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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ricky Williams

    Full detailed profile on Ricky Williams Played by Peter Porte on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Peter Porte (CBS)
    Ricky Williams

    Actor: Peter Porte

    Who played Ricky Williams over the years

    Peter Porte (September 2011 - July 2, 2012 )

    Useful information on Ricky Williams

    * Son of Paul Williams and Isabella Brana.
    * Raised by Isabella's parents in California.
    * His mother attacked Christine Blair.


    Current: Author
    Past: Legal researcher
    Past: Student


    Ricky is the son of Paul Williams and Isabella Brana. When Isabella was sent to prison for attempting to kill Christine Blair, Ricky went to live with his grandparents in California.

    Ricky turned up in Genoa City as an adult and assisted Avery on Sharon's trial, working on the opposite side of his half-sister, Heather. In hopes of landing a journalism job at Restless Style, Ricky took compromising photos of his sister and Adam. After he connected with Heather, and learned she also grew up without Paul in her life, he tried to stop the photos from getting out, but it was too late. Ricky was confronted by his father after Heather lost her job and decided to leave town because of the photos.

    Ricky currently has a vendetta against his ex-boss, Phyllis, and is digging into her past to expose her secrets and write a tell-all. Paul is concerned he's dangerous after learning that he may have been involved in his ex-girlfriend's death. An informant that was prepared to incriminate Ricky also turned up dead on his way to meet Paul. Ricky has threatened Daisy, Eden, and Tim Reid.




    Paul Williams (father)
    Isabella Brana (mother)
    Patty Williams (aunt)
    Heather Stevens (half-sister)


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    Monday, July 02 2012: Pink Elephant.

    At the Club, Paul is forced to shoot Ricky after he lifts the knife into the air. Ricky falls backwards from the window. Paul rushes over and yells, "Oh no!" As Paul freaks out, Eden awakens. She looks out the window, gasps, and then finds Paul, crying. He tells her to call the police.

    Friday, June 29 2012: Hillbilly Chic.

    Paul pounds on the door to Ricky's suite. Ricky leaves the unconscious Eden to answer. Paul says he's looking for Eden. Ricky gets defensive, but then admits Eden was there, but he has no idea where she is now. Ricky tries to get rid of him, but Paul wants to stay and iron things out. He gets Ricky to open up about his lonely childhood. Paul tearfully asks to start over. Ricky says he'll listen to Paul tomorrow maybe. Eden's backpack is on the floor as Paul hugs Ricky and goes. Ricky returns to Eden and the knife.

    Paul hangs up from Kevin in the Club and realizes it was Eden's backpack he saw in Ricky's suite. He returns and creeps in. Paul sees Ricky holding the knife to Eden's throat. Ricky yells, "Back up!" Paul pulls a gun and orders him to drop the knife! Ricky says Paul cares about Eden, not him. He tells him about killing Rachel, Craig, and getting rid of Crazy Daisy - he did the town a favor! Paul orders him to drop the knife. Ricky says he has nothing to live for and it's all Paul's fault. They scream at each other - Paul imploring Ricky to drop the knife, and Ricky taunting Paul to shoot him. When Ricky raises the knife in the air, Paul shoots him in the arm. The force causes Ricky to fall backward out of the window.

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