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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Avery Bailey Clark - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Avery Bailey Clark Played by Jessica Collins on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jessica Collins (CBS)

    Birthday: April 1 1971
    Birthplace: Schenectady. NY
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Jessica Collins
    Height: 5' 7"


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    The View From The Other Side.

    Monday, July 23 2012

    Nick returns to the penthouse and agrees with Avery that Christine will use anything Phyllis writes against her. Phyllis feels helpless.

    Where He Belongs.

    Friday, July 20 2012

    At the station, Phyllis is allowed to go, but Christine points out that no one has come to get her - they've found out exactly what she is! Avery warns Christine that if she keeps up the personal attacks the judge will hear about it. She sends Phyllis on her way and then bickers with Christine. Daniel arrives and Avery says Phyllis left. Avery assures Daniel she'll do everything she can, but says Phyllis could get life. Daniel worries Avery won't win. Avery wonders if he thinks his mother's guilty.

    Phyllis calls out for Summer and Nick at the penthouse. Avery arrives with Daniel, who says Lucy needs hugs. Daniel says he's there for her. Noah and Summer arrive. Phyllis is glad to hear Nick talked Summer into staying. Nick enters. "Did I miss all the hugs and kisses?" They step aside. Phyllis tells Nick he had every right to leave, but she's not that person anymore. Nick says he knows, and this is where he belongs. "I love you."

    Secrets And Lies.

    Thursday, July 19 2012

    Michael watches Phyllis being brought into the station. Nick is there and tells Phyllis he'll take care of the kids. He adds that she's in good hands with Avery and says to keep him posted. Phyllis is surprised. Christine takes Ronan aside to confront him about not handcuffing Phyllis. She warns him not to let his personal feelings interfere with his professionalism. He retorts, "Likewise, counselor!" Michael takes Phyllis and Avery to interrogation and tells Phyllis she's in serious trouble. Avery asks what he can offer them. Michael says the feds have to approve any plea deals. Phyllis says, "You mean, Christine." Phyllis is taken out as Christine and Ronan appear. Chris tells Avery she won't consider any deal without prison time. Daniel arrives and Avery tells him it's not good. Ronan and Michael discuss their hellish week and being stuck between two friends. Avery and Daniel meet with Phyllis to discuss a deal - she'd do five years.

    Heather visits Paul in lock-up and tells him Phyllis has been arrested for the hit-and-run. Christine comes in and assures Paul that Phyllis won't get away with it. Paul can't believe he offered Phyllis friendship and all the time she knew what she'd done - that's cold. Christine returns to the interrogation room as Phyllis is heading to her cell. She says she plans to call Danny. Avery tells Phyllis to talk to no one. Paul is brought into the hall and sees Phyllis - he hisses that they'll both pay for what they did. Upstairs, Daniel and Heather commiserate about their parents, and go for a drink. Still downstairs, Michael tells Chris he will not oppose bail. Ronan backs him up. Ronan finds Phyllis and urges her to take the deal - this isn't going away.

    Back To Bite Her.

    Wednesday, July 18 2012

    Avery angrily confronts Nick at the Club bar for walking out on Phyllis - he's breaking his wedding vows! Nick complains that she lied to his face. Avery says she was scared he'd reject her - with good reason apparently. She wants him to reconsider abandoning Phyllis. Avery goes. Summer arrives. Nick tells her Phyllis is dealing with some things - some poor choices are coming back to bite her. Summer can't believe she could face jail time - within the past year practically her whole family's been locked up! She's just thankful her parents got back together so her mom isn't dealing with this alone.

    Avery meets with Victor at the ranch. He wants to set up a trust for little John Abbott and make sure Billy has no access ever. He asks if she'll be defending Phyllis. She confirms it, and assures him she can multi-task. Later, Sharon returns and tells Victor she's going to visit Noah in New York, but she books a flight to Kansas.

    Phyllis arrives at Crimson Lights and asks Daniel about Summer. Heather takes off. Phyllis asks if Heather's involved in getting her arrested, and tells Daniel she's sorry she let him down. They discuss her situation. Daniel urges her not to give up - he, Lucy, and Summer need her. Summer and Nick arrive. Ronan, Heather, and Christine appear and arrest Phyllis. Avery rushes in as they take Phyllis away. Phyllis hisses at Christine, "This is your dream come true. You love this!"

    Go Big Or Go Home.

    Tuesday, July 17 2012

    Nick prepares to leave the penthouse. Phyllis asks how long he's planning to be gone and reminds him Summer will be home soon. Nick says he'll tell Summer as much as she needs to know - what she did is going to get out. Phyllis cries and asks him not to go. She knows she's not easy to love, but he knows who she is - he's incredible to her. Nick pulls away, picks up his bags and leaves. Avery arrives to warn Phyllis that Christine has found a way around the statute of limitations. Phyllis isn't surprised. She asks Avery to go. She refuses. Phyllis tells Avery about Nick leaving, and tells Avery she has an excuse to walk away now too. Avery won't make the mistake of misjudging Phyllis again - she's not going anywhere. Phyllis cries and nods. Avery tells her that together, they're unbeatable.

    At the police station, Avery declares the case against Phyllis to be a joke. She says she'll tear it to shreds.

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