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Friday, May 22 2015

Sofia Pernas (Bridow/
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Cady McClain changed her Facebook status to reflect that she was no longer employed at "Y&R" as Kelly. CBS Soaps in Depth tweeted the news, but McClain replied to the tweet to say it may have been a 'technical error'. Hmm. Stay tuned!

Frank Runyeon appears on Y&R as an Angel Thursday May 28 and Tuesday June 2.

Lindsey McKeon appears as Felicity on May 7 and 8.

Max Ehrich is back as Fen on May 14.

Abraham Amkpa is on as FBI Agent Brandon on May 18.

Noel Arthur appears as the island cop on May 22.

Christopher May plays Walt on May 25 and 27.

Amy Stewart plays Dr. Weston on May 26.

Philip Anthony-Rodriguez debuts as a cargo ship Captain on May 29. Added: 5.04.2015.

Sofia Pernas joins Y&R as Marisa Sierras beginning June 1.

Robert Gant returns as David Sherman on June 1. Added: 5.08.2015.

Tess Munro appears as a mediator on June 1. Added: 5.04.2015.

Laura Niemi plays Dr. Green on June 1 and 3. Added: 5.04.2015.

Chris McKenna returns as Detective Mark Harding on June 2. Added: 5.04.2015.

Andrew T. Lee appears as Dr. Eilbaum on June 10. Added: 5.04.2015.

Patrick Cox appears as 'The Muscle', a bodyguard, on June 22. Added: 5.22.2015.

Tracey Costello plays an OB/GYN on June 26. Added: 5.22.2015.

Leith Burke appears as a doctor on July 1. Added: 5.22.2015.

The show is seeking to cast an FBI agent who works internationally. They're looking for an ethnic male in his late 30s to early 40s with a leading man quality.

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- Candace Young