adam did to Heather when Ricky was working for her.

    Posted by bruceyboy at Thursday, November 15 2012 05:24 AM

    SIMSCB ... this message is for you ... and it is OT ... OT ... OT

    Emails to you from the "group" are being bounced back to all of us again .... please let us know when you get that fixed ...

    Posted by sunmama at Thursday, November 15 2012 05:27 AM


    Honestly, I thought the same thing, how else would she know such intimate things. Do these gossip reporters follow them around, bug their houses and cars? Or crawl in their ears like Plankton to see what's going on in their brains. Oh in Nick's case probably not much to see....Bwahahaha..evil laugh

    Posted by bruceyboy at Thursday, November 15 2012 05:27 AM

    HEYMON to me that is great news .... and from reading the updates, especially FIDDLERS, it does seem that this episode moved things along a little ....

    Of course, there was the usual rinse and repeat stuff with Nick flying off the handle and trying to punch [insert any name of any man on the show] again

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