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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Avery Bailey Clark - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Avery Bailey Clark Played by Jessica Collins on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Collins (CBS)

    Birthday: April 1 1971
    Birthplace: Schenectady. NY
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Jessica Collins
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Playing With Fire.

    Monday, August 13 2012

    Paul, Avery, and Nina arrive at Gloworm as Heather and Daniel are opening up about their fears. Heather embraces Paul. Avery notices Phyllis walk in. Daniel is dispatched to get champagne, but Paul isn't up for it. Avery goes to tell Daniel at the bar. He asks about Phyllis. Avery tells him she's not representing her anymore. Nearby, Michael asks Phyllis about being without a lawyer. She doesn't think he's her friend. Daniel approaches Phyllis, who wonders what he's doing with Heather who is doing Christine's dirty work. Avery interrupts and tells Phyllis not to take her anger out on him. Phyllis says she left her high and dry. Avery says they all tried to help her but she keeps lying. Phyllis says she's trying to protect her family! After, Heather tells Daniel 'they' can't happen - they need to stand by their parents. Outside, Daniel kisses her. Inside, Paul thanks Lauren, and they discuss the gun. Paul says Michael was right about keeping quiet. Michael asks Avery about Phyllis. She says, "No longer my problem."

    That's Terrible! But I love it...

    Friday, August 10 2012

    At Crimson Lights, Heather asks Avery what it would take for her to drop Phyllis and represent Paul instead. Avery says Paul should never have been arrested and charged, but she won't desert Phyllis.

    Phyllis finds Avery at Crimson Lights and tells her, on the patio, that she paid Tim off again - he had hard evidence against her. Avery tells her she quits! She says getting into blackmail is the worst thing she could do - it's impossible for her to defend her. Avery goes inside and tells Heather and Chris that she'll take Paul's case. Chris asks about Phyllis. Avery says Phyllis fired her. Chris spots Phyllis and warns her she'll return for her trial.

    Walking A Fine Line.

    Thursday, August 09 2012

    Avery arrives at the ranch to pick up papers from Victor's study. Tucker calls Sharon to check in. Avery reappears and asks Sharon, "Where's the pre-nup Victor had you sign?" Sharon says she knows nothing about a pre-nup.

    At Gloworm, Katherine tells Nikki she should be thinking about Jack not Victor - he can take care of himself. Nikki says she and Victor have a history. Katherine tells her she's walking a fine line. Nikki goes and Tucker joins Katherine. He asks if there's word on Victor. She wonders if he's asking for Sharon. Tucker explains how he came to be supporting Sharon. Katherine wonders if he's doing it out of the goodness of his heart, or another reason. Later, Avery and Nick come in. She tells him she's sure Sharon's lying about the pre-nup. They discuss Phyllis. Once alone, Avery is joined by Ronan. They discuss Tim. She says Phyllis won't go near him. They bicker about whether Phyllis should take a plea deal. Avery's fine with taking Ronan on.

    Olive Branch Extended.

    Tuesday, August 07 2012

    In the penthouse, Phyllis is recalling Tim's blackmail threats when Nick appears wanting the truth. She apologizes for lying about watching Lucy, saying that she just needed to get away from Jack's place. Nick wishes she'd just told him that - she has to let him in. Avery arrives, ready to watch the Restless Style TV show and ensure Billy doesn't ignore the gag order. Avery gets a call and learns Rafe wants to lift the gag order. She heads to the courthouse. Restless Style's show comes on and Phyllis calls it a snooze. Nick can't believe they haven't mentioned Victor and Sharon. Phyllis thinks Vikki probably put the kibosh on it. Nick scoffs that Billy doesn't follow rules.

    Avery returns to the penthouse and learns that Billy showed the video and teased about having dirt on Phyllis. Avery sighs that freedom of the press trumped all her arguments. Phyllis leaves and calls Tim to see if he spoke to Billy and warns him to keep quiet.

    I'd Marry You In A Paper Bag.

    Tuesday, July 31 2012

    At the penthouse, Phyllis tells Avery and Nick that she mentioned feeling guilt about Paul and Christine to Tim in their sessions. Avery says that's privileged information, but wonders about their personal relationship - did she mention the incident outside of sessions? Phyllis can't recall. Avery leaves for the station. Nick wishes he could make Phyllis feel better.

    Michael, Ronan, and Heather question Tim, who says Phyllis paid him to leave after Ricky came sniffing around. Michael asks what Phyllis didn't want anyone to know. Tim asks for a lawyer. Rafe fills the bill. Once Tim and Rafe have talked, questioning resumes. Tim refuses to talk. Michael bickers with Rafe about privilege. Michael decides to challenge. They disband and Avery bickers with Michael, while Heather corners Tim and says she's Ricky's sister - would he speak to her dad?

    Nick returns to the penthouse and tells Phyllis about Nikki's wedding. He says the 'second time around' thing works. Nick realizes she's worried about what's happening with Tim. She whispers, "Extremely." Avery returns to say that Michael is going to challenge Tim's right to keep quiet. She promises to discredit him on the stand.

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