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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Avery Bailey Clark - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Avery Bailey Clark Played by Jessica Collins on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Collins (CBS)

    Birthday: April 1 1971
    Birthplace: Schenectady. NY
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Jessica Collins
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Operation Destroy The Red-Headed Shrew.

    Monday, June 18 2012

    At the penthouse, Avery wonders what Tim knew about Phyllis that would cause her to pay him to leave town. Phyllis says it was personal stuff - Avery needn't worry. Avery says she's okay with whatever Phyllis needs to do to feel secure. Later, Lauren visits Phyllis and tells her Daisy must be stopped. Phyllis is glad they're friends again. They cry and hug. When Phyllis mentions they can't prove Daisy heard her cries for help, Lauren runs into the hall. Daniel arrives. They get Phyllis to say something and hear her clearly through the door. They agree Daisy is going down. Later, Phyllis tells Daniel he'll surely get custody. Daniel admits he's fantasized about hurting Daisy. Phyllis says they'll get their revenge by taking Lucy.

    Avery and Heather meet at Crimson Lights and discuss Daisy's disgusting actions. They decide to be friendly foes. Michael joins them, and Daisy hides to listen as they discuss Ricky. Michael says Paul called him his 'miracle baby' because after he was injured in a hit and run, he didn't think he'd be able to have anymore kids. Michael says the police never found the driver of the rental car, and that it happened in 1994. Avery asks what kind of monster would run them down.

    Paul enters the Club, leaving a voicemail for someone to call him back. Nearby, Lauren spots Daisy and tells her she hasn't changed. Daisy is all innocence and big eyes, but her demeanor changes when Lauren says she and Phyllis have proof she heard her cries for help and did nothing. She adds that she'll make sure the world knows she doesn't deserve to be Lucy's mother. Daisy hightails it up to Ricky's suite and tells him she's ready for 'operation destroy the red-headed shrew'. Ricky says Tim told him she did something in 1994 and mentions a rental car. When he brings up her hatred for Christine, Daisy looks thoughtful and leaves. Heather arrives and returns the music box to Ricky saying it plays a creepy song. Downstairs, Nick tells Avery that Daisy must be held accountable. Victor joins them and says Daisy must pay for her actions. Across the room, Michael warns Lauren not to go after Daisy herself. After, Lauren meets a man who gives her a gun.

    I Rode Him First.

    Friday, June 15 2012

    At the Club, Paul tells Avery that Tim Reid was Phyllis' psychiatrist, and he believes Ricky was involved in his disappearance - he even admitted to being there. Avery says Tim may have left on his own, but Paul worries Ricky could hurt someone - or worse.

    Nick arrives at the penthouse. Phyllis tells him that Daisy heard her screaming and did nothing. Nick won't let Daisy get away with this. Avery arrives and learns they got married last night. Nick leaves, and Phyllis cries and tells Avery she lost the baby. They talk about how great Nick's been even though he's hurting. Avery says she was looking forward to the baby too. Phyllis tells her Daisy did this. Avery mentions Tim and asks if Phyllis knew Ricky went to see him. Phyllis says she did, and tells Avery she also went to see Tim. Phyllis tells Avery she paid Dr. Reid to leave - he knows things she doesn't want in Ricky's book. Avery asks what he knows.


    Tuesday, June 12 2012

    At Gloworm, Noah and Summer speculate with Avery about what might have happened with Phyllis. Ricky appears and flirts with Avery. He pretends to be sorry to hear the wedding was postponed. Avery tells him to shut up. Ricky sits and starts writing about Phyllis. Noah phones Nick and he says Phyllis was sick. Summer takes the phone and Phyllis gets on to reassure her. Ricky tries to talk to Noah, who tells him they're leaving.

    Heather tells Paul a funny story at the Club. They say they've missed each other. They discuss Michael being the D.A. Heather thinks it's a plus that he understands the dark side of human nature. Talk turns to Ricky. Heather says he'll never be the son or brother they'd hoped for. Nearby, Lily and Cane enter and spot Genevieve, who tells them she's staying there - the Feds seized her house. Cane sits with her. She says she's learned from her mistakes. Cane offers to help with expenses or let her stay with them. Gen says thanks, but she's good for now. Avery arrives, and joins Paul. They discuss Ricky and Paul looks up at the TV - Tim Reid is missing. He gets online and finds out that Tim's boss reported him missing when he stopped showing up for work. Paul goes, and Avery spots Heather. Ricky appears, and Heather tells him she wants her apartment back. Ricky says it might be tough to find another place. Heather says it's not her problem. Ricky leaves Daisy a threatening message. Avery and Heather watch him and agree he's Machiavellian.

    Tick Tock.

    Friday, June 08 2012

    At Gloworm, Avery and Victoria inform Michael and Lauren that Nick and Phyllis are getting married there today. Avery asks Lauren to help with a dress for Phyllis. They go. Victoria asks Michael's advice about running Beauty of Nature. Michael warns her to talk to Victor first or he'll go off the rails.

    Lauren and Avery arrive with the dress at the penthouse and run Nick off. Once in the dress, Phyllis tells Avery and Lauren to go ahead - she needs a minute to herself.

    Everyone has gathered for the wedding at Gloworm. Jack and Victor spar about the payment deadline. Victor smirks, "Tick tock, tick tock." Katherine tells everyone to get ready - the bride will be there momentarily. Suddenly, Sharon strides in wearing a dayglo pink dress. Nick tells Sharon it's real classy to crash a wedding. He offers to escort her out. Avery tells Nick that she thought Phyllis would have been there by now.

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