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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ridge Forrester (PAST) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ridge Forrester (PAST) Played by Ronn Moss on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ron Moss (CBS)

    Birthday: 1952-03-04
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
    Real Name: Ronn Moss
    Height: 6' 2"
    Web site:


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    Eric's Feelin' the Love

    Thursday, November 15 2007

    Ridge tells Stephanie that she shouldn’t come to the showing, saying, “Mother, it’s Dad’s moment.” But she insists that she wants to be there to applaud Ridge’s, Thorne’s, and Felicia’s success. Ridge asks why she wants to torture herself, but he’s clearly softening to her. She gets somber. “I just have to be there,” she says. Ridge gives his mother a big hug and leaves. Stephanie sits alone.

    Back at the office, the Logans have gone and Eric’s gazing at a photo of him and Stephanie, when Ridge comes in. “Want to talk about it?” Ridge asks. Ridge wonders where the champagne and confetti are. “Your mother and I have been together a long time,” Eric says. “She’s a hard woman to leave. Unfortunately she’s more difficult to live with.”

    Eric tells Ridge that this time the marriage is really, really over. “I’m not regretting my decision,” Eric says. “I’ve chosen Donna, Ridge. I love her.” Ridge questions Eric’s need to take Donna up on the runway tomorrow, but reluctantly tells Eric that he has his support. Eric promises a “new day for Forrester Creations.”

    Eric Shocks Stephanie!

    Wednesday, November 14 2007

    Felicia and Thorne are working when she realizes her ex-boyfriend Jake MacClaine is working at Forrester. Ridge comes in and tells them that Eric has gone to see their mother at the hotel. Felicia is happy - it's their ritual before every show! She is convinced that it means Stephanie will be taking her rightful place at the fashion show! Meanwhile, at Stephanie's hotel room, she welcomes Eric in confidently...

    As the show is set-up, Ridge warns Felicia against getting their hopes up - he got a bad vibe! He feels Eric may have already chosen Donna and has gone to tell Stephanie. When Felicia and Thorne protest, Ridge says Eric never interfered in their happiness, why should they mess with his?!

    Ridge tells Thorne and Felicia that even if Eric's decision turns out to be bad for the company, it's his call! The other pair protest that no matter what 'mother' did she doesn't deserve to lose her marriage and be humiliated. Ridge says he still loves her, but what she did to Brooke pushed things way over the edge! Felicia works to convince Ridge that Stephanie suffered because of Brooke too. It doesn't compare to what Brooke went through, retorts Ridge. But Thorne and Felicia are sure that Eric can forgive her. Ridge is in disbelief.

    In Honey Bear's Lair!

    Monday, November 12 2007

    Brooke and Ridge are having a working sushi dinner. He confides he's had thoughts about the two of them sneaking away. She tells him her father's in town and knows about Stephanie's role in her attack - Donna called him. Ridge says he's not defending her, but if one more person comes down on my mother... Brooke wearily says, "I know.."

    Ridge asks Brooke a question about the sushi, but she's off in la-la land. She snaps to, and admits she was thinking about her Dad. Ridge remarks that maybe Donna's meddling has done some good. They discuss it further and agree not to dwell on the bad stuff when there's so much good to look forward to! They lean across the sushi and kiss.

    Ridge and Brooke discuss Donna and Eric - he says he's sure his father will not string either Donna or his mother along. They turn their warm, fuzzy thoughts to their own family future, speaking of which, Ridge notes, they have a large decision to make! Our wedding date, smiles Brooke. Ridge says, "And it's going to happen this time too!" Logan grins, "Especially now that Stephanie has vowed not to interfere!" They nuzzle, gaze and kiss...

    Brooke and Ridge laughingly discuss getting married. She smiles, "Did I miss something? A proposal?" He tells her as soon as the Fashion Show is over they're going to do it!

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