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Monday, March 23 2015

Morgan (CBS)
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Angell Conwell returns as Leslie Michaelson beginning March 24. Added: 3.19.2015.

"Y&R" is seeking a gorgeous and sexy actress in the 25 - 28 year age range to play a character names Isabel for two episodes beginning April 7. She's a caring, professional woman. Added: 3.26.2015.

Jerry Douglas returns as John Abbott's ghost on March 24. Added: 3.20.2015.

Jonathan Bray appears as Mr. Harriman on March 6.

David Purdham plays Mr. Tipton on March 9.

The Price is Right model search runner up Jonathan Morgan appears as a Genoa City Athletic Club bartender on March 12.

"The Price is Right" model James O'Halloran portrays a Genoa City Athletic Club bartender on March 12.

Ryan Caltigarone debuts as Winston Mobley on March 24. Added: 3.7.2015.

Martha Boles appears as ADA Sanbourne on April 16. Added: 3.7.2015.

Barry Livingston plays Judge Hoffman on April 16. Added: 3.23.2015.

Actor David Haley posted on Twitter that he's taping at "Y&R." A rep for the show said it's a dayplayer role. Stay tuned for character name.

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- Candace Young