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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Avery Bailey Clark - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Avery Bailey Clark Played by Jessica Collins on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Collins (CBS)

    Birthday: April 1 1971
    Birthplace: Schenectady. NY
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Jessica Collins
    Height: 5' 7"


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    This Is Home.

    Wednesday, December 26 2012

    Avery takes out Dylan's dog tags and seems thoughtful at home.

    Jolly Ol' Saint Vic.

    Tuesday, December 25 2012

    At Avery's place, she takes a call from Nick. She teases him about dressing up in a 'red number' and chocolate later.

    Avery and Phyllis arrive at the tackhouse where Summer scrambles to hide gifts. Avery sees the card from Jamie apologizing for kissing her. Summer talks to them about Jamie and Fen fighting over her. Summer wants Avery's advice because Phyllis sucks at relationships. Phyllis asks Avery why her marriage ended. Avery gives a vague non-answer. Phyllis gives Summer advice. She steps away to call Fen. Phyllis needles Avery about Nick. Avery brings up Jack. When Nick arrives, Avery says Phyllis is upstairs and is looking forward to spending Christmas Eve with her. Phyllis reappears and says she's fine with them together before leaving. Later, Noah calls Adriana asking what to do with the money as he looks through the bag. Summer appears and asks, "Dirty money?"

    At Avery's place, she gifts Nick with an electric guitar. He gives her a vintage Easy Bake oven. She tells him to remove his shirt - chocolate can be messy.

    Can't Just Walk Away.

    Friday, December 21 2012

    Avery spots Nick and Summer at On The Boulevard for Summer's birthday. Avery has a business dinner and says she'll see them tomorrow. Nick gives Summer a gift - keys to a car that's parked outside. He says he and Phyllis agreed she'll make good decisions going forward. Avery reappears - her client canceled. Nick says Phyllis was delayed in Chicago. Avery joins them. Phyllis comes in and sees them. She brings the cake over and hugs Summer. Avery and Nick exchange awkward looks. Avery goes and Phyllis gives Summer an infinity charm. Phyllis and Nick chat tensely when Summer steps away. When Summer takes off in her car, Nick and Phyllis agree they did everything right when it comes to Summer.

    Nick arrives at Avery's place and they discuss Phyllis. He thinks something might be brewing with her and Jack.

    Chalk It Up To Stupidity.

    Wednesday, December 19 2012

    Nick and Avery arrive at his house. He's trying to track down Sharon and attempts to call Noah. He's worried about Faith but she wanders in followed by Sharon. Faith shares that Sharon was taking her on a trip. Faith and Avery leave and Nick demands to know where Sharon was taking his daughter. Sharon admits she was taking her away - she was afraid but couldn't take her away from Nick. She has to get out of town. She knows Victor wants to punish her and Nick tells her they'll find her a lawyer. Avery comes back and a surprised Sharon hires her with a dollar. Protected by attorney client privilege Sharon confesses to her disorder and setting Victor's house on fire. She doesn't remember it but tells her that Adam told her about it. Avery says it shouldn't go to trial. She tells her to go home and Nick reminds her to stay put. After, Nick tells Avery that he has to keep Sharon away from Adam for everyone's sake. Later, Nick and Avery share a playful moment before Phyllis shows up. Nick and Phyllis play nice while party planning Summer’s birthday.


    Tuesday, December 18 2012

    Nick takes Avery to the empty nightclub and tells her he bought it. She's thrilled. He describes his vision, they open champagne, and talk about naming it 'The Underground'. After, they discuss Sharon.

    Nick arrives at Avery's house and calls Noah, asking him to phone if Sharon stops by. He tells Avery Sharon is gone with Faith.

    King Of The World.

    Thursday, December 13 2012

    Avery enters her storage unit and finds her love letters have been opened.

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